19 - August - 2017

4-day International Festival of History and Civics 'Reflections-2017'

History and Civics have a significant role to play in shaping the present

— General opinion of participants of 'Reflections-2017'

Lucknow, August 19: Young historians from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangla desh, Qatar and various states of India gathered together at CMS Kanpur Road for a press conference at the International Festival of History and Civics "Reflections-2017" organized by CMS, Mahanagar Campus, said in one voice that both history and civics provide us immense wisdom and knowledge to face the issues of the present times. While on one hand, history teaches us about our past and we tend to avoid mistakes committed in the past by us while knowledge of civics helps us to face the future boldly by empowering us with our rights and duties as citizens of our country and of the world. If the world takes the lessons of the past, then it can overcome problems like illiteracy, disease, poverty and hunger etc. and the world will become a heavenly society. 'Reflections-2017' is being organized from 19 to 22 August at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium in which approximately 500 students of various countries are participating.