05 - August - 2017

3rd day of International Biotechnology Festival 'QUEST-2017'

Students of India and abroad unfold various facets of Biotechnology

Lucknow, August 05: The third day of the International Quest-2017 was inaugurated by the educationist Ms Kyoko Hoshino of Japan and Dr. Alok Dhawan, Director, CSIR, Lucknow. Addressing the gathering of young scientists and experts on this occasion, Prof. Alok Dhawan, Director, CSIR, Lucknow said that biotechnology is an emerging science of the future which unfolds something new every day. It reveals the vast treasury of knowledge in science by study of cell structure and genes. The causes, origin and minute treatment of deadly diseases like cancer form a significant part of study in biotechnology. An educationist from Japan, Mrs Kyoko Hoshino, Principal of Japanese Language Academy, explained the Canna Project, a peace project started after the devastation of World War II when an atom bomb destroyed almost half the population of Hiroshima, in Japan. Today the Canna Project is spread in 14 countries of the world. The Canna flower gives the message that new life is possible after devastation and that science can be a good friend but may also become the worst enemy if it is misused.