04 - August - 2017

Students of India and abroad test their scientific acumen at Biotech Festival

Lucknow, August 04: The second day of the International Biotechnology Festival 'Quest-2017' organized by CMS, Rajendra Nagar Campus I at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium was extremely informative and enlightening for the young scientists gathered here at the Science Fest. Learned keynote speakers and scientists addressed the students from 7 participating nations about biotechnology and its various usages for the welfare an progress of humanity. Eager students showcased their skills in contests like Debate, Movie Making, Just-a-Minute, Powerpoint Presentation and Creative Writing. It may be mentioned here that over 500 students from Russia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India are participating in various exciting contests at 'Quest-2017'.Earlier, the second day of International QUEST 2017 was inaugurated by Prof, P.K. Seth, former CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow and Prof. Krishna Mishra, Honorary Professor, Senior Scientist and Fellow, National Academy of Science, by lighting the sacred lamp of scientific learning. While Prof Seth on the one hand addressed the students on the topic, “Healing of brain disorder through biotechnology,” on the other hand, key note speaker, Prof. Krishna Mishra delivered a meaningful address on the topic, “Latest innovation in Nano biotechnology.”