29 - April - 2017

'Open Day Celebrations' at CMS Station Road Campus

Lucknow, April 29: CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi addressed the students and parents at the Open Day celebrations of CMS Station Road Campus on April 29. Open Day was organized with much enthusiasm on the beautifully decorated premises of CMS Station Road Campus. The students showcased their talents and creativity through self-made art and craft items, origami, natural exhibits, science, oratory, robotics, tabloids, illustrations, utility articles, dance & music etc. Students were more than eager to describe their artwork on display in English, thus demonstrating a strong command over the language. Parents did not hold themselves back from praising and applauding their wards. Principal, CMS Station Road Campus Mrs. Vera Hajela said that CMS imparts material, human and divine education to its students, nurturing them as responsible and smart citizens, a gift to humanity and Total Quality Persons.