18 July 2012

CMS student selected for scholarship of Rs. 4 Lakhs by the Government of India

Lucknow, July 18: Satyam Tripathi, a meritorious student of City Montessori School, Station Road Campus has been selected for the scholarship by the Government of India to pursue high level studies in Science. He will be getting Rs. four lakhs as scholarship. This information has come from Mr Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS. Mr Sharma informed that this outstanding CMS student will be getting Rs. 80,000/- for five years, thus a total of Rs. four lakhs, by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Satyam Tripathi of CMS Station Road Campus proved his talents in ISC examination 2012 and was among the "Top 1%" merit list on national level. For the unprecedented performance, Satyam has been selected for this prestigious Scholarship for the high level of science education.

            Mr Sharma informed that this outstanding student of CMS gives credit for his tremendous success to his parents and teachers and peaceful and divine atmosphere of CMS. He said that the inspirational, divine and excellent teaching atmosphere instil utmost energy and enthusiasm in students. Mr Sharma said that CMS students are making new records and establishing new ideals of humanity and also spreading them across the globe. As in past years, this year too, 1103 CMS students secured 90% to 98.60% marks in ISC and ICSE examinations and brought name and fame to the institution.

(Hari Om Sharma)
Chief Public Relations Officer
City Montessori School, Lucknow