09 December 2012
Mayor of Lucknow Dr. Dinesh Sharma presents 'Key to the City of Lucknow' to
Justice Dr Ricardo Li Rosi, Judge, National Court of Civil Appeals, Argentina

The time today demands formation of an International Judicial System

— General opinion of legal luminaries and Chief Justices of various countries

Lucknow, December 9 : Lending their support to an  International Legal System at the 'International Conference of Chief Justices of the world, the chief justices, judges and legal luminaries arrived from 60 countries of the world said that it is the demand of the age because various global problems of this age can be solved only through an international law. Today on the third day of the world Judiciary Summit being organized by City Montessori School at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium the jurists and legal luminaries from 60 countries of the world held intense discussions on safeguarding the future of world's 2 billion children and formation of enforceable international laws. These participents from around the world also led the CMS students and teachers' World Unity March today advocating the cause of world unity, world peace and the protection of the future of the younger generations. The morning session of the conference began with lighting the lamp of law and justice. Chief Guest, Mr Justice Benjamin J. Odoki lit the lamp to inaugurate the day's proceedings. On this occasion the Mayor of Lucknow Dr Dinesh Sharma honoured Justice Dr Ricardo Li Rosi, Judge, National Court of Civil Appeals and Director-General of AIEJ, Argentina by presenting him the 'Key to the City of Lucknow'.

            Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Mayor, Lucknow said that the efforts of CMS are unparalleled under which the justices and legal luminaries of world have taken upon them the challenge of the welfare of entire humanity and a better future for the children of the world. The jurists arrived here from various nations of the world have made it clear that the future of younger generation is secured only in the atmosphere of unity and peace. He believed that the justices and the legal luminaries will sketch such outline of future society, that will ensure the welfare of whole humanity. Justice Dr Ricardo Li Rosi, Judge, National Court of Civil Appeals and Director-General of AIEJ, Argentina said that this Conference is a wonderful opportunity for judges of the world to discuss key issues affecting humankind. Peace is not possible without justice and education. We judges feel happy and proud to be here and discuss key points of democracy. Education must teach children about Democracy and equality.

Putting forth his views on the third day of the conference, Mr Justice Ozias Pondja, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Mozambique said that he was extremely happy to be in the wonderful city of Lucknow, the heart of the Indian subcontinent, the cradle of the most ancient treaditions of democracy and tolerance in the world. The subject "Enforceable World Law and global governance is the hour to safeguard the future of World's over 2 Billion Children and Generations yet-to-be-born" was a major concern in his country. His government was making efforts for performance and social politics to benefit the children particularly the most unalterable ones. If children cannot knock on the doors of justice, then justice itself must come to children, he said. President of Tchad Supreme Court, Mr Justice Abderahim Bireme Hamid said that the issue of the protection of the interest of the future generations is a grave one and it is indeed good that the judiciary from around the world has assembled here to discuss this issue. He however said that it is a pity that within India there is not much realization of this conference outside Lucknow. He therefore called upon the media to promote this idea within India and outside. Mr Justice Ali Khan, the First President, Supreme Court of Turkey, said that children are the ones who get most harm during wars and conflicts and they suffer for the acts for which they are by means responsible. He said that a democratically elected world parliament, some amendments in the UN charter like exclusion of veto powers and an enforceable legal system are the ways which can help us protect the future of the world's children and generations yet unborn. Ms Justice Desanka Lopicic, Deputy President, Constitutional Court, Montenegro said that it is an interest of every society and every country worldwide to protect the children, regardless of their gender, from any kind of violence and evil in the family as well as from third parties and to create best conditions for their healthy development and education because the future of each society lies on the children and young generations. Ms Justice Martha Gomez Alsina, Judge, Family Law, Argentina, said that in every case, the same rule should be applied: the preference at the child's supreme interest. Whatever the domestic law says, if it is harmful or if it damages children's situation the court should opt for the application of international law about children's rights to protect them. Mr Justice Masoud Mohamed A. T. Al-Ameri, President, Court of Cassation and President of Supreme Judiciary Council, Qatar, said that the underlying issue raised in the theme of the conference emphasizes on the responsibility of the judges to uphold the rule of law for which action on both the national as well as international level need to be taken. Ms Justice Irena Lucia B. Mora, Supreme Court Judge, Costa Rica, said that the condition of women and children are getting worse in the world and there is need to uplift their condition. Similarly, Chief Justices and Judges from various countries also expressed their views.

Today, in the proceedings of third of conference, the Chief Justice and Judges of various countries discussed global problems in various parallel sessions. Chief Justice of Zanzibar High Court, Mr. Justice Omar O Makungu presided over the first parallel session on "Creating Culture of Unity and Peace" in which discussions were held on 'Peace Education, Cross cultural Understanding, Unity of Religion, Interfaith Dialogue, International Terrorism' etc. Speaking on this occasion. Justice Omar O Makungu said that all the countries are worried about their children and in the present age, in every nook and corner of the world, the children are seeing the threats for their safety and their lives are in danger and we hope that the participants should get motivation from the students of CMS and come up to their expectations. In another parallel session on the theme "Establishing Rule of Law" the former Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court, Mr Justice Abhay Kumar Gohil presided over the meeting in which discussions were held on 'Enforcebale World Law and World Judiciary, Creating Awareness for, and Protection of Fundamental Human rights, Rights of Children and Women, Gender Equality'. Similarly, in another parallel session, based on 'Global Governance Structure', the topic were discussed as UN Reform, Need for a New World Order on democratic lines, Structure of Global Democracy, Consideration of options for global structure suggested by various organizations. Chief Justice of Guyana, Carl Ashok Singh presided this parallel session.  In the same way, other parallel sessions were held on the themes viz Tackling Global Issues and Towards International Law Enforceability.

In the afternoon session today, a press conference was held in which views of Chief Justices and Judges were presented before the press personnel by the Convener, Dr Jagdish Gandhi. Dr Gandhi informed that Chief Justices explained that even though the cultures and traditions of various countries are widely different, still there prevails an underlying unity as we are all members of one human family. Therefore, we need one enforceable international law to hold us together and prevent wars. Only when world laws are uniform and equally applicable on all countries, can we hope for a peaceful and happy world society. Dr Gandhi informed that generally all the judicial experts and judges held the view that Article 51(c) of the Constitution of India is the only ray of hope to save humanity as it brings the world together by impressing upon the state to foster respect for International Law. He said that Chief Justices believed that judiciary can support the voice of children for One World but the ultimate mission can  be accomplished only when the political leaders also join hands with us and form a World Parliament with representatives of all countries.

            The Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that this morning the Chief Justices, Judges, legal luminaries and peace promoters who arrived from 60 countries of the world to participate in the "13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World" extended their support to the appeal of 45000 CMS students for the formation of an Enforceable International Law and efficient World Governance for safeguarding the future of world's two billion children and generations yet to be born by joining in the 'World Unity March' of CMS students and teachers.  Mr. Sharma further informed that this evening at 8.00 pm, these jurists from 60 countries of the world will proceed to Hotel Taj where Hon'ble Speaker of UP Legislative Assembly, Mr Mata Prasad Pandey will be hosting a lavish dinner in honour of the visiting legal luminaries of various countries.

(Hari Om Sharma)
Chief Public Relations Officer
City Montessori School, Lucknow