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February 2018

CISV ‘HAPPY PEOPLE’ VILLAGE 28 Dec. 2017 to 24 Jan. 2018

We are members of One Global Family

“Mother, will I have to fight a war when I grow up?” asked the eight year old son of a child psychologist, Dr Doris Twitchell Allen from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. In those days the youth were given compulsory military training and could be sent for war anytime the country required their services. This was after the end of the Second World War in which thousands perished and there was a lot of bloodshed and fighting between countries.

And so, looking at the anxious and fearful face of her son, Doris tried to put things right in her own way, in a way that only a peaceful and well-balanced person with a visionary outlook can. She started the Children’s International Summer Village Camps in 1950, first in US and then in other countries in which delegations comprising two boys and two girls and an adult leader, represent their country and participate. CMS organized its 25th CISV International Summer Camp, the Happy People Village at CMS Kanpur Road from 28 December 2017 to 24 January 2018. The Camp had delegations from 13 countries of the world. Important days at the Camp were the National Nights and Open Day. On the National Night, one delegation cooks food for the entire camp and showcases its country’s culture and traditions. The Open Day is a day of interaction of Campers with the parents, students and general public. Every delegation joyfully presents its country’s dance and music to the delight of all. There are also shopping days, host family weekends and other days during the course of the Camp. In the evenings, children sing lullabies around a bonfire and as they look up to the stars above, they think how small is their world and how useless it is to fight among the nations. Well, then, this is the very purpose of the Camp, to make people realize within themselves that fighting and violence are not the solutions to global problems, but friendship and unity is the way that succeeds.


Dy Chief Minister Hon. Mr K P Maurya addressing the delegates
Delegation from Canada
Delegation from Costa Rica
Delegation from Finland
Delegation from Germany
The Indian Delegation
We are from Italy
From Japan, the land of the rising sun
We are the JCs (Junior Counselors)
From sunny Brazil
Singing the CISV Song
From Mexico with love
From the land of Sweden
Greetings from Thailand
We bring to you the songs of USA