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december 2017

H.E. Stjepan Mesic- Former-President of Croatia: We should not turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. It is the undeniable right of every nation to set rules for its people. We should seize the opportunity today to do something for the world. It is the right time to take significant steps to save humanity.

Hon’ble Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi , Minister for Minority Affairs, Govt. of India: I salute the spirit of Dr Jagdish Gandhi in organizing this conference. Indian Judiciary is the strongest and we have the most transparent, democratic system of governance which make the country strong.

Hon’ble Mr Justice Sir Hartman G. Longley, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Bahamas: Protection of children is important as given in the UN Charter. We need to work together in peace and harmony. We must understand the true purpose of unity. International Law, as it exists today, leaves much to be done. We must strive to sensitize the world in spite of all the hardships.

Hon'ble Mr Mahiepala Herath, Former Chief Minister, Sadaragamuva Province, Sri Lanka: Existence of law and punishment after crime is not sufficient. We must protect this vulnerable section of society, the children. Children must be taught about their rights. They should grow up as responsible citizens and leaders. I have to especially thank Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Dr Vineeta Kamran. We are not only friends but relations to India.

Hon'ble Dr Adel Oman Sherif, Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt:This school has elevated the status of schools by becoming the lighthouse of society. It has the dynamic leadership of Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi. A civilization should be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable segment of society i.e. children.

Hon'ble Mr Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, Govt. of India: I warmly welcome you to the first session of this Conference. Our government is committed to working for the peace and security not only of India or the sub-continent but that of the whole world.

Hon'ble Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Law & Justice, Govt. of India: Our ancient Indian culture as revealed in the Vedas and the Upanishads have given us the idea of world unity since times immemorial. The Bhagwad Geeta, retains the best of what the human mind can think of. We believe in the welfare of all humanity and happiness of all the people on earth.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Boissie Mbha, Judge Supreme Court of Appeal, South Africa: Environmental norms are not easy to follow by national governments. Environmental legislation must be implemented.

Hon’ble Mr Justice Moses C.B. Maphalala, Chief Justice, Superior Court of Judicature, Swaziland: nstead of weapons we must use the money for children’s education and health. UN should be reformed for equal representation of all countries of the world.

Hon’ble Ms Justice Alvina Gyulumyan, Judge Constitutional Court, Armenia: At the root of the evils of the world is human ignorance. That is why education is important especially peace education. During the genocide in Armenia, only books and manuscripts were saved, not property – Manuscripts are still present.

Hon'ble Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of U.P.: I am extremely happy that 270 participants including Heads of State, Heads of Government, Chief Justices and Judges of Supreme Court from 56 countries of the World are here in Uttar Pradesh, the heart of Indian culture and tradition to talk on matters related to World Peace. We have always stood for peace and harmony and on behalf of the 220 million citizens of the state I welcome you all here.

Hon'ble Dr Dinesh Sharma, Deputy Chief Minister of U.P.: I congratulate the organizers of this conference. The Conference is based upon Article 51 of the Constitution of India. It aims to solve global problems and create peace and harmony in the world. I wish it all the best.

H.E. Dr Pakalitha B Mosisili, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Lesotho: Let us unite the world inspite of all obstacles. There is crying need for a World Parliament.

Hon'ble Ms Justice Pamela Maria Martinez Loayza, Vice President and Judge Constitutional Court, Ecuador: It doesn’t matter if you have differences in religions or language. We are one and equal before the law. It is not enough to talk about peace. We must act. Constitutional justice will lead to peace. Rights must be exercised for justice. You can do things which I cannot, I can do things which your cannot. Together we can do perhaps everything.

Rt. Hon. Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, Speaker of the Parliament, Ghana: International law must take its proper place in regulating the conduct of humanity in general. There should be global governance that will be effective enough in dealing with global problems and making the world a safer place for posterity.

H.E. Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, Vice-President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana: Citizens of the World, Unite for Change! We must make the world a better place for the future generation. I congratulate the organizers for the good work at this conference.

H.E. Sir Iakoba T. Italeli, Governor General of the Republic of Tuvalu: There can be no peace without justice. Today, there is no more urgent task than to leave to our children an environment of peace and security. Child abuse violence against women, global warming, poverty, mismanagement of resources, incitement to hatred are grave issues which are putting up a challenge before us. We must create a sustainable future for our children and generations yet to come.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Sayed Yusuf Halim, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Afghanistan:The Conference has the great objective of ensuring peace in the world. Peace means shunning violence. Peace offers technological opportunities, respect of each other’s rights and resolving mutual problems amicably. Quran advocates peace and brotherhood.

Hon’ble Mrs Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, Speaker of Parliament, Mauritius:India is a great country. Article 51 is the result of great foresightedness of its leaders. Nothing is possible without unity and unity needs a strong political will. A new economic and political order is the need of the hour.

Hon'ble Ms Justice Claudia Valeria, Federal Judge, Rio De Jenerio, Brazil:He who does not exercise his rights, does not deserve them. Life is important but life without freedom and dignity is useless.

Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Convener of the conference: We adults have an intergenerational responsibility to provide a safe and secure future. It is noteworthy that the Hon’ble Mr Justice David Hilario, former Chief Justice of the Philippines passed a historic judgment for a safe ecology for children. Now the time has come to form World Laws for the safety and security of the world’s children.