Letter of Invitation

Dear fellow participants of India and abroad,

Macfair International is organized every alternate year by City Montessori School, Mahanagar Campus, Lucknow, India, with the objective of providing a platform for students to display and match their talents, skills and wits and to imbibe values of tolerance, co-existence and world citizenship through cross cultural interaction. We have always incorporated “burning issues” in Macfair to enhance the awareness of our students. Ov er the years, Macfair evolved and developed from national to international level and has acquired its present shape by creative inputs of all those who have been associated with the Macfair Family.

CMS strives to make every student the light of the world. By challenging their intellect through problems in mathematics and computers at international competitions, students are made aware of their mental development in mathematics, computers, science and other fields.

Dr. (Mrs) Kalpana Tripathi

Principal, CMS Mahanagar Campus &
Convenor, MACFAIR International


Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager & Founder-Director

Amongst the greatest of all the great services that can be possibly rendered by man to the Almighty, is the education of children, building their character and inculcating in their tender hearts the love of God.

Prof Geeta Kingdon

President & Chief Operating Officer

With the glorious legacy of fifty Seven years in education, City Montessori School has successfully contributed in the multi-dimensional development of students with a clear focus on positive thinking and self-confidence to cope with the transformation, challenge and qualms of life.

Ms Susmita Basu

Superior Principal &
Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department

Acquisition of knowledge along with radical approach is supreme. Every small step towards a big dream brings you closer towards glory and fame and adds more value to it. MACFAIR which started as a nascent dream in the year 1995 has today become a cradle for creating and nurturing world leaders capable of adopting and adapting to the change.

Tentative Programme Schedule

General Guidelines

General Guidelines-

  1. Team composition: A college/school can send a maximum of ten participants. [Maximum of 6 participants from senior category and maximum of 4 participants from the junior category.]
  2. The Junior category will include participants from Classes 8-10 (age group of 13-16 yrs)
  3. The Senior category will include participants from Classes 11-12 (age group of 17-18 yrs).
  4. The Champions Trophy will be awarded in both the categories, i.e., Junior and Senior. To win the Champions Trophy the team has to participate in all the events of their respective categories.
  5. Above all, one Overall Championship Trophy will be awarded ONLY when a team has participated in ALL the events of BOTH the categories.
  6. It will give us immense pleasure to host a team accompanied by its School/College Principal as our very special guest for the event.
  7. Registration procedure:
    1. Each participating school/college is required to fill the registration form duly attested by the Head of the institution.
    2. Registration fee:
      1. Local teams (From Lucknow): 1000/- INR per team
      2. National teams and the Teams from Indian sub-continent*:  1000/- INR per participant
        The teams from Indian sub-continent can pay an equivalent amount in their own currency or in Indian currency.
      3. International teams : US $ 20  per participant
    3. There is no registration fee for the Chairman/ Director/ Principal/ Team Leader accompanying the team.
    4. The registration fee will be paid through Demand Draft in the favour of “City Montessori School, Lucknow”, payable at Lucknow.
  8. The registration/participation will be considered valid only if the registration form is complete in all respect.
  9. The complete registration form and Travel form can be sent through
    Email IDs: mahanagar@cmseducation.org
    Website: http://www.cmseducation.org/macfair
    OR, By post to the following address:
    The Principal
    City Montessori Inter College
    90-A, Mahanagar
    Lucknow 226016 (India)
    Phone: Tel: 91-9415312611, 0522-2330011, 2330024, 2330005  
  10. Important dates:

    1. Last date of receipt of complete registration form and travel schedule with Demand Draft: 10th August, 2018.
    2. The VISA application form to be filled by only those Schools/Colleges that require VISA to enter India along with registration form and travel form.
    3. Registration of Local Teams (Lucknow): The registration of Local Teams will be done on 07th September 2018 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The entire Team with the Team Leader must come for registration.

Code of Conduct

    • For ensuring smooth running of Macfair International, the team leaders are requested to ensure that their team is seated in the Auditorium ten minutes before the commencement of the Day's programme.
    • It is necessary for all the participants to wear Macfair identification badges at all times and be present in the Auditorium for the entire duration while the events are on, as important information regarding the event and venue will be given there only.
    • A team escort shall be provided for your assistance.
    • Kindly adhere to all the timings given in the schedule of events.
    • The team should be strictly disciplined throughout their stay in Lucknow.
    • Any act of indiscipline by any delegate may disqualify the team from participation.
    • Participating teams including team leader can meet their friends and relatives within the campus between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm only on 9th and 10th September, 2018.
    • Services and Facilities: All International and National teams will be provided transport by us on arrival at Lucknow Airport or Railway Station to the venue and also on departure.
    • Food and Accommodation: The International and National participants will be provided meals and accommodation free of charge at our International Hostel for the entire duration of their stay.
    • Arrival at Lucknow: The International and National teams must reach Lucknow by 7th September, 2018 positively as registration of teams is on 8th September, 2018 at 10.00 am.
    • Departure from Lucknow: Teams leaving on 11th September, 2018, must leave only after the conclusion of the Prize Distribution ceremony, as no arrangements would be made by the host to send their certificates/prizes later.
    • Medical Facilities: Medical services for minor sickness or injuries are provided at the campus. In case of emergency, local public hospitals are available at all times.
    • Telecommunication Facilities: Overseas telephone calls, facsimile and e-mail facilities are available at the venue on payment basis.
    • Weather: Current details about the local weather conditions can be obtained from http://www.weathercity.com/in/lucknow.

Awards for Merit / Participation

Point system-

Teams/Participants will be awarded points as follows



5 Points



3 Points



1 Point

The teams scoring the maximum points shall win the Champions Trophy.

Team Trophies: There will be only one Champions Trophy.

  • The Champions Trophies will be awarded to the winning teams in both the categories, i.e., Junior and Senior. There will be one Champions Trophy.
  • Above all, one Overall Championship Trophy will be awarded to the team scoring maximum points in both the categories (Juniors and Seniors) taken together.

Individual Trophies: Individual trophies and certificates will be awarded to all winners in individual events.

Participation Certificate: The participation certificates shall be awarded to all the participants.

Final Decision: All Judges will be experts in their fields and will in no way be connected with the HOST. The decision of the Judges will be final and binding.


All teams must assemble in the auditorium at the scheduled time for the prayer assembly. It is the sole responsibility of the Team Leaders to ensure the presence of entire team.


Athenian Theatrics

  1. It is a team event. All the members of the team have to participate in this event.
  2. The team has to enact a drama based on the above-mentioned theme for a maximum time period of five minutes.

Debate (Viola!)

  1. Each team will be represented by only ONE participant.
  2. After receiving the confirmation of the entry, the Team will be informed about the proposition (for/against) through email by 20th August, 2018.
  3. 3. Each speaker will put forth the gist of his/her ...


(Eureka! What’s the answer?)

  1. Questions will be based on the areas of basic sciences and technology.
  2. The model has to be assembled on the spot.
  3. The teams for the final round (Round-2) will be chosen on the...



  1. Each team will be represented by two participants (one junior and one senior).
  2. All presentations shall be screened in the selection round.
  3. The Best Eight presentations shall be selected for the final round.


Special Discussion Council

  1. Each team will be represented by one participant.
  2. Discussion of the Agenda will be done under the UNA – USA Rules of Procedure.
  3. The participants are expected to attend the Conference in formal...


(Cogito Ergo Sum)

  1. Each team will be represented by one participant only.
  2. The participant shall have to choose a renowned scientist whom he/she will represent on stage.
  3. The name of the scientist should be sent latest by 30th July, 2018...



  1. Each team will be represented by one participant only, who must participate in ANY TWO of the listed SUBJECTS [Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology].
  2. Paper will contain a mixture of...


  1. Each team will be represented by one participant.
  2. The topic will be given at the time of registration.


  1. Each team will be represented by 2 (two) participants only.
  2. This is Mathematics Quiz event.
  3. Questions will be based on the syllabi up to class X.
  4. The teams for the final round will be chosen on the basis of the written round...

JINGLES (Sound of music)

  1. Each team will be represented by maximum 4 (four) participants.
  2. The theme for the jingles will be communicated to the participants by the end of June 2018.
  3. The team will present the jingle before the judges. The total duration of the presentation should not exceed...


Registration Form

15th July, 2018

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Participation Form

15th July, 2018

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Travel Form

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Dr. (Mrs) Kalpana Tripathi
Principal, CMS Mahangar Campus &
Convenor, MACFAIR International

Mahanagar Campus
90-A, Mahanagar, Lucknow, India
Phones: +91-522-2330011, 2330024,
Fax No.:+91-522-2384730, 2638008
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