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We are happy to know that Gomti Nagar Campus (I) is organizing the 8th International Young Mathematicians' Convention-2018 in which students of schools of various countries of the world will participate. The aim of the convention is to sharpen the mathematical skills and knowledge of students. Another advantage accruing from the event will be the coming together of students of the world which will build lasting mutual relations among them.
The misgivings of students about the children of other countries will cease to create any misunderstanding. The participants will meet as citizens of the one world rather than as citizens of their respective countries besides exchanging current mathematical knowledge.

Quiz held during the event will enhance and clarify the knowledge of mathematics. Numeric Jazz (Math Jingle), Calculatia (Mental Calculations), Individual and Team Activity Contests, etc. will be organized for making mathematics interesting and qualitative. Taking into consideration the knowledge of teachers of mathematics of your campus we are more than confident that the convention will be a great success.

The notable part of the event will be the participation of brilliant students of the world. The participants will learn about the latest mathematical knowledge and trend in the field of research. The Gomti Nagar Campus (I) has done well in organizing the convention as mathematics has helped the student community to achieve professional excellence. We wish the convention all success.

Dr Jagdish Gandhi
Dr Bharti Gandhi