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Mathematics is not a looker subject like art; a listener subject like music; a looker and a listener subject like dance; but a looker, listener and doer subject like craft. It is no more a filtering subject but fulfilling one. Once concepts are caught and not taught, children can be seen blossoming into self-learners, thereby, promoting confidence level in other subjects as well.

Thus Dexter's Math-a-torium (Mathematics Fair) is a competition which endeavors to provide students the opportunity to explore, reflect and interpret ideas presented through a variety of mediums. It helps them to display their intellectual curiosity and initiative to acquire, process and interpret information.

Dexter's Math-a-torium is an exhibit of items that relate to mathematics; to which learners have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in other activities.

  • The participating teams are expected to bring puzzles, games and interesting problems, related to Mathematics for this event. They will be allocated an area to display these for all viewers to solve.

  • The teams will be judged for originality, ingenuity and the level of interest that their problems generate.

  • The creativity of the participants is not constrained in any way for this event. Judging of this event is by eminent judges.

  • Kindly ensure that your display is judged by our judges before winding up.

  • The teams will compete for the first, second and third positions.


Life is a race and I'm running my lap right now. You are warming up for yours. We need to make sure that the trust between us stays strong so that we are all ready when it is time for me to pass the baton to you. The race of life is not an individual event. It is a relay. We only win when we successfully pass good values and in this race of life, the baton is the virtue of loyalty and faithfulness that we pass from generation to generation.

Thus, through our competition Solve-a-thon we endeavor to foster the message that in order to attain success we need to develop team spirit, trust, understanding, cooperation and coordination.

So the mathletes of Solve-a-thon are poised, hands outstretched, eyes down the track, adrenalin pumping, waiting for the baton to be passed in their hands.

  • All three participants will represent their team for two Relay Rounds. In each relay round there will be one main question divided into three sub-parts.

  • The first sub-part of the question will be solved by the first participant. Using the answer, the second participant will solve the second sub-part. This answer will be used by the last participant to solve the third part of the main question. Only the final answer which the third participant arrives at, will be considered for marking.

  • Time allotted is 10 minutes. Points awarded for a correct answer will be 10 minus time taken in minutes.

  • The teams will compete for the first, second and third prizes/ positions.

As Pythagoras may have said (Ambition)2 + (Bold)2 = (Critical thinker)2 makes a perfect student, and that is what we strive to chisel out through our competition entitled Math Wiz. To a Math Wiz, the tantalizing & compelling pursuit of Mathematical problems offers mental absorption, peace of mind amidst endless challenges, repose in activity and a battle without conflict.

So in order to emerge as a Math Wiz one needs to apply knowledge, approach things logically and think critically.

  • Every participant will write this test individually. No consultation between team members is allowed.

  • A participant is expected to solve eight mathematical problems in the allocated one hour.

  • Participants, scoring among the top 10% of all candidates, will be awarded gold medals.

  • Participants, scoring between the top 10% and 30% of all candidates, will be awarded silver medals and

  • Participants, scoring between the top 30% and 50% of all candidates,will be awarded bronze medals.

Dazzling pocket PCs are plenty for the children of today. Kids roll into the classroom with iphones, blackberries and various Android devices capable of supporting myriad complex applications. We are in a wonderful age where hand held computers help us tremendously and continuously. Alongside all of the fancy apps is a standard utility application that accompanies every smart phone i.e. the basic calculator. But still a lot of emphasis is laid on developing mental mathematical skill as it is crucial for a successful math career and a promising life thereafter. Thinking is what makes us human not dependence on machines to do our thinking for us.

Thus our competition entitled Calculatia will not only stimulate your mind but would also give you a feel for numbers, relationships between them and the patterns they make. It aims to develop and strengthen your power to do mental mathematical calculations, a skill which is tremendously important and absolutely fundamental.

  • Each school will be represented by a team of 2 participants from the primary level (10- 13 years of age)

  • It is a Mental Math competition. Calculations will involve only addition and subtraction.

  • Participants must bring a writing board and a bold marker.

  • There would be a series of rounds comprising interesting questions.

  • The teams will compete for the first, second and third prizes / positions.
"Mind over matter", well it does matter specially when it comes to moving along with time and keeping up with the fast moving pace of world. The human brain is the most complex part of the body, and like every part of the body, brain too requires regular exercise in order to stay fit, agile and sound. The exercise can be undertaken by continuous sharpening and nourishing of the brain. Quizzing is one such activity which enhances the perspicacity and wit, polishing the mind from a dull glow to a bright shine. Our competition BINGO aims to quench the curiosity of mind by stretching the boundaries of understanding of an individual giving more area to absorb knowledge, creating an awareness and concern for the past, present and future.
  • All three participants will represent their team at the Mathematics Quiz.

  • The Mathematics Quiz will consist of two Rounds.

  • A preliminary Written Round will be conducted first. All participants of the team can consult each other in solving the problems presented in this round.

  • Qualifiers of the Written Round will compete in the Final Round to be conducted on stage. Here again they will work as a team and can discuss problems before submitting their answers.

  • The teams will compete for the first, second and third positions.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings,there is music in the spacing of the spheres. Mathematics is the music of reason. Mathematics is the basis of sound and sound itself in its musical aspects exhibits a remarkable array of numbers and properties.

What could be a better medium to communicate math to the public than the universal language of music. Ever since Pythagoras used numerical terms to express interval between notes and derived musical tones from geometrical patterns, mathematics has linked music to numbers.

So hereby our competition entitled Numeric Jazz is a combination of numbers and melody on a definite tune.

  • l A team of 5 participants from the Primary and Middle School level will represent each school.

  • l Participants should come prepared with a math jingle and present the same in a definite tune.

  • l Time allotted will be 2 minutes.

  • l A musical instrument may be used by the team which must be played by the team member only.

  • l The lyrics of the jingle,melody, rhythm and presentation will fetch extra marks.

  • l Decision of the judges will be final.

At the entrance of Plato's Academy in ancient Greece, stood a sign which warned, "Let no one ignorant of mathematics enter here", Like Plato, we believe in the importance of Mathematics and its influence over nearly every walk of life.

So if you really like exercising your brain, figuring things round and round till your mind explodes then Mathmania is a competition for you. Mathmania is not just a competition but a plethora of Greek symbols, interlaced with numbers which makes it seem like a clandestine code, which has to be deciphered. The real magic of this competition lies not with its method of execution, but its definite solutions founded on irrefutable proofs.
So get ready to be a part of Mathmania.

  • All three participants will represent their team for this event.

  • They are expected to solve six problems in the allocated one hour. They are free to divide the six problems between themselves.

  • Teams for this event will be divided into groups by random draw of lots. Each team will compete with only the member teams of its own group.

  • The teams will compete for the first, second and third positions to be declared from each
    group of teams.