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International Young Mathematicians' Convention
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Nature has designed the universe in numbers, that purposefully involves geometry, dimensions, patterns and distance. Even time is measured in numbers at which all events take place. It is thus evident that Mathematics is pervasive and inescapable. IYMC gives a platform to students in order to encourage and inculcate the understanding of this fascinating subject.

When mathematics is viewed as just another subject in schools, it underestimates the role it plays in shaping a child's personality. For starters, it builds problem solving ability, a critically important skill that is required in day to day activities. Students need to learn to apply sound reasoning and analysis, the very core learnt from mathematics. Mathematics fosters a deep understanding of making connections and relativity in real life too. Thus overall, students inclined to mathematics have a higher aptitude and less response time to various challenging tasks, making them excellent students and efficient individuals, with strong analytical skills.

In organizing the IYMC, our goal is beyond the development of number skills. It is to hone not just intelligent, but smart scholars. This contest serves as a platform to bring like minds together, enabling students to initiate knowledge transfer and bridge gaps at the same time. I hope to see more and more students take advantage of this opportunity and use it to their benefit at IYMC-2018.

Prof. Geeta Kingdon
President, CMS