About CMS

City Montessori School (CMS) is the world’s largest school, with over 55,000 students and 4,500 staff across 18 campuses in the city of Lucknow. Founded in 1959 with 5 children on a borrowed capital of 300 Rupees by Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi, CMS today is an ICSE- and ISC-affiliated school whose students from Montessori to Class XII achieve some of the highest exam results in India. Beyond these achievements, Drs Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi started CMS with vision to inspire generations of children to become socially motivated and conscious citizens of India and the world. Their motto “Jai Jagat” - 'Hail the World', in contrast to the popular post-Independence greeting 'Jai Hind' ('Hail India') at the time of CMS's foundation - has been the school's greeting from the beginning. CMS therefore places great emphasis on children's all-round development, moral character, and international exposure.

With a view to promote the ideals of World Unity and World Peace across the globe, CMS organizes Peace Congresses in the form of 28 international events. Every CMS event starts with a prayer for peace in the world. Although these events are organized on a variety of subjects like Geography, History, English language, Computer Science, Science and Technology, MATHEMATICS and Sports, the central idea behind organizing all these events remains development of cultural understanding and promotion of peaceful co-existence and unity in young minds. Such a stimulating environment lets children appreciate first-hand the similarities and celebrate the differences between people from all over the country and the world. They recognise how despite our differences, we are one people, united in our diversity which makes us stronger. Children gain enormous confidence and these are experiences of a lifetime. Instead of being confined to the local reality in Lucknow, children experience a wider reality which has important impact on their whole psychology and on how they relate to each other.

About IYMC

"Mathematics is the language in which God has written the Universe."

This famous quote pertinently sums up the importance of mathematics in life. Indians, particularly, have always been credited with introducing superb mathematical breakthroughs like the invention of the digit zero and the number system as well as the famed Shreedharacharya formula. Albert Einstein once said, "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to convert, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been made."

At CMS various international events and fests are organized to promote cross cultural interaction and give the future generations, a unique way to interact and share knowledge.

In order to share our global views and develop the power and capacities latent in the youth of today, and to motivate them to contribute their share to an ever - advancing civilization, CMS is organizing the 8th International Young Mathematicians' Convention, 2018, an international Mathematics Contest that seeks to give mathematical expression to the inner creative urges of the youth.

The tradition of organizing events and fairs related to mathematics started in the Gomti Nagar Campus with the 4th International World Youth Mathematics Intercity Competition (IWYMIC) held in the year 2002.

After this CMS Gomti Nagar took this event to the next level and organized it as an international event, the IYMC which took its root from IWYMC. The 1st IYMC was held in December 2004. The event saw the active participation of various international teams from Philippines, Bangkok, Pakistan, China, Taiwan and England thus making it truly a unique cross cultural bonanza.

2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th, 6th & 7th IYMC held in 2006,2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016 respectively with participation of 12-18 countries, were also a grand success.

The Eighth IYMC - 2018 is scheduled from the 2nd to the 5th December 2018. The competition will have events like

  1. Solve-a-thon (Relay Round )
  2. Bingo (Mathematical Quiz)
  3. Math Wiz (Individual Contest)
  4. Mathmania (Team Activity Contest)
  5. Modus Opera (Mathematical Drama)

In this contest, students from a number of countries will participate in different events including cultural night. (NOT TO BE A PART OF COMPETITION)

Invitation from Convener

Dear Sir/Madam,

Mathematics expresses values that reflect the COSMOS, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic and abstract beauty.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms, it’s about understanding. Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. It is not a mere subject, but a universal language. The things of the world cannot be made known without a knowledge of Mathematics. Math indeed is the poetry of logical ideas. It is the foundation of Science and the engine of growth and development. It’s about logical analysis, deductions and calculations. Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives and contributes to the wealth of the country.

Mrs Abha Anant

Principal & Convener
IYMC- Mathematica 2018.

Invitation from Secretary

Dear Sir/Madam,

International Young Mathematicians’ Convention 2018 is a platform for the discussion of mathematical ideas and above all, a celebration of mathematics.

At IYMC we believe that Mathematics is more than an area of study, it is a way of life and we have tried to implement the same through the means of fun exercises, programs, competitions and games.

Mrs Seema Tiwari

The Secretary
IYMC- Mathematica 2018.


Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager & Founder-Director

We are happy to know that Gomti Nagar Campus I is organizing the 8th International Young Mathematicians' Convention-2018 in which students of schools of various countries of the world will participate.

Prof Geeta Kingdon

President & Chief Operating Officer

Nature has designed the universe in numbers, that purposefully involves geometry, dimensions, patterns and distance. Even time is measured in numbers at which all events take place. It is thus evident that Mathematics is pervasive and inescapable.

Ms Susmita Basu

Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department

With these words of Shakuntala Devi, I congratulate Gomti Nagar Campus I of City Montessori School for organizing another sequel of a meaningful event like the 8th International Young Mathematicians' Convention, 2018.

Ms. Manjit Batra

Senior Principal

It is our proud privilege to be hosting the 8th International Young Mathematicians' Convention viz IYMC-Mathematica scheduled from 2nd to 5th of December 2018.

Mathematics has become the most important subject of study all over the world.

Technical Committee

Organising Committee

Rules & Regulations

  • A team participating in the IYMC- Mathematica should consist of eight contestants – three for the Middle School Level (14-15 years of age) and three for the Senior Level ( 16-18 years of age and not enrolled for an Undergraduate Programme at a College or University) and two additional contestants for the competition Modus Opera (Optional )
  • A Teacher-Team Leader must accompany the team. The participation of the Mathematics Teacher as the Team Leader is desirable.
  • Competition is open only for Registered schools. Coaching Centres/institutes or tutorials are not eligible for participation.
  • As IYMC Mathematica is being organized from the 2nd to the 5th of December, 2018 teams are requested to arrive before 10 pm IST of 1st December, 2018. We will be happy to extend hospitality to all outstation teams during their entire stay in Lucknow.
  • Participating teams with Team Leaders must be present at the venue at all times. The Leaders are responsible for good conduct of their team members.
  • Only writing and drawing instruments are permitted at the contest venue. Books, papers, tables, calculators and computers will not be allowed in the examination rooms.
  • The participants are required to carry their own stationary kit comprising- blue or black pens, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, and black or blue bold marker.
  • The participants are expected to be formally dressed in their complete school uniform during the opening and closing ceremony of IYMC- Mathematica 2018.
  • The i-cards provided at the time of Registration at the venue should be worn throughout the event on their school uniform.
  • All participating schools must carry their school flag for representing their school in the procession at the Inaugural ceremony.
  • Meal Timings: Outstation participants are requested to abide by the following timings for the convenience of the catering staff:-
    1. Breakfast : 07:00 to 07:45 am
    2. Lunch : 01:00 to 02:00 pm
    3. Dinner : 08:30 to 09:30 pm
  • Friends, relatives and outsiders will not be allowed to meet the Participants or Team Leaders until the competition concludes on the 5th December, 2018.
  • The participants are allowed to use a non-electronic translation dictionary during the competition. The officials of the event will be informed about it beforehand and they will have the authority to check anything they deem fit.
  • Participating teams must prepare a 3-5 minutes cultural presentation for the cultural function to be organized at the venue. A dance or song sequence, a short skit in an ethnic dress, unique to their country or region, will ideally suit the cultural function. (The presentations will be judged and the best one will receive an award of appreciation by the Manager.)
  • Road to Championship:
    • The Prize Distribution will be the culminating event of the competition. The Middle School and Senior Level competitions are independent of each other.
    • 5 points will be awarded for each first position, 3 points for each second position and 1 point for each third position.
    • The Middle School team that accumulates the most points will be declared the Middle School Level Champions of IYMC Mathematica 2018. The first runner-up team for the junior level will also be declared.
    • The Senior team that accumulates the most points will be declared the Senior Level Champions of IYMC Mathematica 2018. The first runner-up team for the Senior Level will also be declared.

Tentative Programme schedule


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  • Fee per participant is 25 USD for International Team and ₹1000 per participant for National Team.
  • No Registration fee shall be charged from the team leader.
  • After the Registration Form is submitted the Right of Admission of the respective team shall rest entirely with the Organizers and a Letter of Acknowledgement shall be sent confirming the same.

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Mrs Abha Anant
Principal & Convenor, IYMC - Mathematica 2018

Mrs Seema Tiwari
Secretary IYMC - Mathematica 2018

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