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Dear Participants,

It gives me great pleasure to know that CMS Kanpur Road Campus is organizing the 5th ISCPL, from 8th to 14th December, 2018.

Sports and games have always been an integral part of the human development and are necessary for the all round development of the human being. The school is indeed doing a great job by promoting the game of cricket and providing a channel for youngsters to get the necessary exposure to bring their talents to the fore.

The International School Cricket Premier League can be a great way to entertain people, encourage inter cultural communications and promote 'World Peace'. This event will promote team spirit, co-operation and other social skills. As winning and losing are two sides of a coin, the children will learn and benefit both ways. In any case it builds team spirit and inter-personal skills – a pre-requisite for world unity and world peace.

I commend Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran, the Convener, ISCPL-2018, Principal, City Montessori School, Kanpur Road, and Mr J. S. Rawat, Organising Secretary, ISCPL – 2018, and each of her dedicated staff for organizing this event so successfully over the years. You deserve to be proud of your achievement ! May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.
I would like to wish all the participating teams all the very best.

(Ms Susmita Basu)
Head, Quality Assurance & Innovations Department (QAID)
City Montessori School, Lucknow