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We are extremely pleased that CMS Kanpur Road Campus is organising the 5th International Schools Cricket Premier League (ISCPL) from 8th to 13th December 2018. We all know that cricket is no less than a religion in India and also a great binding force in a nation of diversities. Cricket, like all other sports, fosters the spirit of human brotherhood and global understanding. There can be no greater unifying force than sports, which helps people from different nations and cultures to interact and learn about each other.

Cricket is truly a global game with many more nations, apart from the established ones, showing a keen interest in the sport. The sport promotes team spirit, co-operation and character building.

The ISCPL will provide a brilliant opportunity to the young and budding players from all around the world to come together on a common platform and display their skills. The event is a brilliant idea to make the children interact with children from other nations and break down the artificial barriers of nationality or language. All these small differences should never come in the way of common destiny the humanity shares.

We believe that CMS is the first school conducting day-night games, which will be played in the T20 format, which has become the most popular format of the game ever since its inception, among all age groups and not just the youngsters. We hope that grand event will be helpful in creating new World Citizens and World Leaders. We take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Vineeta Kamran, Principal, CMS Kanpur Road Campus and her entire team for successfully conducting the previous 4 editions of ISCPL under her able leadership. We also wish her and her entire team a grand success for the 5th International Schools Cricket Premier League.

With Regards,

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi