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I extend my best wishes to the International Council for School Cricket (ICSC) body for the untiring effort to unite the children of all nations at the platform of ISCPL, where they shall compete with each other in good sportsman spirit and shall learn a lot through exchange of ideas and culture, unifying them in strong brotherhood bonds beyond the barriers of land and cultures.

ISCPL is a step forward in a right direction as it is quite evident that in the schools of our country much focus is not given. With this type of tournaments students will not only inculcate more competitiveness and sportsmanship but would also develop move focused concentration power. ISCPL will provide an opportunity to the budding school cricket plyaers and will help them to show their respective talents.

I am confident that 5th ISCPL -2018 will be again a mega success like previous three editions of ISCPL. I extend my best wishes with appreciation to all the participating teams of ISCPL in 5th edition of ISCPL-2018. I am sure that City Montessori School will again do the same exemplary job as it had been doing for past three editions of ISCPL.


S. K. Agarwal
Director, Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA)