Letter of Invitation

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings and best regards from City Montessori School, Gomtinagar Extension, Lucknow, India.

City Montessori School, Gomtinagar Extension is enthused to announce the 4th Biennial International Environment Olympiad, 2019. We request your gracious presence and participation at the event. The IEO is a platform to instill and spread the firm resolve of preserving and protecting Nature for a prosperous and peaceful world. It is a celebration of the symbiotic bond between humans and Nature.

We are grateful to the participants of the previous IEO for giving us an opportunity to create a stimulating environment for expression and effective implementation of our aim to safeguard the environment. The 4th IEO would be a similar endeavor at inculcating the values, ethics and zeal of Nature protection and guardianship in young minds. As the selfless and ever patient Nature faces distress due to causes of our own making, it is high time that we come together as one to requite its benign embrace upon us all.

Let us invigorate each other in this conviction at the 4th IEO from 12th to 15th December, 2019.

We extend our invitation to all future friendly schools to send a team of 10 students (5 from junior section, classes VIII – X, 5 from senior section, classes XI-XII) to participate in the 4th IEO and renew our promise that we are not separate from Nature. As time goes on she will evolve but will we?

We extend a special invitation to the Principal of the participating school to grace the occasion as our Guest of Honour. We hope to receive your confirmation of participation by 10th October 2019 and the duly filled registration form by 15th October 2019.

Ms Manjit Batra
Convenor IEO
City Montessori School
Gomti Nagar Campus II
Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee
Co-Convenor IEO
City Montessori School
Gomti Nagar Campus II


Dr Jagdish Gandhi &
Dr Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Manager &

We are extremely happy that CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II is organizing the 4th International Environment Olympiad 2019 from 12-15 December 2019 where students of various countries of the world and various states of India will be participating...

Prof Geeta Kingdon


All good people and nations want to save the environment but the task seems so enormous, they wonder what to do and whether anything they may do individually will be effective. This confusion leads to a paralysis of will to act, especially since action requires sacrifice of consumption ...

Mr Roshan Gandhi Forouhi

Director of Strategy

Environmental degradation is a silent problem which develops gradually and almost invisibly, and yet it is one of the greatest crises faced by the world today, posing an existential threat to life as we know it. Careless actions towards the environment lead not only to long-term, world-wide shocks such as the melting ...

Ms Susmita Basu

Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department

‘No generation has a freehold on this Earth. All we have is life tenancy- with a full repairing lease’. These words have been very aptly said by Margaret Thatcher and define our temporary relationship with the natural environment...

Mrs. Sushama Rajkumar

Secretary IEO

The earth's natural assets are made up of plants, animals, land, water, the atmosphere AND humans! TOGETHER we all form part of the planet's ecosystem– together is perhaps the most important word here. Everything we do as humans affects the world we live in – we do not have limitless resources...


Rules & Regulations

Rules for Participation:

The event is being organized for students in two categories- Senior and Junior:
(a) The Junior level competitions are meant for students studying in classes VIII to X.
(b) Senior level for students of classes XI to XII.

Each team comprising 5 senior and 5 junior students must be accompanied by one teacher who will act as their team leader.

Names of the participants will not be changed after the registration form is submitted.

A registration form will be considered valid if it is complete in all respects and is duly forwarded by the head of the institution.

Participating institutions are requested to positively mention their telephone numbers, active and frequently used email addresses and their complete postal addresses in the Confirmation Form.

The organizers will provide accommodation to all out-station and international teams (maximum 10 participants and 1 accompanying teacher).

Participation fee for Outstation Teams is Rs. 1000 per person. No charges for accompanying Team Leaders. The registration fee is to be paid through a Demand Draft, payable at Lucknow favouring City Montessori School.


Time Lines:

Confirmation Forms must reach the organizers latest by 10th November 2019.

Registration Forms of all participating institutions must be submitted by 15th November, 2019.

Outstation participants will be required to send their complete travel details by 20th November, 2019 so that arrangements for their transport to and fro from the airport/railway station can be made.

All local teams must register themselves on 12th December 10:00 am at the Registration counter.

All teams must attend the inaugural ceremony to be held on 12th December and the prize distribution ceremony on 15th December, 2019 at the World Unity Convention Centre, City Montessori School, Kanpur Road, Lucknow


Queries +91-522-2990607, or 9918044438 during working hours.

International participants must contact the convenor/secretary immediately upon their arrival in India.

All outstation teams must attend the press conference and photo session to be held on 12th December 2019, at 1:30 pm and are required to schedule their travel plans accordingly.

We cordially invite all Principals to grace the event.

All valuables eg. Jewellery, cameras, IPods, mobile phones, etc. will be the responsibility of the owner /team leader. The organizers will NOT be accountable for the loss of any of these articles or their likes.

Participating teams should carry their school flags to the inaugural ceremony.

Outstation teams will not be permitted to leave the premises during the competition days

The teams must carry their own articles and requirements for the competitions.

School Uniform and IEO identification badges must be worn for all competitions, except in events where costumes are necessary.

Team leaders must ensure that punctuality and discipline are maintained at all times.

Wake-up announcements will be made at 6:00 am.

Every morning the day will begin with the assembly, which is to be compulsorily attended by all participants and leaders, as it will confirm their daily attendance.

All team leaders must adhere to the time schedule and ensure that their presence is acknowledged 20 minutes prior to the commencement of the event.

Team leaders must ensure that the teams stay back till the end of all performances, as it will encourage others and instil positive feelings of friendship and respect.

A child will not be allowed to participate in two events being held at the same time.

Adherence to the given theme is mandatory and must be followed thoroughly. A diversion is allowed only where the competitions are not theme oriented.


Boarding and lodging will be at our international students’ hostel at CMS, Kanpur Road, Lucknow.

Facilities available to all outstation participants will include:
(a) Round the clock paid public call booths offering local, STD, ISD and e-mail services.
(b) First –Aid at the venue.
(c) Arrangement for washing and ironing of clothes.


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Contact Us

International Environment Olympiad
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1/7 Vardhan Khand, Phase II,
Gomtinagar, Lucknow - INDIA
Phone: +91 522 2990607 / 08, +91-9918044438
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Mrs. Sushama Rajkumar
Secretary IEO
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