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Dear Academicians, Administrators, Professionals, Executives, Students & Teachers

The 14th International Convention on Students' Quality Control Circles (ICSQCC 2011) organised by CMS, in December 2011, has proved to be a landmark in the History of QCC Movement. The convention aimed at focussing on the need to adopt QCCs as an integral part of academics. It strongly underlined the need to empower the students so that they can find solutions to their problems, develop analytical skills, foster team work, channelise their creative potentials and develop a win-win attitude in order to meet the demands of the new millennium.

The convention generated tremendous response with as many as 3000 delegates from 20 nations participating in informative presentations, though-provoking deliberations and interesting competitions in various streams. The participants belonged to all walks of life viz. industries, business houses, organisations and student delegates from over 200 educational institutions from India and abroad. The event provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to meet one another for exchanging experiences and ideas to establish communication links for mutual benefit in bringing about quality improvement. The 17th ICSQCC 2014 is being organized in London, U.K. which will surely prove to be yet another milestone in the history of the SQCC Movement.

The last few decades of the last century have seen drastic changes in global relationships. A new world order governed by trade, commerce and industrial development is in the offing. The nations are now competing with each other to attain quality leadership which will be the sole arbiter. Quality in any sphere can be ensured only by persons committed to it. The quality empowerment process, as a mass movement will include creating a culture from the grass roots level to the highest echelons of society wherein every one does one's job to the best of one's ability and takes pride in it. Quality is not only words. It is people who can walk the talk, it is about quality people.

Quality people are not a matter of chance but a constant and conscious effort has to be made to groom them. The people with commitment, positive outlook, leadership abilities and a desire to excel have to be trained from the beginning with quality consciousness as their second nature. City Montessori School has tried to answer the changing needs by adopting innovative ideas and by contributing to the SQCC movement not only by imparting formal education but also by shaping the attitudes and personalities of its pupils. Infact, education needs an expanded definition. We do not need mere academic excellence, we also need value based education.

True education is training of both the Head and the Heart. If we want to build character in our Schools, Offices, Homes and Society, we must achieve moral and ethical literacy. Education that builds fundamental traits of character, spirit of teamwork, unity, honesty, compassion, courage, positive attitude is absolutely essential. It is here that empowerment programmes like QCCs have tremendous potential and scope to shape the attitudes, habits and personalities of the children and make them total quality people, total quality citizens and total quality human beings. In fact QCCs, as an integral part of TQM, can make our education system more meaningful and purposeful and enable the citizens of tomorrow to become conscious and active agents of change for building a new world order.

With the school motto of JAI JAGAT (Glory to the World) and the philosophy of VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM (The earth is but one family) as the guiding principle, CMS has been trying to share its vision of education with like-minded and progressive educationists like you. CMS upholds that the school must act as a lighthouse of society for providing meaningful education, spiritual direction and leadership to teachers, students, parents and society and concern itself with the affairs of the age. In this age, the maladies of society are its godlessness, its ignorance, its confusions and its conflicts. The purpose of today's education should be the redemption of mankind from these maladies. At all international events of CMS, mornings and evenings are reserved for moral and spiritual nourishment of all the contestants, while during the day keen intellectual deliberations take place.

On behalf of the organisers of ICSQCC-2013, we cordially invite you to take part in this historic event. ICSQCC - 2013 is a must for all those who think students are the most precious asset we have and who want to contribute to and share their vision, ideas and methodology for the development and growth of students as Quality Citizens. Let us all join hands to make this movement a success.
Preference in acceptance of entries will be given to the teams of the schools and colleges whose Principals accompany them. Entries of other teams from the schools and colleges not accompanied by their Principals will thereafter be accepted on first come, first served basis.

Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran
Convenor, ICSQCC 2013 & Principal
City Montessori School & Degree College
Lucknow, India
Phone: +91-522-2435342, 2435690
Fax : +91-522-2435690, 2638008