The paper presentation should be based on the theme of the conference:

The 21st Century Learner
Curriculum for Creative and Critical Thinking Leadership and Collaborative Learning Education for Global Citizenship Blended Learning
Promoting innovations in curriculum development and pedagogy. Curriculum that is not just knowledge based, but implies application of knowledge and develops higher order thinking skills. This will lead to enhancement of creativity and development of critical thinking.

The focus is increasingly on shared tasks that automatically generates team spirit. Learning together widens perspectives and consolidates diversity into a multidimensional vision. This goes on to lay the foundation of sound leadership qualities.

In an ever changing world which is shaped by multiple opinions and new ideas from across the world, it is significant that education prepares all for global citizenship. The education acknowledges that life is much more than picking differences among races, cultures and religions, man has formed over time. It is important to break the divisive boundaries and prepare the future generations for world citizenship. In today's world of hyper connectivity, learning would be out of place if not embedded in the bedrock of digital literacy. Combined with this, skill of clear and precise communication completes one's meaningful link with the rest of the world.
Curriculum for Creative and Critical Thinking
  1. An open-minded way of examining an idea
  2. Independently analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information
  3. Applying principles of logic in real life situations
  4. Process of purposeful, self-regulatory judgement.
Leadership and Collaborative Learning
  1. Clearly defined goals
  2. Diversity in ideas is celebrated
  3. Positive interdependence
  4. Keeping a fair amount of flexibility in the process of achieving the goals
  5. Developing conflict management skills
  6. Meeting challenges
  7. Teaching, learning and encouraging one another as a team.
Education for Global Citizenship
  1. Social Education aiming at developing a global perspective
  2. Preparing students to become global citizens
  3. To become agents of social transformation, proactive thinkers and leaders of thought and action
  4. Addressing global issues for a positive outcome
  5. Advocating policies and pragmatic solutions to local and global issues
  6. Celebrating diversity in art, culture and spiritual traditions.
Blended Learning
  1. Blending pedagogy and technology for active learning
  2. Redefining teachers' role
  3. Learners receive rapid response to specific questions and problems
  4. Implementation of technology to support learners and learning
  5. Developing a skill of clear and precise communication.
Paper Submission Guidelines
  1. Prospective presenters are encouraged to send their manuscript along with an abstract of the same to the ICPPP 2017 Secretariat latest by 29th October, 2016 at the following address or the email id given below: 

    Ms Susmita Basu                                OR            Email:
    ICPPP - 2017 Secretariat
    C/O Innovation Wing
    10C Station Road
    Lucknow – 226001
    Uttar Pradesh

  2. The manuscript should contain the title, complete presentation, its abstract (synopsis), short profile of the presenter and evidences to support the activity and its impact in the form of photographs, video logs, etc.

  3. Each presentation should be supported by practical evidences (both of implementation in your classroom and its positive and discernible impact on your children).

  4. The presentation must be in English, the official language of the conference.

  5. One entry can have a maximum of two authors per paper.

  6. A participant can be an author in more than one entry. However, only one entry based on a particular sub theme will be accepted.

  7. The papers which will be received by the last date of submission would be scrutinized at the ICPPP Secretariat and the shortlisted presenters would be informed in advance to present it at the conference.

  8. The shortlisted presentations will be judged by an International Jury at the ICPPP 2017 who would select the best presentations on 4th February, 2017 and the winners will be awarded on 5th February, 2017.
Paper Presentation Guidelines (on 4th February, 2017)
  1. The selected potential presenters need to be well prepared for their presentation with a hard and a soft copy of the same on the day of the presentation (4th February, 2017).

  2. Five minutes will be given for each paper presentation followed by two minutes for an interactive session in which queries put forth would be addressed, if any.

  3. There will be two bells, one after four minutes indicating only one minute is left to complete the presentation and the final bell at the end of five minutes.

  4. The paper presentation to be held on 4th February, 2017 will be judged by an International Jury and the winners will be awarded at the award ceremony on 5th February, 2017.

  5. The winners will also be given an opportunity to do a five minute presentation on the stage just before the award ceremony on 5th February, 2017.

  6. It is mandatory for the author / presenter to make the presentation in person and take the questions of the jury, if shortlisted.

  7. The jury's decision will be final and binding.  
CMS Vision: CMS vision is to nurture visionary leaders and proactive world citizens committed to work for world peace and unity. CMS Mission: CMS mission is to inspire every child to become both good and smart,
a gift of God to mankind, a pride of the human race, and the potential light of the world.

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