At CMS, value based education provides each child with a spiritual foundation for his / her activities, be it academic, physical, social, or eventually professional.

It demands awareness of the interdependence of all things among the cultures, traditions and religions represented by each child for the establishment of a peaceful society. CMS promotes student academic exchange programmes and organizes 30 International events every year.

Education is a continuous and creative process that brings out the vast potential inherent in each child. Recognition of academic excellence and individual encouragement stimulates positive learning patterns.
The school teaches eloquence of speech as a trait of excellence in education and children receive extra attention to develop clarity of expression and eloquence.
The purpose of education is to prepare for a life of service to the family, the community and the world. CMS encourages service at the world level through its education by stressing the dignity of labour and that no job is beneath a person. An attitude of service is encouraged. CMS supports ecological sensitivity.
CMS Vision: CMS vision is to nurture visionary leaders and proactive world citizens committed to work for world peace and unity. CMS Mission: CMS mission is to inspire every child to become both good and smart,
a gift of God to mankind, a pride of the human race, and the potential light of the world.

CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL, 10-C, Station Road, Lucknow, UP, INDIA
Tel: (0522) 2638301, 2638733, 2638606 / 738 Extn. 228, 214
http://www.cmseducation.org, email: icppp@cmseducation.org