Report of 3rd ICFF


CMS Films & Radio Division organised the 3rd International Children's Film Festival (ICFF)-2011 beginning 5th April till 11th April 2011. The seven day festival bonanza was a beautiful journey through screening of Children's Films that had come from the filmmakers from around the world and the regional filmmakers from India.

Films as a powerful audio – visual medium, play a pivotal role in moulding and influencing the society and has been proved world over as a very effective aid in bringing home a point. Pained by the eroding values and an alien culture seeping in through contemporary cinema, fouling the minds of the young and the old alike; the Founders of CMS Drs. Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi, conceived the idea of holding Film Festival for children. As a lighthouse of society, it is the social responsibility of a modern school to stimulate the minds of the city folks and sensitize them towards unnecessary violence, immorality, vulgarity that is being perpetrated in the society through cinema, corrupting the young and impressionable minds.

City Montessori School, Lucknow India, in response to an apparent lack of expression in the millennial generation to question the conventional and inspire innovative thinking, has established its own Children's Films Production house called the 'Jai Jagat Films' on the concept of extended education, out of the four walls of the classrooms to bring about social transformation.

It is felt that this generation is looking for a purpose, looking for the realization of 'Global Citizenship' and CMS education is preparing children for Decision Making Global Careers, Decision Making Global Professions, Decision Making Global Positions to make them leaders of mankind. Cinema is the language of dreams understood and immensely enjoyed by all of us, cutting across boundaries of nations, communities, caste and creed.

City Montessori School, perhaps, is the only school in the world today that has taken up this daunting challenge of organizing the International Children's Film Festival to create a climate of encouragement in the home, classroom and society that will result in every child becoming a self-motivated agent of social transformation.

The 3rd International Children's Film Festival was for World Unity and World Peace, and a clear vision of a greater peaceful and united world of tomorrow through our future leaders the children of today.