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Founders of City Montessori School Lucknow, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi were fortunate enough to be entrusted with this responsibility of social development in the year 2005 by the Government of India. Though the task seemed mammoth initially, the school, through its radio channel – CMS COMMUNITY RADIO – has made positive and constructive strides in the past three years. Since the efforts made were in all earnest and the purpose was guided by a sincere and vision, the journey is beginning to yield positive results.

1st July 2005 RED LETTER DAY FOR CMS, HISTORY CREATED Shri Arjun Singh, Union Minister for Human Resources Development inaugurated CITY’S FIRST Community Radio Station at Gomti Nagar. THE CMS CRS 90.4MHz on 23rd JULY 2005 Honb’le Shri Jaipal Reddy, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting inaugurated of CMS Community Radio Station at CMS Degree College, Kanpur Road .

An initiative of the government of India, community radio aims at giving “Voice to the voiceless”. What is unique about community radio is the fact that it aims to uplift the community by seeking their participation. Thus, it’s an inclusive medium and not an exclusive.

Over the last four years, CMS Community Radio has laid focus on issues, which are of daily concern to a common man. Be it health, employment, food and nutrition, CMS Community radio through its team of dedicated and diligent members has addressed the needs of the people with a wide spectrum of programmes. Needless to say, the channel is more of a voice of people rather than being anything else. And our main source of inspiration is the enthusiastic response of the community members towards our zealous endeavours.

Being based in an urban city like Lucknow, CMSCRS focused its eyes on a few villages located on the seam of the city. These are Makdoompur, Ashraf Nagar (Sapera Basti), Lalaikhera, Malhaur, Khadgapur and Lonapur. All these villages are comparatively backward and lack in most basic amenities. Representing typical face of the rural India, it was not easy to strike an immediate chord with them. It was after much persuasion and conviction that the residents of these villages opened up to the idea of community radio. This was followed by a vigorous campaign by the CMS Community radio team to create awareness on diverse issues.

First, a comprehensive interaction was conducted with the villagers and a detailed list of their problems and concerns was prepared. Based on these and the subsequent research, an array of programmes were prepared with the participation of these villagers. Apprehensive at first, however, their fears dispelled as they became more and more familiar with mikes, headphones, studio etc.


In order to facilitate the community to listen to the programmes prepared specially for them, radio sets were also distributed in the villages. This not only enabled them to hear there own voices on the radio but also instilled in them confidence and strengthened their relationship with the Community radio.

An array of programs, thus, stemmed in from their requirements. In addition to the series of programmes prepared on the health issues of the community members, a HEALTH CAMP was also organized by the CMS CRS team in the Malhaur village.

In order to bring out community talents, a MEHENDI COMPETITION was organized in the community area of CMS CRS. Girls and women in large number participated in the event and this facilitated in instilling confidence among them. Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager of CMS went to the community and encouraged them.

A CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST was also organized for the free expression of the kids in a community school. Active participation of the children in the contest made the event a great success. CMS CRS organized a Samudaik Sangoshthi in Makdoompur.

Organized the Regional Consultaion for Community Radios in November 2007. The station in its regular practice organizes various workshops and events for community welfare..

The range of programmes varied from those on agriculture and employment to ones on health and education. Community radio provided the oblivious villagers to seek direct answers from the experts of respective fields. What used to be Herculean task earlier now became simplified. Now the CMS community radio has offered an easy solution to the villagers.

It is not possible to give a detailed description of all the programmes undertaken by CMS Community Radio. Therefore, we will just give you a brief purview of our programmes catering to needs and problems faced by the community members

It is said, “Children are like cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” Keeping this in view, CMS CRS celebrated Children’ Day amongst the community kids. A puppet show was organized in the Sapera Basti which aimed at highlighting the significance of 14th Nov among the kids. A talent show for kids was also a part of the event wherein the children of the community participated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Thus community radio is beginning to gain ground and achieving the very purpose with which it was launched. What is most significant is that the community has extended a positive response towards it. Earlier, radio had a one-way system of communication; wherein one side comprised a speaker while the other had listeners. However, this no longer holds true for community radio wherein the listener too has become a speaker.


The efforts of CMS CRS were realized when the Department of Science & Technology bestowed the CRS with the project Planet Earth.

The CRS is recognized as the internship center for the certificate course in community radio initiated by IGNOU CMSCRS NOMINATED FOR UNESCO IPDC prize for rural communication 2009

On the invitation of Director General UNESCO CMS CRS has submitted its candidature for the UNESCO IPDC prize for rural communication 2009. The nomination has been recommended by the National Commission of UNESCO in India.

On the basis of the Baseline Study and Capacity Building workshop Conducted by DST and CEMCA in June 2005 CMS CRS has been awarded with the project Planet Earth of the Department of Science and Technology.

  • Seeing to the active participation of CMS-CRS in the rural community letters of appreciation have been received from
  • Gram Pradhan Malhaur Smt Munni Devi
  • Gram Pradhan Maqdoompur Shri Divesh Kumar Yadav
  • CMO Lucknow Dr Shir A.K.Shukla
  • Chef guest of the HEALTH CAMP 'Mahila and Bal Swasthya Shivir'.


Head of Department : Mr Varghese Kurian

A very efficient team of enthusiastic persons under the able guidance of Mr Varghese Kurian manage the work of CMS Community Radio Station. The schedule of programmes to be broadcast for one month is prepared in advance. The day of the CR team begins with a meeting with the Head of the Department. CMS Community Radio 90.4 MHz is working towards the promotion of broadcast of Radio Programmes focused on rural community development.

  • Mr. R.K. Singh
  • Mr. Ravindra Tripathi
  • Ms. Kusha Khurana
  • Mrs. Soma Ghosh
  • Mr. Koshy George
  • Mrs. Shilpi Srivastava
  • Mr Kartikeya Roy
  • Mr. Madan Singh Bisht
  • Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi