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Through this section, you will come to know about the global exposure efforts of CMS that helps instill in its students, teachers, staff and even the school management including principals, the welcome and much-needed qualities of global citizenship.

A global citizen is expected to have a global outlook that tends to reach out to international communities in order to share thoughts and feelings that build long-lasting friendships. Broadly, s/he is expected to: be sensitive to international issues; be respectful towards cultural differences that mark human existence on this planet; be ever ready to learn new things that help in personal and professional growth; be persistent in encouraging the human race to care for all classes of its members on any part of the planet and; be empathetic to the survival and existence of earth’s flora and fauna that add colour to life as we know on this planet.

Global exposure at CMS thus seeks to empower every person related to CMS with the unique responsibility of being a global citizen - both in thought and action.

With this in mind, every year CMS delegations take part in international conferences, seminars, Olympiads and competitions. This represents a chance to instill the values of global citizenship in them and further strengthen them with action and interaction with their fellow global citizens around the world.

At the same time, through such visits they get a chance to build quality cross-border and inter-continental friendships that vastly enhances their appreciation for each other’s uniquely different, yet absorbing attitudes and differences.

Whether it is culture, lifestyle, entertainment or work ethic - each such visit to a foreign country enhances understanding and broadens the mental horizon.

CMS delegations have visited a number of countries like:


China Hong Kong
Indonesia Japan
Korea Mauritius


Sri Lanka
Taiwan   Thailand  
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