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  February, 2006

CMS Decade of Meaningful Education (2001-2010)

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Unity of Hearts

CMS Tableau based on the ‘Unity of Hearts,’ making an emotional appeal of uniting the world with the cord of unity through a touching song “Ek Karde Hriday Apne Sewakon Ke He Prabhu,” adorned the roads of Lucknow at this year’s Republic Day Parade. The making of tableau involved more than 50 engineers, artists, painters, carpenters and workmen at the CMS Degree College, Kanpur Road. In the centre of the tableau, a group of girls of CMS, Station Road namely Priyanka Tiwari, Sukriti Mishra, Nousheen Siddiqui, Shivangi Mishra, Shrishti Mishra, Jerry Simran, Kritika Bansal, Monika Mishra, Saumya Verma and Pallavi Wadhava were seen dancing on the inspiring tableau song ‘Ek Karde Hriday Apne Sewakon Ke Hey Prabhu.’ This is an appeal on behalf of all the CMS students to the Heads of State of all nations to tread the path of peace and unity.

The front portion of the tableau conveyed the Divine message that whenever there is breakdown of law and order and a rise of negative forces of evil, hatred, bloodshed and tyranny, then the God Almighty sends his Avatars or Manifestations as Ram, Krishna, Mohammed, Jesus Christ to re-establish the rule of law and righteousness and put an end to the conflict and chaos on earth.

The middle part of the tableau showed a group of CMS children dancing to the tune of the song “Ek Kar De Hriday Apne Sewakon Ke Hey Prabhu” and thus imparting the message of World Unity by praying to the Almighty to create Unity of Hearts amongst mankind. In the centre, a small boy was seen holding the globe in his hands with the message “One day, I will unite the world” written over it. The rear end of the tableau showed the model of a World Parliament with representatives from all the countries of the world. The leaders representing different countries were discussing global problems and planning on how to make a peaceful and prosperous earth which can ensure a safe and secure future for the world’s two billion children. The World Parliament has no Veto Powers and is based on equality of the human race. The impressive view of World Parliament inspires every citizen of India to work towards World Unity and World Peace by showing loyalty to the Constitution of India and adopting the provisions of Article 51 of the Constitution of India, on this auspicious occasion of Republic Day.

This Republic Day Tableau of CMS based on the ideal of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” (the earth is but one family) was dedicated to all humanity especially to children and youth. If it succeeds in inspiring even one citizen to resolve “I will try to save mankind burning in the fire of hatred and work for World Unity and World Peace”, then the tableau will have realized its aim and we will get the fruits of CMS students’ efforts.