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General Guidelines

The teams must comply with the essence of the following points:

  1. The event is being organized for students in two categories: Primary and Junior.
  2. Primary level competitions are meant for students studying in classes III to V.
  3.  Junior level for students studying in classes VI to VIII.
  4. Each team must comprise of 5 students from the Primary and 5 students from the Junior section, respectively.
  5. Schools operating as more than one campus are requested to ensure that they send only one team per school, comprising of the above mentioned number of participants. The organizers will accept only one team per school.
  6. Each team must be accompanied by two team leaders.
  7. All Principals are cordially invited as our special Guest of Honour with the benefits of a complimentary stay, as a gesture of gratitude for gracing the occasion with their benign presence.
  8.  The organizers will provide free accommodation to all out-station and International teams during the competition days at our International Students’ Hostel at CMS Kanpur Road, Lucknow.
  9. The facilities provided to all out-station and international  teams, apart from Board and lodge, will include the following:
    1. Round the clock paid communication services, offering public call booth local, STD, ISD, E-mail services and Wi-Fi facility.
    2. Primary First-Aid at the venue of event.
    3. A shopping tour.
  10. A nominal registration fee of the following denominations will be charged per head from all student participants  and team leaders
    1. International teams - $15 per person (to be paid in person at the time of registration).
    2. Out-station Teams – Rupees One Thousand, per person (to be paid as a Demand Draft).
    3. Local teams – Rupees Five Hundred, per person (to be paid as a Demand Draft).
  11. The Demand Draft prepared by the out-station and national teams must be in favour of City Montessori School, Lucknow.
  12. The letter of Confirmation of Participation must be duly filled and sent well in time to reach us by 16th August, 2018.
  13. Participating teams are requested to fill only their active telephone numbers, frequently used E-mail addresses and their complete postal address in the letter of Confirmation of Participation.
  14. Registration form must reach the organizers latest by 16th September, 2018.
  15. Names of the participants will not be changed once the Registration form is received and recorded.
  16. A Registration Form will be considered authentic and valid only if it is complete in all aspects and is duly forwarded by the head of the institution.
  17. International and out-station teams are required to send their completed Travel Details Form latest by 26th September, 2018, so that adequate transport arrangements can be made.
  18. International teams must remain in constant touch with the organizers and must establish contact with the Convener, immediately upon their arrival in India.
  19. In case of Visa clearance the International Teams must send their names, addresses, passport details well in advance (30-40 days prior to their date of travelling).
  20. All local teams must get themselves registered on Saturday, 15th October, 2018 at 9:00 am, at the Registration Counter, at CMS Kanpur Road, Lucknow,
  21. The National and International teams will be registered upon arrival.
  22. All International and Out-station teams must attend the press conference and photo session to be held on 16th October, 2018, at 1:30 pm are therefore required to schedule their travel plans accordingly.
  23. All teams must attend the Inaugural Ceremony to be held on 16th October, 2018 at the World Unity Convention Centre, City Montessori School, Kanpur Road, Lucknow.
  24. Participating schools must carry their school flags for the inaugural ceremony.
  25. A student will not be enrolled for two events happening at the same time.
  26. A student must carry their own articles and requirements for the competitions.
  27. Adherence to a given theme to a particular competition is mandatory and must be followed thoroughly. A diversion is allowed only where the competitions are not thematic.
  28. School uniform and Eureka identification badges must be worn for all competitions, except Footloose.
  29. Add-ons may be worn on top of the school uniform to enhance performance but may be done only for the competitions where the rules state so.  
  30. All International and out-station teams are requested to come prepared to present a cultural item on 17th October, 2018, at Gomti Nagar Campus II. This presentation will be a friendly competition and will carry awards and certificates based on the merits acquired but these merits earned will not be added to the total marks obtained by teams.
  31. All queries concerning Eureka International 2018 are welcome on +91-522-2963525, 2455332, 2458714 or at & 
  32. The Convener unquestionably reserves all rights and authority to exercise her discretion, as and when required.