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Message from the Founders

Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager &
Dr Bharti Gandhi,
City Montessori School

We are happy that Anand Nagar campus is organizing Eureka International from 25 to 28 November, 2018. We applaud your sincere efforts of promoting the most important subject of CHILD Welfare.

The purpose of today's education should be the balanced development of all three realities of life, i.e., material, human and divine. It is our endeavour to make every child a Total Quality Person (TQP) and a Total Quality Manager (TQM). Preparing and nurturing children as future world citizens, is the need of the hour. When children are in their formative stage, the impact of such events is tremendous and long lasting. At this stage, children are willing to learn and are most receptive to messages communicated to them. Recognizing this potential, Eureka International is designed not only to focus on Child Welfare , but also to build an emotional bond between children and society and the world at large, so that the society can take care of its children and ensure their well being. Events like debate competitions, poster and slogan making, dance & music competitions, paper presentations, Quiz, Collage making, etc., will help students to improve and develop their overall knowledge, skills and confidence.

As in the past, Eureka this year too promises to be one of the greatest educational experiences for our children to bring out their hidden talents.

We wish you, your staff and students of CMS Anand Nagar and parents all the very best for the success of Eureka International, as a vehicle for the nurture of students beyond the confines of a classroom and for inspiring children to become future world citizens and world leaders.