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Message from the Coordinator

Child Rights- The World: Blissfully Yours

……….a Sequel to, what’s Rightfully Yours.

Child Rights and the World

Mr Ashish John Benjamin, Coordinator- Eureka International

Mr Ashish John Benjamin
Coordinator - Eureka International

Drawing a deep breath on the fresh air around us, sinking in every vision visible that elucidates the ambience of the magnificence of nature, while holding the hands of the dearest to our heart and cherishing every moment from childhood to the present has maybe never ever troubled us to look beyond the image that silhouettes the person called ‘ME’. Words though come easily but are very parsimonious in allowing passage to deeds to traverse through the portals of aspiration into the world of reality. Why ‘Me’ always stands before ‘We’ and obstructs our vision to witness the beauty of ‘UNITY’.

Contentment is sought in discontentment, peace is no more attained but is tried to be snatched from the hands of opportunity and philanthropy is lost in the yellow pages of time, but no matter how morose and melancholic the headlines may read, hope still hangs on with desperation onto the hands of time, looking for some reformation, maybe a little smile so contagious that would resuscitate innocence back to life.

The smiles of the generations past has waned with weariness and maybe is calloused with the cares and toils of living but the corner of their eyes still wait in anticipation to be wrinkled with joy, waiting for a change through the hands of the on-marching generation, whose dreams are larger than reality and aspirations wider than the horizon.

Over the years, we through Eureka have tried to mirror the framework of Justice and equality to its very core and have created a platform for students to participate and appreciate the privileges that life brings their way and the joy of sharing with the lesser privileged.

Eureka does not believe in exhibiting pretentious long promises that stand on sandy grounds but believes in walking the talk and living the dream, for playing possum is not the answer to deal with the elephant in the room.

So the question arises, does organizing a series of competitions in any way help the situation?

Our conviction is that the remedy lies in the present and the cure for the future is held by these citizens of tomorrow, so that the soil that nurtures the abundance of tomorrow must be made fertile today for a healthy harvest. The purpose of organizing these series of competitions is to sensitize the mind of these young ones to bring a change in the socio-economic condition everywhere they go, every place they live in and everyone they meet.

This humble endeavour seeks the support of every heart and mind that proudly holds the privilege of being a human and appreciates the value of the lives of the 2.2 billion children of the world.