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Code of Ethics

The teams must comply with the essence of the following points:

  1. The team leaders will be a hundred percent responsible for the behavior of their team members.

  2. The safety of the team members will entirely be the responsibility of the accompanying team leaders.

  3. To know the whereabouts of the team members during the competition days will be the sole responsibility of the team leader.

  4. Safeguarding the structure of the venue of event and all property, moveable and immoveable, will be the responsibility of the team leaders and their team members.

  5. Any damage occurring due to the negligence or irresponsible behavior of any team will unfortunately discredit the reputation of the institution and will also fetch disciplinary action against that particular team.

  6. Adherence to the norms of discipline must be shouldered by each participating student member and team leader.

  7. The Prayer Assembly must compulsorily be attended by all student participants and the team leaders as it will ensure their attendance. Their failure in doing so will be accountable for their being marked as absent.

  8. The presence of each registered participant and team leader throughout all days of the event is mandatory.

  9. All team leaders must ensure that the presence of their team is acknowledged 20 minutes prior to the commencement of each competition.

  10. The participants will not be allowed to visit their rooms during the time of any ongoing competition.

  11. Team leaders must ensure that their teams stay back till the end of all performances/competitions, as it will encourage others and instill positive feelings of friendship and respect.

  12. Visitors will not be allowed to meet the participants and team leaders unless the team leader carries a letter of permission from the Head of his\her institution for the same.

  13. The organizers have planned a specific date, venue and duration for the participating teams to go for shopping and will be much obliged if none of the team members or leaders approach for permission to go visiting/ shopping apart from the scheduled venue.

  14. All valuables viz. jewelry, cameras, I-pods, laptops, I-pads, mobile phones and musical instruments will be the sole resposibility of the owner/ team leader. The organizers are NOT accountable for the loss of any of these articles or their likes.

The Convener reserves all rights and authority to exercise her discretion, as and when required.

The above mentioned points have been drafted keeping in mind the safety of all teams and the smooth functioning of the event and we look forward to your kind support and compliance.