October 2016 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators Meeting held on
Friday, 28 October 2016 at 12:30PM
Venue: Lower Basement Hall No. 6, WUCC, Kanpur Road

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Friday, 28th October 2016. Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building, chaired the meeting and welcomed all the coordinators as well as the Eco club members (students) of Chowk Campus.

The meeting started with a prayer. Mrs Farida Vahedi welcomed the students (Eco club members) of Chowk Campus and all the coordinators.
Following are the highlights of the meeting:

  1. Report from Eco Club members of Chowk Campus  & their coordinator:


They shared their report as follows:

Rudra Rastogi and Ayaan:  Both of them are members of CMS Chowk Eco Club which consists of 39 members. The activities carried out by the Eco Club inspire everyone to help Mother Earth. All the members get together every Saturday afternoons during the last period, make weekly plans and carry out accordingly. The first week of October was celebrated as the Wildlife Conservation Week by the primary students. In this week the students were informed about the flora and fauna of the wild and the endangered species of the same. Students were told about the various drives being run for the conservation of the wild life and the role they can play in the conservation of the wild life. In the second week of the month students were informed how they can make Diwali pollution free. They were taught about both air and noise pollution in this regard.    Students were also asked to make a chart based on the air pollution and its hazards. On the eve of WORLD FOOD DAY i.e. 16th October the students were informed about the ORGANIC FOOD and its benefits. Students participated in a discussion about effects of chemicals on our health and how the organic food is safe for human life.
Report of Chowk campus prepared by Mr Jainendra Verma was then shown.

  1. Reports from other campuses:

Aliganj I: Around 30 teachers took part in presenting their views on the Importance of Ozone layer at Regional  Science Center, where eminent guest Mr.CM Nautiyal a Scientist and director of Environment witnessed the ppt. Mr. Kailash Keswani’s powerpoint presentation won the first prize. Vihit Singh and Suhasini Ghosh were chosen as green Ambassadors during Investiture ceremony. 120 students have registered for Silver Zone G.K. Olympiad to be held in the month of December 2016.

Aliganj II: All the international days were very enthusiastically celebrated. Dusshera, Daan utsav, ENO Planting Day, First Aid Day, Global hand washing Day, International Day of Eradication of Poverty, International Day of Girl Child, International Day of peace, International Literacy Day, Ozone Day, UN Day, World Citizen Day, World Heart Day, World Teachers Day, etc were all observed in the campus.

Anand Nagar: World Habitat Day was celebrated on October 3.  More than 30 years ago, the United Nations       General Assembly took an important step in promoting the idea that everyone deserves a decent place to live by declaring that the first Monday in October would be World Habitat Day. Through a talk show, students were informed about the importance of this day and they pledged to add a voice to support affordable housing to everyone, which could help families achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build better lives for themselves. International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction was observed on October 13.  A speech was given during the morning assembly to educate and spread awareness in order to encourage every citizen and government to take part in building more disaster resilient communities and nations. The International Day of Older Persons was observed on October 1. Students and Staff of Anand Nagar campus pledged to respect and serve the elderly. Children of Pre primary learned the importance of avoiding wastage of food.

Asharfabad: From 1-7 September The National Nutritional Week was observed.  Healthy tiffins were bought; pictures of nutritious food were drawn & colored by pre-primary.  International Day of Peace was observed and different competitions like Poster making, Slogan writing, Dove making, Palm printing etc were organized. Promises were written on handprints to establish peace. International Day of Senior Citizens was observed through Skit and Multimedia. On World Post Day, primary students visited Post office, posted postcards with messages written to save environment, model of Post office was made.  Dussehra was celebrated, skit and videos on importance of triumph of good over evil was shown to the students. International Day of Girl Child, World Food Day, Global Handwashing Day, International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer, Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day, etc were also observed.

Gomti Nagar I: With great enthusiasm and fervor the Pre Primary and Primary children witnessed the burning of Ravana’s effigy in the basketball court of the campus on October 8th. The children of Preprimary came dressed in traditional Indian Dresses enjoying the aura of festivities and zest. The children played keen and enthralled spectators to the whole exercise. Pre Primary section celebrated the International Senior Citizen Day on October 3rd. Few grandparents who could find time came and became a part of this celebration. They shared their experience of life and narrated some stories. They also gave blessings to the Institution who is doing a social service and inculcating values in children. The children and the staff felt the warmth of their presence and pledged to contribute their best in this great social change and communal cause. The Pre Primary Section organized Table Top Cooking on October 15th. A dash of spice was added by making it an all Fathers activity rather than a Mothers activity rebuking the idea that the kitchen is a Feminine Domain. With winters on the door and Cold and Flu peeping inside every household Global Hand washing day was observed on October 15th. The children were told about the importance of personal hygiene laying great emphasis on hand wash .The fact that clean hands can mitigate various diseases was also highlighted. The children brought sanitizer to show they understood the relevance of the day. A special assembly was put up with various apt songs resonating around.

Gomti Nagar II: Eco club members conducted a plantation drive in an apartment nearby school on 10/9/2016, in which they planted saplings comprising Neem, Mango, Ashoka, Guava etc. It was a good experience for members of eco-club, as they come to know the importance of trees and plantation in nearby community. They are motivated to plant more trees, nurture them and save them. Wildlife Week is celebrated all over the country in the month of October from 2nd to 8th October every year with the view to preserve the fauna means the animal life of the India. The Indian Government has established an Indian Board of Wild Life which works to improve the awareness as well as the consciousness of the Indian people towards the wildlife preservation. On this noble cause, Zoo authority of Lucknow had organized many contests throughout the week. On 5th October, ten students of senior and junior section participated in poster making competition at Zoo.

Indira Nagar: In September, a Power Point Presentation on Ozone layer was shown in the assembly which was made and presented by Lakshya Sharma of class 8th C. Teachers of Montessori helped children to inculcate the habit of cleanliness through an activity of throwing garbage in a dustbin to celebrate the CLEANLINESS DAY. HAND WASHING WEEK was celebrated by taking children to the Regional Science Centre for a workshop and watching movies on cleanliness organized by HOPE FOUNDATION. In October, primary children conducted the special assembly on WORLD HABITAT DAY where they talk about different types of animals. Children participated in the poster competition at Regional Science Centre to celebrate Wild Life Week. Children participated in the poster competition on Environmental issues at UP tourism hall organized by Hope Foundation. Pulses and Stationary was distributed to the inmates of NIRVANA and SARASWATI SHISHU GRAH. On the occasion of World Food Day, children were asked to bring nutritious tiffin.

Jopling Road: As 2016 is declared as the International Year of Pulses (IYP), the campus organized many activities for the students to promote the awareness of pulses. PLANTING SEEDS OF URAD DAL SABUT was fun and educational experience for children and first initiative towards pulse promotion. The eco-club members very excitedly and carefully planted seeds of Urad dal sabut under the supervision of school gardener and teachers who imparted them the required knowledge for the activity.  This particular lentil was chosen because of its ongoing flowering season. The children have also taken the responsibility of taking care of the plants daily by watering them. Students were enlightened about multiple benefits of pulses. They took pledge for eating pulses. The students also prepared a display board highlighting the IYP Key messages and giving information on different kinds of pulses defined by FAO and attributes of pulses: health, nutrition and sustainability. DONATION OF PULSES BY PARENTS FOR THE NOBLE CAUSE- Since the Principal wanted the parents of the children to be a part of IYP, a letter was forwarded to them enclosing some valuable information on pulses and also requesting them to donate pulses for the poor and the needy. The parents generously donated for this noble cause and then the following two places were visited with the council members to donate pulses:Missionaries of charity, Prem Nivaas and Vijayshree foundation-Prasadam sewa in KGMC. The children also got the opportunity to serve food to the poor attendants of the patients at medical college. World Food Day was celebrated. Students took a pledge and had a pulses party also. Elders’ day was also observed whereby students took a pledge. Save water save life-panting competition by Groundwater Board and a detailed presentation on the 17 S D G's in the assembly was organized.

 Kanpur Road: In the month of September, five students of class 9 have taken selfies with safai karamcharies for Swachagrahi competition. Vidushi Rai of CMS Kanpur Road had grabbed one award out of top six winners all over India. She took selfie with Munni Ji and composed a poem on her work. In the month of October, activities on bio-diversity were organized.

Mahanagar I: Students of primary, junior and senior sections enthusiastically participated in various events organized by Regional Science City and Zoology Department of Lucknow University as a part of Wildlife Week Celebration from 1st to 7th October. They won many prizes. Students prepared thought provoking posters on the themes of eradication of poverty, food wastage, eco friendly Diwali and United Nations during Saturday hobby classes. World Food Day was celebrated.  Students pledged to prevent food wastage. International Day for Eradication of Poverty was celebrated on 17th October. Students gave a presentation on cause, impacts of poverty as well as ways of eradication of poverty.
Shivam verma and Dhruv Singh presented their innovative working model on production of energy by vehicles plying on road at district level science exhibition. They received lot of appreciation and first prize for their model.
More than 400 students participated in art competition organized by ICICI bank and made beautiful posters on the topics- Clean India, Digital India, Healthy family and environmental conservation.

Mahanagar II: The primary and pre primary kids observed World Handwashing Day. World Food Day was observed. 24th October was celebrated as United Nations Day. Posters were made by kids. Flags of the UN member nations were made by the children as an activity for the zero period. Quiz on the importance of UN day was taken up. Children were sensitized on having safe Diwali. World Ozone Day was celebrated. A special awareness creating assembly was organized by the senior students. Causes of ozone depletion were brought to the notice of all and ways to overcome depletion were highlighted. A speech contest was held. Respected Principal addressed the students on how reckless activities of humans lead to major environmental problems.

Mahanagar III: The students of Junior Section celebrated World Ozone Day on 16th September 2016. They decorated pin boards with the help of informative chart papers in a creative way. World Emission Day was celebrated on 21st September, 2016. The students displayed the importance of zero emission with the help of various handmade drawings and paintings and charts. Children celebrated Food Day on 16th October with a lot of enthusiasm. They made posters to generate awareness among people to stop food wastage. Also, signatures were taken by the students “Say no to food wastage”. The students also performed a skit on “Carbon footprint v/s Global Warming” in the model class presentation. The children demonstrated a skit which aimed at having a pollution free Diwali. The skit said “Say no to crackers”. It was performed not only in the assembly but also in the model class presentation.

RDSO: World Water Preservation Day, Ozone Layer Day, Clean up the World Day, World Water Preservation Day, World Environment Health Day, etc were observed in the campus. Cleanliness drive was organized on World Clean up Day. Many students prepared powerpoint presentations on Ozone Layer Day which was shown in the meeting and was appreciated by everyone.

RJPM I: The students from the junior section attended the International Vulture Awareness Day on 3rd September, 2016 organised by the Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Lab, Department Of Zoology, University Of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh State Board, Lucknow and Regional Science City, Aliganj, Lucknow. The students bagged the First, Second and Third Positions in the Quiz Competition in Group-A (Classes 5 to 8). They also attended the Wildlife Week organized by the same and students bagged Second and Third Positions in the Debate Competition in Group-A (Classes 5 to 8). The Topic of the debate was “Animal Dissection as a Part of Syllabus”. The Central Ground Water Board 7th School Level Painting Competition was conducted in the school where the three best paintings were selected and sent on the Topic “SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE”. The children from the Junior and senior section went for the HOPE INITIATIVE Painting Competition. The children from the Primary Section went for distributing food to the slum areas as an act of service. The children in the primary section made the Diwali Diyas and decorated them. The children celebrated the World Food Day where they were told the impact of the wastage of the food. In the assembly there was discussion on the topic related to food wastage and how it could be curbed.

RJPM II: In the month of October, the saplings of chili, tomatoes, brinjal and green beans were planted in the terrace garden. To sensitize the students about the ill effects of fire crackers, eco clubs members from class VI prepared a presentation titled "Say No to Crackers'. The presentation was shown to the students before Diwali Holidays.

RN II: Children participated in Wild Life Week at RSC Aliganj. Sariya Khan got Prize for Poster making and Slogan Writing. World Habitat Day was observed. The Eco members decorated the soft board and primary children did colouring activity on names of houses of animals. Juniors made mouth watering dishes like green salad fruit bonanza and sandwich exotica on the occasion of World Food Day. Children participated in a science exhibition on 15 October commemorating APJ Abdul Kalam Azad at Council for Science and Technology.
RN III: World Food Day was observed on 17-10-16. A conversation was held in the morning assembly on theme of World Food Day 2016 - “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” An activity "Ek muthi anaaj" was also conducted where all the children made contribution by giving rice and other food items which was later given to the needy. World Rabies Day was observed on 28-9-16. In the morning assembly the students were told that the World Rabies Day is a global health observance started to raise awareness about the burden of rabies and its prevention.
The children were told that we can prevent and control rabies by vaccinating pets and learn how to stay safe from the animals that commonly spread rabies. A multimedia was also shown to the children. Global Handwash Day was observed. Students were told about the importance of handwash through a small skit.
Station Road: In the month of September, senior eco club members visited Prem Niwas. They took some eatables and medicines and gave some song performance in front of them. They were very impressed by the kids and asked them to come again. Badges were given to the food ambassadors of each class. Students were sensitized on saving water and electricity by closing the fans and lights when not in use. Green walk by primary students to the zoo was organized, trying to make them aware of pollution free environment. In kids bonanza street play was organized on the Topic: Clean and Green. Interhouse debate competition was organized for junior section on the topic of Industrialization Is the Root Cause of the Environment Degradation. Vegetable plants like tomato and brinjal were planted.

  1. Air Pollution Questionnaire: As suggested in the last Environment Meeting, the Air Pollution Questionnaire was reduced to two pages and made simpler. It was shared with all the coordinators for their action by involving the members of their eco club and carrying forward this survey.


  1. Reports on website: As discussed in the last Environment Meeting, Mr. Alindra was called for his suggestions on how to upload the reports on the environment website at the campus level itself. Various suggestions were given and it was decided that Mrs. Vahedi will see if the IT coordinators of the campuses can help their respective environment coordinators in this matter.
  1. Dr. Eric Solheim’s report on “Faith and Environment”: The report was read by Mr. Gaurav Krishna of Rajajipuram I and later briefed and explained by Mrs. Vahedi.


  1. International Days of November: All the international days of November were discussed which will be celebrated in the campuses in the month of November.