March 2016 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators’ Meeting held on
Wednesday, 30 March 2016 at 12:30 PM
Venue: Board Room, 4th Floor, President’s Office, CMS, 11 Station Road.

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Wednesday, 30thMarch 2016. Mr. V.N. Garg, Director-Policy and Operations chaired and guided the discussions on the theme of Air Pollution. This session was extremely fruitful.
Following are the highlights of the meeting.

Eco club members of Rajajipuram-I campus, gave updates about the environment activities conducted in their campus in February and March. They have 60 members in their eco club.

Eco club members of Rajajipuram-II campus (Shreya Kakkar and Ananya Agrawal)


Station Road and Rajendra Nagar II requested for the material which will be sent to them through DAK.



All the coordinators are receiving a copy of Terra Green; Mrs Vahedi requested them to subscribe for Down To Earth as well.

Discussed and coordinators will take care of it.

Discussed and coordinators will consult with their Respected Principals and will let us know the response. They also requested if Mr. Dwivedi could be invited to explain the letter that he had sent about certification to the coordinators. To do so for the next meeting.

Office would also prepare articles on these topics. Coordinators were encouraged to opt for an event on 5th June if possible. Campuses could organize that jointly since it is summer holiday time.