February 2017 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators Meeting held on
Tuesday, 28  February 2017 at 12:30 PM
Venue: Board Room, 4th Floor, President’s Office, CMS, 11 Station Road

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Tuesday, 28th February 2017. Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building, chaired the meeting and welcomed all the coordinators. Mrs.Varalika Dubey enlightened the meeting with her presence

The meeting started with a prayer..Following are the highlights of the meeting:


 Reports were share by the following campuses:

Anand Nagar:
They  celebrated World Solidarity Day and children were spoken about the importance of the touch in families.

Kanpur Road:
They had Adhyayan Bio-Diversity Project. They made aquarium and also introduced the children to the farmers, spoke them about the importance of farming crops and the procedures of it.
They also started Wipro Water Project. And another project they had that is based on relationship of water, health, sanitization and economic prosperity. They also created an awareness among parents on open day in the month of April.

Station Road:
They share that like other monitors this time they have food monitor. There is one environment coordinator who looks after how to not waste food.
To see how much  consumption of electricity has been saved, they collected bills as it was noticed from head office. They also have sensitized all the support staff and had a meeting with them to get the campus cleaned.

Rajendra Nagar II:-
The coordinator of this campus expressed that in order to reduce the level of air pollution, children were suggested to take walk to the school instead of getting their vehicles as they live close by the campus. They also had one day as Salad Day.

Rajajipuram II:-
There are two Eco Clubs consisting of 10 members each. One club takes care of the electricity management and another group checks the wastage of other things.

They have done a lot for greenery at the campus. They have started making kitchen garden where they produce vegetables and fruits.

Aliganj I:-
This time they invited students to initiate a new project. There are some old monuments and students were called out to take care of the old monument. They had done twice.


Mrs Farida Vahedi also suggested that 4th Saturday, afternoon will be given for activities for JY and animators. Non-animators also can take part in the environmental activities.