August 2016 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators Meeting held on
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 at 12:30PM
Venue: Board Room, 4th Floor, President’s Office, CMS, 11 Station Road.

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Wednesday, 31st August 2016. Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building, chaired the meeting and welcomed all the coordinators as well as the Eco club members (students) of Asharfabad Campus.

The meeting started with a prayer. Mrs Farida Vahedi welcomed the students (Eco club members) of Asharfabad Campus and all the coordinators.
Following are the highlights of the meeting:

  1. Report from Eco Club members of Asharfabad Campus  & their coordinator:


 They shared their report as follows:

 Fatima Afzal: She represents CMS Asharfabad Eco Club which consists of 40 members. The members consult and decide plan of action of every month for the smooth functioning of the Club and they plan program in such a way that both students and the neighbouring communities get involved.

Yameena Abbas: In the month of August, they had carried out many activities such as showing  PPTs and documentaries, holding group discussions,  writing slogans. They also planted saplings at the terrace garden of the campus and some members of the eco club are appointed to take care of these saplings. They visited orphanages and other religious places and planted saplings there as well.

Report of Asharfabad campus prepared by Ms Samra Masud was shown and she then briefly explained the report and activities carried out in August. They observed Honey Bee Day, Elephant Day, Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan, Hiroshima Nagasaki Day, Mother Teresa Day, Independence Day and Janmashtami.

  1. Reports from other campuses:

Aliganj I: Mr. Kailash Keswani discussed briefly about various activities and various achievements of the Aliganj Campus in the month of August. Last Saturday was an eco club meeting discussing plans of September.

Gomti Nagar I: They showed images of the various activities carried out in August. Katran Event, Teri Olympiad, Elephant Day, Bees Day, poster making competition etc happened. They went to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park for Rakshaparv and Nature Walk. Chaitali Biswas, Eco Club Incharge prepared a wonderful presentation on ‘Save the Bees’.

Gomti Nagar II: On 9th August, five students of senior section visited NBRI. The botanical garden of Lucknow has many sections like” Endangered  plants” garden, “Cactus” garden, “Dinosaur” garden,  green house, pond and area filled with green trees and plants. It was a good learning experience for them as they have seen vertical gardening and endangered plants section. They celebrated Rakshabandhan as a “Raksha Parv” by tying Rakhis to trees. A compost pile pit has been constructed in the campus and it will very soon start giving manure.

           Jopling Road: On Hiroshima Observance Day 1000 paper cranes were made by the whole school as a tribute to one of the Hiroshima victim.  They also uploaded a video on You Tube for this. A prayer assembly was also held. World Elephant Day was celebrated by the pre-primary and class 1. Montessori children did finger painting. Their teacher Avantika also showed a cartoon film called JUMBO. K.G. class also coloured an outline of the JUMBO under the guidance of their teacher Rolika Khosla. Class 1 was given valuable information about elephants by their teacher Shipra Rastogi. World Bee Day was celebrated in the assembly. A board was prepared and informative talk was given by class 7. Nature walk by K.G. Vegetables were sown -beans and bottle gourd. The students participated in the painting competition organized by Vidya Gyan.

 Kanpur Road: Energy saving activity of UPNEDA is in progress. Along with the school two students have separately registered their names. Names of those two students are Saksham Alok and Sarthak Mathur (both are of class 9th). There was 20% reduction in electricity bill after the awareness created amongst the students by the workshop held.  Before Raksha Bandhan Eco Club students have taken pledge in assembly for providing 'Raksha' to our environment. Before Raksha Bandhan students have made rakhi from Bio Degradable components, cereals and from trash. Posters are made by the students for saving environment. Two students, Ayush yadav and Sakshi Pradyumn have participated in the event "Dana Paani", which was a complete bio-degradable event. Junior section won Ist prize in story writing under the guidance of Ms Kavita Shahi. Saplings were planted in the campus and in the Jai Jagat Park.

Mahanagar I: Kumar Pratyush of class 9th got special jury award for poetry writing competition on the topic Daana Paani in senior category (class 9 to 13).This competition was a part of an annual environment event organised by an NGO Swayam Siddha in collaboration with Environment Directorate Lucknow.
Nurture nature activity was conducted in the primary section. Students brought small saplings which they have planted as a part of their summer vacation assignment. They are taking care of these plants now.

Mahanagar III: The students of Junior Section celebrated “Raksha Parv” elaborating the importance of trees and need to save the trees. The students tied “Rakhi” to mark the occasion and took a pledge to protect the       trees from any damage. The students of Primary Section celebrated “Honey Bee Day” on 22nd August, 2016 in the assembly. The students displayed the importance of honey bees with the help of various handmade drawings and paintings.

RDSO: World Elephant Day was observed. Students of class VII B have participated in poster making competition. Students of Class VI have celebrated this day by making beautiful elephant masks. They wore these masks and created awareness among the children to save elephants. Students of primary section have also celebrated world Elephant day with great enthusiasm. They have made beautiful posters to create awareness to save elephants. Students of class VIII have celebrated No Cars Day by making banners. Students of class VIII have celebrated world Honey-Bee day by making beautiful collages showing the importance of honey bees and their life cycle.

RJPM I: 120 plants were planted on Independence Day in the campus. Corporate of that area also came and brought 15 saplings with him to be planted. They observed Sadbhawna Divas, Raksha Parv, students made puppets, other craft items was prepared from recycled material. Elephant Day and Honey-Bee Day were also celebrated.

RJPM II: Assemblies were conducted to sensitize the children about the importance of cycling where the children prepared a powerpoint presentation. Rakhshparv was celebrated where children tied rakhis to the trees and pledged to take care of them. Ms Sukhwant Kaur suggested that all the coordinators can go for a cycle rally some day early morning.
 RN I: Kids made posters on ‘India of my Dreams’.
RN II: Tomato saplings were planted. Raksha Sutra was tied to the plants explaining their importance. Ms Malini along with the students visited Regional Science City Centre imparting students the knowledge of how radioactive materials our degrading our environment. World Elephant Day and Honey Bee Day were observed. Children of class VIII went out to neighbourhood locality to sensitize them for protection against dengue.
RN III: National Honey Bee Day was observed. The children were briefed by the teacher about the significance of this day in the morning assembly. A craft activity was also held in the Primary Section where the students made honey bee using ice-cream sticks, coloured paper, etc.

Station Road: Celebrated all the days in August with great enthusiasm. Saplings were planted.

  1. Air Pollution Questionnaire: On the suggestion of Mrs. Anupama Johari, it was decided that the Air Pollution Questionnaire should be short and simple which can be completed within a short span of time and hence the edited version is to be prepared and then e-mailed to all the environment coordinators.


  1. Reports on website: Mrs. Vahedi requested all the environment coordinators to e-mail their monthly reports with photographs to and not just post it on whatsapp. All the reports to be uploaded on website. It was suggested that the IT incharge of every campus should link their respective campus web pages with CMS environment website. This is to be discussed with Mr. Alindra and Mr. Anirudh.
Prithvi Innovations: Ms Anuradha Gupta of Prithvi Innovations also attended the meeting. She congratulated everyone for their hard work and commitment. 16th October is World Food Day and she told everyone that it can be celebrated at the branch level and the campuses, if they want, can invite Anuradha’s team also to participate either on 16th or any other day.  She shared her contact number and email id with the coordinators so that the teachers can directly contact her for any queries. She handed over the mementoes to the teachers individually and to the campuses.