April 2016 Report

CMS Environment Coordinators’Meeting held on
Saturday, 30 April 2016 at 12:30PM
Venue: Board Room, 4th Floor, President’s Office, CMS, 11 Station Road.

A monthly review meeting of all CMS Environment Coordinators was held on Saturday, 30th April 2016. Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building, chaired the meeting and welcomed all the coordinators as well as the Eco club members (students) of three campuses namely, Rajendra Nagar-II, Rajendra Nagar-III and RDSO Campus. Later Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, President-CMS joined and shared her valuable views and suggestions.
Following are the highlights of the meeting.


Eco club members of Rajendra Nagar-II campus, Shashank and Simran gave updates about the environment activities conducted in their campus. They have 30-35 members in their eco club. They made their group without forcing anyone but by convincing other students and creating awareness about our environment.

Eco club members of Rajendra Nagar-III campus:

20 students of the campus started this Eco Club of Rajendra Nagar-III campus with Ms. Sonali Chowdhary.

Eco club members of RDSO campus:

RDSO campus is having about 40-45 members in their Eco Club.