July 2014 - CMS Mahanagar I Campus

• In the first week of July 2014, we celebrated as the ‘Van Mahotsav’ week. On the day of this celebration various plants were planted in pots by the students in all the three buildings.

• To mark the occasion of ‘Van Mahotsav’, ’Green Day’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the first week of July, 2014, in the primary building. Children and teachers, all dressed in green, gathered in the Assembly. After paying obeisance to the Almighty and reiterating the school rules, the children were told about the importance of trees. In this context a student recited a short poem and another student urged everyone to plant more trees and pointed out the benefits of doing so.

• Teachers with the help of the gardener, showed the children how to plant a small flowering plant in a pot and the care to be taken thereafter for its healthy growth. Children also brought green tiffin like green fruits green leafy vegetables and green paranthas.

• Teachers also prepared a display board on which a lifeless tree with no leaves was shown. All the teachers were handed leaves and were asked to paste the leaves on the tree. The children cheered and clapped to see the tree being transformed completely with lush green foliage. Before the students dispersed, they took a pledge to plant trees and also educate the people in the neighborhood to do the same.