July 2014 - CMS Kanpur Road Campus

Senior Section

·         Water Survey was planned already during environmental coordinators meeting held on 28th June 2014.

·         A Questionnaire was prepared on the water consumption of the nearby community of the school. The survey was conducted in the nearby colony of the school on 14th July 2014.

·         Few positive responses were come out from this survey.


Junior Section

·         Themes of environment especially water was taken up in the model class in the assembly.

·         The eco-club members on Saturday, (in the 'O' period have done the survey on drinking water taps & toilets in the main building. Cases of broken & leaking taps were reported).

·         Brain Storming session of the eco club members was held in which they shared their ideas & worked on our plan of action.

·         Pre-primary section have taken the theme of saving environment displayed on the softboards of pre-primary section. All the work was done by the students.

·         Senior section have done the survey on conserving water. Class 12th children were taken for that.