Events at Campuses in September 2012

Celebrating UN decade of Sustainable Development, CMS launches massive tree plantation drive

Lush Green and fruity months of September-October tempted us to go all out in our campaign of saving the environment and ensuring sustainable development on earth. A record number of 10,391 trees were planted at various CMS campuses till September. The massive tree plantation drive still continues as children look for parks and patches of earth in their neighbourhood where they could extend their tree plantation programme.

Let us make a brief survey of the environmental activities in September- October:

CMS Gomti Nagar I
Starting with At CMS Gomti Nagar Campus 1, water and energy audits were completed for the month of September. Tree plantation activity was carried out with maximum participation of students..500 saplings were planted in the month of September. For water conservation, students were encouraged to carry their own water bottles to reduce the wastage of water. The Tree of Harmony was an activity carried out successfully in the campus.

CMS Gomti Nagar II
At CMS Gomti Nagar II, campus coordinator Nidhi Saxena reported that in the guidance of Headmistress Mrs Aditi Sharma, students achieved an enviable of 109% tree plantation. Different varieties of trees like Ashok, peepul, banyan, tamarind, neem and guava trees were planted in and around the school campus. Saplings were also planted in the compound of Vanasthali Apartments. in Gomti Nagar Extension.School gardener, Kamal Saini enhanced the beauty of the campus by reusing the empty cold drink bottles in which the saplings were planted.

CMS Kanpur Road
...Tree plantation was carried out enthusiastically at the campus by the students with 330 trees being planted in September Model classes focused on saving the precious resources of water and electricity and the harmful effects of plastic. Parents were advised to Carry cloth bags while going to the vegetable market and not take the vegetables in plastic bags, reuse the plastic bags by washing them, give left over plastic bags to shopkeepers, vendor etc, and carry containers while purchasing kitchen items and so on.

CMS Rajajipuram I
CMS Rajajipuram Campus I students planted trees on the new plot. Parents gave the commitment to stand by the vision statement of environment conservation taken up by CMS. Energy, water auditing continued. Collage and speech competition were held on Ozone Conservation. .Juniors planted 520 saplings while the seniors planted 435 saplings. They achieved 100% tree plantation target. To promote Indo-Pak peace, students planted the Tree of Harmony in "Jai Jagat Park."

CMS Rajajipuram II

Ashish Minz reports from CMS Rajajipuram Campus II that pots were used by the classes to plant in the green house. Children of different classes planted saplings in and around their houses and opposite School Park. Till September 100 saplings were planted by students. Those children left out were informed to plant at least one tree in and around their houses.. In the model class presentations every class took these themes like water and energy conservation and environment

CMS Mahanagar I

CMS Mahanagar Campus I encouraged its students to plant saplings around their homes as part of SUPW assignment.. On 21st September, 2012 i.e. International peace day, tree plantation day was celebrated in the campus. Junior classes brought pots and planted sapling while senior students planted the sapling in a part in front of I.C. building. We named their plants were named trees of harmony. Till September, 1100 saplings were planted. A skit was enacted by the juniors in which life in 2050 was depicted. In the play, students spoke about climatic changes related to deforestation. Students also pledged to plant trees and save the environment.

CMS Mahanagar II

Environment coordinators Ms Thakur and Ms Geetanjali Sharma report that Children enthusiastically participated in the "save energy, water drive". Saplings were planted in pots. Children were religiously watering the pots at regular intervals. Small posters were put up in each class stating "save energy and water. Morning prayer assemblies were mostly based on topics related to environment Students were given points for their respective Houses according to their environmental activities.. 220 saplings were planted by students till September.. A new environment related quiz called 'Green Teen Quiz' was introduced in MACFAIR.

CMS Mahanagar III

At.CMS Mahanagar III, around 500 saplings were planted till September. Many of the children have planted saplings at home and taken pictures of them. The Geofest sensitized parents and students on the importance of maintaining greenery on earth. Energy monitors have been appointed in every class to ensure that the students are following the ways of conserving energy .They use more and more of CFL’s compared to tube-lights’

CMS Rajendra Nagar I

Ms Tahseen Faizal, Environment Co-coordinator of CMS Rajendra Nagar I is full of enthusiasm telling us that in her Campus, students planted trees in their surroundings and photographs have been clicked of the same. Students have been encouraged to plant trees In primary and pre-primary section They are bringing small plants on their birthdays and the same is been planted in the garden pots. 700 saplings were planted till September. Competitions and model class presentations highlighting the importance of environment in our lives, are in full swing.

CMS Rajendra Nagar II

Students have planted over 100 trees outside the school and also conducted an Awareness March in the vicinity of the school to save the environment. They made visits to people in surrounding areas and spoke to them about environmental protection, saving water etc. In the Junior Assembly, children shared their activities about saving environment, electricity & water.

CMS Rajendra Nagar III

CMS Rajendra Nagar III students planted. 300 saplings planted in the vicinity. They are regularly watered and taken care of. Painting and speech competitions held at primary and junior level to ensure awareness of the subject. Children performed skits and spoke on water and energy conservation.They also asked the children in neighborhood to study in open (terrace, balcony) using evening when the weather is pleasant. They also asked the neighbors to use natural light during evenings. The advised the neighbors to throw the seeds of mango, papaya, palm in soil rather then in the dustbin because small plants grow out of it

CMS Chowk

At CMS Chowk, children eagerly took up the green awareness drive and were taught the use of green products. Water conservation and auditing efforts led to saving of water from 7.32 per litres per day to 4.92 per capita per day. Saplings were planted by the students of different classes.

CMS Aliganj I

Mani Agarwal informs that students were encouraged to plant trees, herbs, saplings and shrubs Around 500 saplings were planted till September. Water and energy auditing was done successfully. Students and parents were sensitized about water and energy conservations by conducting surveys. A painting competition on conservation of resources was organized to create awareness among the students and motivate them for action.

CMS Aliganj II

Ms Vandana Rajiv of CMS Aliganj II reports that till date, they have planted approximately 486 saplings in school and at home. Students were encouraged to plant trees in their surroundings and bring photographs of the same. Students brought one plant each and plants were still coming in.Water and energy audit was done by the audit team of 10 students. The environment monitors of every class and audit team ensured that there was no wastage of water of electricity. CMS RDSO


Similarly, RDSO Campus was brimming with eager faces ready to make a change in the environment and ensure the greenery of the earth. Campus Coordinator Mrs Nussarat Fatima reports tree plantation drive was organized for pre-primary and primary on 27th September. 870 trees were planted till September. Books were suggested for reading like Go Green- A Bond with the mountains – By Ruskin Bond’, ‘Sadbhavana tree’ was planted, a poetry competition was organized on 15th September on conservation of energy.

CMS Station Road

Tree plantation on a large scale was conducted during COFAS. Trees have been planted in the Nehru Enclave opposite Lohia Park and some have been gives to Gomti Nagar Campus Children are being recognized in the assembly for the efforts made.In assembly children are motivated to plant trees in or around their homes. Around 1800 trees have been planted till the month of September. A leakage board has been set up where the children report any leakage which they observe. One energy and water audits has been conducted

CMS Anand Nagar

CMS Anand Nagar children have planted 628 saplings in and outside their houses. The ‘Tree for Harmony’ was planted on UN Peace day. Students bought various plants from NBRI and planted them in the campus. The Junior Section conducted a survey in the locality to create awareness among the people of society regarding the conservation of water and energy. Model classes were full of items related to water and energy conservation and need to save the environment,

CMS Jopling Road

Mrs Anupama Johari informs that on 18 September, the student council paid a visit to Kalli village where they planted saplings and also gave plants to a Govt. School there. On 10 September students went for a trip to Banthra and got exposure to research and scientific centers of NBRI. Nitrogen cycle was explained to the students with the help of the plants.. Medicinal plants like sarpganda, Ashivagandha, Pipli, Satavar Istivia and Brahmi were shown to the children AURAWAN Research Centerwas an experience which sensitized the students.On 25th September, Classes III to VIII visited the National Botanical research Institute (NBRI).

CMS Indira Nagar

B.Mazumdar speaks for the developments at CMS Indira Nagar saying that the pre primary and primary sections were taken for a natural walk in the park in front of old building. Water harvesting set up was described and shown to the children which is being in corporate there. Children also watered the plants, during the visit. ‘Gift a Plant’ was introduced in the assemblies of all section. Children were told to gift a plant on birthdays and anniversaries of friends and dear ones. Classes VI, VII, VIII were taken to NBRI for an educational trip where they interacted fruitfully with many scientists. On 21st Sept ‘Sadbhavana Tree’ a gulmohar sapling was planted and children were once again reminded of the importance of maintaining harmony in nature. the already ongoing efforts e.g. the staff members thought of bringing their own cup/glasses instead of paper cups or plastic glasses etc.

CMS Asharfabad

Mrs A. Ayub of CMS Asharfabad reports that children are made aware about the conservation of water and energy during the assembly. On the Ozone Day saplings were planted speech by the science teacher. skit on environment was enacted in the assembly. Teachers encouraged the children to plant the saplings at home.3 pots were adopted by each section primary, Pre-Primary and Junior Section. Saplings of Tulsi, Mogra, Gul Mohar were planted and importance and medicinal value of each plant as explained. Around 400 saplings were planted in September.