Events at Campuses in October 2012

‘Water Walk’ Of CMS Students Calls For Conservation Of Water
CMS students strongly convey the message ‘Water is Life’

Lucknow, October 21: Shouting slogans like ‘Save Water, Save Life’, ‘There is tomorrow only if there is water’, the students of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar (Campus II) took out a huge march this morning calling for preservation of water and conservation of under ground water resources. This huge walk by CMS students which began from Hotel Dayal Paradise in Gomti Nagar got converted into a huge rally upon reaching Lohia Park where it was addressed by various eminent personalities from the world of education, literature, journalism and social service. Earlier, the Chief Guest of the occasion Mr Brijesh Mishra, Editor, ETV, UP, flagged off the ‘Water Walk’ while various prominent citizens of the city including Mr V N Garg, IAS and Mr Pankaj Srivastava, Programming Head, ETV, UP, joined in the walk to convey their solidarity with the cause of creating awareness amongst the masses towards the need to conserve water and underground water resources. Through this walk taken out under the leadership of CMS Founders and renowned educationists, Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi and Chief Operating Officer of CMS, Prof. Geeta Kingdon, CMS students drew public attention towards the rapidly decreasing underground water level with a view to sensitize them towards this need to use water wisely so that in the near future it does not become as expensive as fuel.

The ‘Water Walk’ of CMS students indeed became a source of motivation for the public of Lucknow who welcomed the CMS campaigned with due appreciation as was evident from the enthusiasm of the masses assembled to watch the CMS students’ walk on both sides of the road. Placards containing slogans and messages like ‘Save Water, Save Future’, ‘Jal Hi Jeevan Hai’, ‘Saving Water can save the world’, ‘Don’t be fool, cover your pool’, ‘Jal Bachao, Jeevan Bachao’, ‘Jal Hai to Kal Hai’ to presented a very picturesque view of the students’ march which compelled the pubic of Lucknow to be more sensitive towards nature and realize that by wasting water we are infact heading towards the destruction of humanity.

Upon reaching LohiaPark, the march got converted into a huge rally which was addressed by renowned personalities. Expressing his views on the occasion, Chief Guest Mr Brijesh Mishra, Editor, ETV, UP, said that this Water Walk is indeed unique as it is based on a theme that affects not just the present but several future generations. He said that through this march the message of water conservation will reach all corners of the country and even abroad, which indeed is the need of the hour. He said that we really need to ponder over the fact that earth has limited resources and they should be used judiciously. Addressing water walk, Mr V N Garg, IAS, said that for water conservation, the most important need is to sensitize the pubic, bring positive change in their attitude and let them know its importance. He said that this water walk is an important step in the direction which would indeed be successful in making people realize that they need to act before it is too late.

Chief Operating Officer of CMS, Prof Geeta Kingdon said on the occasion that schools should be concerned with the affairs of the age and the issue that is in need of our utmost attention today is the depletion of natural resources and underground water. She said that keeping this responsibility in mind CMS has launched an environment, water and energy conservation project in all its campuses under which over 44000 students and 3000 teachers of CMS are reaching out to the population of around 2 lakh people of Lucknow. This water walk is one of the several steps taken by CMS in the direction. She was hopeful that this step would prove to be an important milestone in the school’s efforts for creating awareness amongst the masses towards the need for water conservation.

Putting forth his views on the occasion, renowned educationist and CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that water conservation is an important issue about which the masses need to be sensitized. With this objective in mind, CMS has been taking several steps for the conservation of environment, water and energy. Dr Gandhi aid that CMS has always played in important role in leading various public awareness programmes and CMS students enthusiastically participate in different competitions based on environmental conservation and social awareness programmes. This is due to these only that besides excelling in academic field CMS students have created unique records in social awareness as well.