Report of Activities of Campuses for the month of march 2014

Aliganj-I Campus
• Students attended a workshop 'Tod Fod Jod & Kabaad-Se Jugaad' at the Regional Science City, Lucknow organized by Science & Technology Dept. of U.P. on 22nd and 23rd March 2014. Children bagged the 3rd prize.
• A trip to Katarniahghat wild life sanctuary, Bahraich was organized by CEE & Ministry of Environment & Forests held from 25 to 27 March in which 45 students of Classes VII to IX participated in this camp with the teacher guardian Mr. Kailash Keswani.
• World Forestry Day on 21st March 2014 was observed.
• World Water Day on 22nd March 2014 was observed, tips on saving water was shared during the prayer assembly.
• Letters written to Mayor regarding disposal of Garbage collected in front of our campus on regular basis.

Aliganj-II Campus
• A class presentation of pre-primary was based on environment. All the programs were on the topic ‘Save Trees’ and ‘Save Water’. Students describe the uses of trees, water and also requested not to waste water and plant more trees.
• School celebrated the World Sparrow Day and World Plantation Day with full enthusiasm. Pre-primary students celebrated World Plantation Day and made beautiful hand-print charts. Some charts were displayed on the nature board for the awareness among parents. Primary students decorated their soft board with the same theme. Class III students reused plastic bottles for keeping food and water for birds.

Anand Nagar Campus
• World Forestry Day and International World Water Day articles were shared with the students of junior section. The coordinator discussed the tips to save water with the student and encourage them to follow the tips and even ensure that no wastage of water takes place in their locality and school.
• Environment newsletter was shared with the students.
• Environment soft board regularly being updates.
• Stickers 'Say no to polythene bags' were put all over the campuses and students were motivated to stop using polythene and plastic bags.
• The students of class I prepared cards with slogans 'Save Earth'.

Ashrafabad Campus
• During examinations basically in assemblies talks on saving environment were carried out.
• Tips to save water were read in junior and primary assemblies and children were motivated to make efforts to do the same.
• Photocopies of paper regarding tips of saving water were distributed to children in different classes.
• Stickers of 'Say no to polythene bags' were pasted in every classroom, in assembly hall, and all the other public places.
• New song on environment was composed and is now being taught to the students after exams.

Chowk Campus
• A trip to Jim Corbette National Park, Nainital was organised by Chowk Campus. The trip was a fun filled and life time experience. The visit to the tiger zone in open jeep safari in the national park gave the students an opportunity to watch closely various species of wild animals like tiger, sambhar deer, wild pig, woodpecker, eagle, spotted deer, monitor lizard, peacock & monkeys. The safari ride was an enjoyable and exciting experience. The students were also taken to the Alaknanda river.

Jopling Road Campus
• A multimedia presentation on the environment activities carried out in the branch during the sessions 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 was prepared. The presentation entitled 'Environment Diary of Jopling Road' was shared with the parents in the Divine Education Conference.
• Permanent placards for the medicinal plants have been displayed in the school.

Gomti Nagar-I Campus
• Tiny tots of pre-primary section celebrated 'International Day of Forest' on 21st March. Children on this day were asked to bring a small plant from their homes. They were also briefed about the importance of trees in our life.
• On 21st of March the environment coordinator along with the student winner of the Paryavaran Mitra Award for the Best Student at the State Level attended the seminar on International Forest Day at the Indira Gandhi Prathisthan .
• One of our student of class 7th Abhinav M. Bhatia has been honoured with the 'Paryavaran Ratna Swarn Padak' for first position in the country by securing 84% in "Vanjeeva Ratna Award" examination conducted by the Indian Centre For Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia Region. For this examination 40 students from classes 6 to 8 had participated.
• The environment coordinator and Principal Ma'am had been awarded with the 'Vanjeeva Dronacharya Award' and 'Parvavaran Dronacharya Award' for extraordinary performance by the Indian Centre for Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia Region.

Gomti Nagar-II Campus
• International World Water Day was celebrated in the campus on March 21, 2014. A small program was organized in the campus. Incharge Ms. Sushama Rajkumar, Ms. Ruchi Dawar, Ms. Pooja Makhija sensitized the students. Mr. Sanjay Bhagat helped in conducting the function. They discussed the importance of this day and the utility of water in our daily lives. They shared 10 tips to save the water. The students of class V displayed the tips to save water through placards. All the students sang songs with the music teachers Mr. Saikia and Ms. Ekta. They sang 2 songs 'Going Green' and 'Ask me the color of water'. In this way children realized that water as a resource is becoming scarce and we need to preserve it for our future generations and survival.
• The stickers 'Say no to polythene bags' were given to us. They were put up on all the prominent locations in the campus. One of the sticker was also put up on the Environment soft board. These days the Divine Seminar of all the campuses is going on in our campus so many parents and grandparents are visiting our campus. We hope that they read it and are ready to make this small change in their habit.
• The environment soft board was updated by the students who were coming for the dance practice. Information about World Forestry Day and World Water Day was displayed by them.

Kanpur Road
• The preprimary children were taken to zoo for a school picnic on 5th March. It was a very nice experience for them.
• The soft board of senior section for the new session is based on the theme 'Go Green'. All the charts are displayed on the board based on the same theme.
• Handmade cards were given by Mrs Kavita Sahi to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd toppers of Geography subjects in all classes. 33 cards in 9 sections were distributed on the theme 'saving nature'.
• Stickers 'Say no to Polythene bags' were placed.

Indira Nagar Campus
• A student from junior section, Ms Heeya Bhalla of class VII-C participated in an essay competition organised by the U.P. State Biodiversity Board on 'WORLD WETLANDS DAY' observed on 2nd February 2014 and won a consolation prize along with a certificate of merit in the competition.
• On 10th March a group of people from Organic India had visited the campus to make the students aware of the harmful effects of chemical colors. They encouraged the children to play Holi with herbal colors only.
• A group of 48 students with two teachers went for three days (12th,13th,14th March) nature camp to Katarniahghat wild life sanctuary. Students collected lots of information about the place and learnt about the flora and fauna .They enjoyed watching several species of teresstrial and aquatic animals in their natural habitat.
• 22nd March was observed as 'WORLD WATER DAY' in the campus. A student from junior section, Harshwardhan Pratap Singh of class VI-A presented a multimedia to the parents about the importance of water conversation. Few students discussed importance of 'WORLD FORESTRY DAY' & 'WORLD WATER DAY' in assembly.
• Students of Eco-club continued water and energy audits in the campus.
• Environmental soft board was regularly updated with several environmental articles.
• 'Say no to polythene bags' stickers were displayed all over the campus. All the teachers, students,staff members and parents are motivated to use jute or cloth bags and completely cut off the usage of polythene bags on regular basis.

Mahanagar-I Campus
• 6 students participated in World sparrow day celebration on 19th March 2014 (World sparrow day on 20th March). The event was jointly organized by Zoology Department of Lucknow University, U.P. State Department of Biodiversity and Regional Science City to create awareness about disappearing bird 'Sparrow'. Ayushi Singh and Shreya Srivastava got first and second prize respectively in Open Day on Sparrows. Bhagatpreet Singh bagged the 3rd prize in art-completion.
• Green day was celebrated in primary classes (Class 1 and 2) on 29th March 2014. Students brought plants and will be setting up environment corner in their classes will these plants.
• Devansh Shukla (Winner of Youth Environment Café) was nominated for International Children's Peace Prize by the Branch.

Mahanagar-III Campus
• Students were awared of the fact that water is an important natural resources therefore it is very necessary to conserve water.
• In the month due to ICSE Board Examination and our annual examination we were unable to organized any activities based on the topic we organized speech competition during assembly and encouraged the children to write article explaining the need and way to conserve water.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (III)
• Environment newsletter was displayed at the environment soft board.
• Stickers 'Say no to polythene bags' were put all over the campuses and students were motivated to stop using polythene and plastic bags.

Rajajipuram Campus I
• The children of the junior section went to Jurassic Gallery of NBRI where they came across various endangered & rare species of plants. The children witnessed the vertical gardening concept.
• The kids Fair celebrated at the branch in which parents participated in a competition 'Best out of waste' where new concepts of waste usage was seen.
• On the Sparrow Day students made charts on Sparrow Conservation. Children gave small write ups on 'Importance of Forests'. A special prize was given to a child for a 'Bird's Feed' prepared by a child Akhand Yadav of Class VIII at the Kids Fair for Natures Conservation. The children from Green Brigade made Sparrow Houses out of Waste Material.

Rajajipuram Campus II
• Letters were written to the Mayor of Lucknow by the junior students, requesting him to take action for repair of the damaged road near the school which causes great inconvenience to the students and parents.
• Various craft activities were done among primary students, where they were taught to make various decorative pieces out of waste materials like wall hangings from CDs, ice-cream sticks, pots from cold drink bottles, pen stand from cold drinking cans etc.
• 'Say no to polythene' campaign was conducted within the campus, where each student took a oath not to use polythene, they were guided to spread awareness to give up the use of polythene in the society by showing the pamphlet given to them.
• 22nd March 2014 was celebrated as the International World Water Day. Conversation activities were conducted in the prayer assembly. Skit was performed by the students of primary section along with the recitation of poem regarding the same.

RDSO Campus
• A very informative teachers' talk was conducted for the students of the junior section to make them aware of the importance of water. They were motivated for not wasting the water.
• Poster making competition for the students of the junior section on the topic 'Save water -the elixir of life' was conducted.
• Colouring activity slips based on acknowledgement by the parents for a pledge to play Holi with natural colours were distributed and collected after being signed by the parents.
• Stickers sent from the head office "Say no use of polythene bags" were put in every corner of the campus.
• TREEGAURDS were put around the trees planted by the children in the nearby park to ensure their survival.
• LETTER WRITING activity based on a request to the PWD officials to put big sign boards stating "NO HONKING ZONE" behind the RDSO premises was conducted. Samples of letters will be put on the environmental soft board.

Station Road Campus
• To bring about awareness of water and care of nature the primary section children were assigned the job of watering the plants in school campus.
• Primary section children were taken in neighbourhood to show why it is in this shabby condition and what is our role in keeping our environment clean. We MUST say no to plastic.
• During divine seminar of primary and senior section to spread the environmental awareness in the world parliament major concerning issues of environment were taken so that the message of being environment friendly could reach all parents and students in one module.
• Seniors had exams and will join in April for further activities.
• Energy Audit will be sent in first week of April.