Report of Activities of Campuses for the month of JULY 2014

Aliganj-I Campus
• Children of Class VIII & XI participated in various Contests held at the Regional Science City, Aliganj between 16th to 21st July 2014. In the Round Table Café CMS Aliganj-I bagged the 2nd Prize. Around 100 students of Classes VII & VIII of Aliganj-I Campus visited the Water Gallery at the Regional Science City. They also attended the science lecture by Dr. D. K. Soni (Scientist) on the topic Ground Water pollution in Ganga basin.
• Quiz and other activities based on the conservation of water, electricity and saving forest were conducted during the Junior & Senior Prayer Assemblies at the campus.
• 50 Saplings were planted by the students of Class VI.
• Videos on sustainable development downloaded from YouTube were shown to children of classes VI, VII & VIII.

Aliganj-II Campus
• Stickers “Say no to polythene” are placed all over the campus. Chart having U.P. State Symbols is displayed on the nature board in the visitors’ area so that everyone can have the knowledge about it.
• Students brought saplings and kept them in their class and water them regularly. Students made paintings with different slogans related to the environment. Students made a collage “Plant our source of existence” and displayed it on activity board. They used wastes like dry leaves, cotton, medicine etc. to make a collage “Best out of waste” to show the importance of trees.
• Students participated in the “Ground Water Week” competition held from 16th to 20th July ’14 at the Regional Science City. Primary students participated in the mega painting contest whose topic was “Water our life” and made beautiful paintings related to water conservation. Junior students participated in the quiz contest based on water gallery of RSC and visited the water gallery of the Regional Science City. They also attended the lecture by Dr. D.K. Soni on “Ground Water Pollution in the Ganga Basin: An overview”. Three students Abhishek, Tanush and Vaibhav got prizes also.

Anand Nagar Campus
• Students visited the Regional Science City from 16th to 20th July ’14 during the “Ground Water Week.
• Talk was arranged by the expert from Animal Ashram on pet animals.
• Environment soft board regularly being updated.
• During the Van Mahotsav a children appeal on behalf of students of Anand Nagar Campus was sent to the Municipal Commissioner of Lucknow for cleaning of Anand Nagar Park and keeping it green. Nagar Nigam has appointed a Zonal Officer for this purpose and a plant was planted at the park in presence of this Zonal Officer.

• 'Van Mahotsav' - tree plantation week was celebrated. Children planted trees in school and nearby park.
• Power Point presentation was made with the help of computer teacher on the topic 'Groundwater Depletion' and shown to the students. Different activities were conducted in assemblies to celebrate ground water week.
• Paper bags were made by children and provided to the nearby shopkeepers. They were also informed about the harmful impact of polythene bags.
• Class VIII students made Power Point presentation on saying no to polythene bags. These presentations were shown in the assemblies.

Jopling Road Campus
• The students of classes V, VI – made cards, rakhis for our brave soldiers who protect our country from external aggression. This initiative was taken by Dainik Jagran. Different Perspectives covered were political, ethical and cultural.
• Class VIII has registered for GREEN OLYMPIAD being organized by TERI.
• State Symbols – (by class VIII) talk in the Assembly.
• Students of Class VII, VIII participated in slogan writing and painting competition at the Regional Science City on 17th July.
• Class I – 'Save Tress' Activity. Class V – Hand Print Activity on concern for Groundwater Depletion/ pollution.
• Calligraphy of Environmental Quotes by Class VII. Painting Competition in Class VIII – Global Warming.
• Distribution of paper bags at the ZOO was conducted.
• Daily Quotes were written on the board (e.g. Primary – Save Trees) Junior – Contribution by the children.

• Van Mahotsav week was observed in the campus from 1st July to 7th July 2014 in which students were briefed about the importance of trees in our lives.
• Ground water week was observed.
• The environment softboard was updated by the students.

Gomti Nagar-I Campus
• Van Mahotsav week was observed in the campus from 7th July to 14th July 2014 in which competitions like poster making and speech competition was conducted to sensitize the students.
• During assembly students discussed about the importance of trees in our lives, causes of the decline in forest cover and what measures can be adopted to conserve the trees.
• Tiny tots planted small saplings in the colddrink bottles which was tied to the fence. Teachers encouraged the students to plant a sapling at their home.
• Students of the Nature -Club brought sapling from their home which was planted in the school garden.
• Students of classes 8 to 10 were informed about the Green Olympiad for which 52 students have been registered.
• For the ground water week through assembly children discussed What is ground water?, Where it is found?, factors causing its contamination and depletion. Measures to be adopted to recharge the ground water was also discussed.
• During this week Yash Kumar Upadhaya a student of class 12 of Doon School visited our campus and addressed the senior students on the present status of River Gomti. Through his presentation, he encouraged the students to come forward to work for River Gomti.
• Two students of class 11 Chahak and Aryan prepared a Power point presentation on the ground water which was shown to the students in the assembly time.

Gomti Nagar-II Campus
• Students registered for GREEN OLYMPIAD being organized by TERI in the month of September 2014.
• The environment softboard was updated by the students who were coming for the dance practice. Information about World Forestry Day and World Water Day was displayed by them.

Kanpur Road CAMPUS
Senior Section
• Water Survey was planned already during environmental coordinators meeting held on 28th June 2014.
• A Questionnaire was prepared on the water consumption of the nearby community of the school. The survey was conducted in the nearby colony of the school on 14th July 2014.
• Few positive responses were come out from this survey.
Junior Section
• Themes of environment especially water was taken up in the model class in the assembly.
• The eco-club members on Saturday, (in the 'O' period have done the survey on drinking water taps & toilets in the main building. Cases of broken & leaking taps were reported).
• Brain Storming session of the eco club members was held in which they shared their ideas & worked on our plan of action.
• Pre-primary section have taken the theme of saving environment displayed on the softboards of pre-primary section. All the work was done by the students.
• Senior section have done the survey on conserving water. Class 12th children were taken for that.

Indira Nagar CAMPUS
• Students visited the Regional Science City during the Ground Water Week.

Mahanagar-I Campus
• In the first week of July 2014, we celebrated as the ‘Van Mahotsav’ week. On the day of this celebration various plants were planted in pots by the students in all the three buildings.
• To mark the occasion of ‘Van Mahotsav’, ’Green Day’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the first week of July, 2014, in the primary building. Children and teachers, all dressed in green, gathered in the Assembly. After paying obeisance to the Almighty and reiterating the school rules, the children were told about the importance of trees. In this context a student recited a short poem and another student urged everyone to plant more trees and pointed out the benefits of doing so.
• Teachers with the help of the gardener, showed the children how to plant a small flowering plant in a pot and the care to be taken thereafter for its healthy growth. Children also brought green tiffin like green fruits green leafy vegetables and green paranthas.
• Teachers also prepared a display board on which a lifeless tree with no leaves was shown. All the teachers were handed leaves and were asked to paste the leaves on the tree. The children cheered and clapped to see the tree being transformed completely with lush green foliage. Before the students dispersed, they took a pledge to plant trees and also educate the people in the neighborhood to do the same.

Mahanagar-II Campus
• Van Mahotsava week was celebrated in an unusual manner this year. Students were taken to the Prem Niwas, Sapru Marg on the last day of the week as a culmination of this event. It is an old age home run by the Missionaries of charity. The place has a beautiful garden where many trees are present. They also have a vegetable garden. The place is a shelter for old, physically and mentally challenged people. Children had a different kind of experience as they got an opportunity to spend time with such people ,also they planted saplings in their garden. The inmates were very happy to have children amongst them. They showed their garden and gave a hand while planting saplings.
• During the week students were engaged in other activities. Every day an activity was taken up in the assembly. Speech competition, painting competition and quiz were held during the week. During SUPW periods students made notepads, hand diaries and scrap books with used paper. This was taken up to explain wise use of paper as their wastage leads to cutting of trees.
• Ground water week was celebrated from 16 to 21 July 2014. Assembly activities were conducted based on importance of ground water. A quiz was held during assembly.
• Children went to Regional Science City to attend GROUND WATER WEEK CELEBRATION. They participated in Poster, quiz and debate competition. Two students of class 9 (Aryan and Kartikeya) were invited to GANNA SANSTHAN for the Prize distribution ceremony. They have got certificates for QUIZ held on 18th July.

Mahanagar-III Campus
• In an effort to create awareness about the environmental conservation the Saturday activities were planned to encourage and motivated the students for the same.
• Students brought medicinal plant like Tulsi, Aloevera, Mint and Neem during the Vam Mohaotsav week.
• Class IX students were assembled all together for an environment conservation debate, the debate was full of different ideas for the well-living of the environment and many ways to approach the issue of environmental conservation and protection.

Rajajipuram Campus I
• Dhruv Dubey of Rajajipuram-I Campus won the first prize in an inter-school painting competition organized by the Ground Water Department of Uttar Pradesh and the Regional Science City, Lucknow organized to celebrate the Ground Water Week.
• Ten children from Junior Section have been selected for Paryvaran Mitra Award project.
• Children participated in the Underground Water Recharge Week.
• Children from the Junior Section have participated and registered for the WWF contest.
• Children wrote small poems and write up on deforestation.

Rajajipuram Campus II
• First week of July was observed as the week to celebrate the Van Mahotsav. Children planted trees in their houses as well as in their neighbourhood.
• Children wrote slogans to spread awareness about conservation of trees and the best slogans were displayed in shape of tree.
• People from Animal Ashram visited the campus.

RDSO Campus
• Keeping its concern for the environmental issues affecting mother earth, the Van Mahotsava week was celebrated at RDSO campus. Children showed a lot of interest for the plantation drive as a part of Saturday activity. They brought small trees and saplings of medicinal plant like neem , tulsi, peepal ,papaya and mango. Few decorative plants were also planted by them. They enjoyed the activity of watering the plants.
• A visit to nearby activity was made by the care taker and the environment coordinator to get trees and plants taking short span of time for their full growth. It was decided that the other non shady side of the campus will be planted with these trees .so the trees of Kadam, Mango, Bel and Gurhal were purchased. The visit proved to be a fruitful for the campus.
• An interactive session with the students was also with the students of class ix where the students put forward their views for the topic “global warming and its causes”. Again, the importance of tree plantation was stressed upon.
• An Art and craft activity was arranged for the children of junior section where they did their art work.
• Junior section children are maintaining the compost pit for the preparation of green manure.
• Students visited the Regional Science City from 16th to 20th July ’14 during the “Ground Water Week.

Rajendra Nagar-I Campus
• Deeksha of RN-I campus won the second prize in the Debate Contest organized by the GWD, Uttar Pradesh and Regional Science City during the Groundwater Week Celebrations.
• Students of primary and pre-primary section participated in 'Mango Day' celebration by planting mango trees in the campus and eating mango as well. They were dressed in yellow colour to mark this day.
• Van Mahotsav was celebrated during the first week of July.

Rajendra Nagar-II Campus
• 'Van Mahotsav Week' and groundwater week were observed enthusiastically in the campus. Children brought potted saplings of various plants like tulsi, periwinkle, mint and placed them on the window sills. It made them feel close to nature.
• Students of classes VI- VIII (Shefali, Ali, Aryan, Srishti, Jaspreet, Aastha and Ruchika) made slogans on “Saving water and planting trees”, like- “catch the drip to save the drop”, “cut them today, cry for them tomorrow” special morning assembly was conducted in which students (Jayant Pant, Kamaldeep Kaur, Utkarsh Sharma, Muskaan, Om Gupta) expressed their views on the importance of trees and water and how to conserve and preserve them. Special emphasis was laid to avoid wastage of water at the household level. Children took a vow to take home the message and follow it.

Rajendra Nagar-III Campus
• Van Mahotsav week was observed in the campus from 1st July to 7th July 2014.
• Ground water week was observed.
• The environment softboard is being regularly updated by the students.

Station Road Campus
• Tree Plantation - Senior sections IX and XI students were asked to plant a tree or a plant in a pot in their local environment and give their name to that plant. Children were seen filled with enthusiasm.
• Slogan & Poster Competition for Junior Section was held on 7th July 2014 for Class VI, VII, VIII students. Winners were given certificates during assembly.
• Power Point Presentation on utility of tree plantation was made and shown to children.
• Energy Audit for the month of June.
• Students from Junior and Senior sections visited to Regional Science City to participate in Poster making, Slogan writing, Painting and Debate on Conservation & Resources of water conducted by the Ground Water Department of Uttar Pradesh & RSC during the Ground Water Week. 30 students took part in these various competitions.
• 44 students from Senior and Junior Sections Enrolled for “Green Olympiad”.
• 50 Student form Junior Section brought painted plastic bottles for Vertical Gardening.