Events at Campuses in July 2012

Date: 21 July 2012

CMS celebrates Groundwater Day with great enthusiasm,
Rainwater Harvesting Project launched

"Save water and avert a third world war"— Mr Rajan Shukla, IAS

Groundwater Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus II to make the students and youth aware of the growing need to conserve water resources and save the environment from depletion. On this occasion, the Chief Guest, Mr Rajan Shukla, IAS, Secretary, Horticulture, Stamp and Registration said that water is a free gift of nature and we cannot even imagine life without water. He said that throughout the world, the water table is receding at an alarming rate. This has given rise to the concern of scholars who are predicting that the third World War will be fought over water. If we have to save mankind from a third Word War, we must take concrete steps to save water resources on earth. Mr Shukla showered profuse praise on CMS saying that the institution has always taken up issues of global concern. The problem of water is one of the burning issues of the present times and it is our social responsibility to do something in this direction. The efforts of Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Dr Bharti Gandhi and Prof. Geeta Kingdon are sure to bear fruit, he said. It may be mentioned that CMS has launched a huge campaign to conserve water and energy resources and thus protect the environment and in this regard, Groundwater Preservation Week is being celebrated by CMS from 16 to 22 July.

Earlier, the Chief Guest, Mr Rajan Shukla, IAS, inaugurated the Rainwater Harvesting Project of CMS at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II this morning. On this occasion, Mr V N Garg, IAS, Principal Secretary, Welfare of Disabled, UP; Mr G K Rawat, Senior Hydrologist, Groundwater Department, UP and other distinguished persons were also present. CMS students delighted the audience with an array of educational-cultural items highlighting the importance of water in our lives and suggesting ways of conservation of this vital source of energy. A multimedia presentation to this effect added to the flavour of this show. In her welcome address Headmistress of CMS Gomti nagar II, Mrs Aditi Sharma showed warm appreciation and greeted the eminent guests.

Groundwater expert, Dr G K Rawat said that every year, we celebrate 10 June as Groundwater Day because in the hot weather, we feel the shortage of water ore acutely. Groundwater is a gift of God, it is necessary to use it wisely and conserve it. Inside the earth, water is conserved and filtered in a natural way. It can be easily used for drinking and for agriculture.

Prof. Geeta Kingdon, Chief Operating Officer of CMS said that education is a preparation for life. It is not only for attaining academic brilliance but more importantly to make people social responsible citizens. Dr Kingdon further informed that CMS is collaborating with the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi in launching this ambitious Water Preservation Programme. We are also getting the cooperation of the state government in this. At every CMS campuses, we are setting up Rainwater Harvesting Plants and every staff member in the 20 CMS campuses is expected to plant at least one tree. Dr Kingdon said that there is need to transform people's habits and make them think constructively. This programme being celebrated at 'Groundwater Preservation Week' is being carried out by 44,000 CMS student and 3,000 CMS staff to inspire 2 lakh people of Lucknow.

Mrs Susmita Basu, HOD, CMS Quality Assurance and Innovation Department, said that it is necessary to prepare Eco Warriors or Eco Ambassadors out of these children to save the environment. All CMS camps have set up energy clubs through which children are creating an awareness in society regarding water and energy preservation. She said that with these small efforts greater achievements are possible. Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of CMS and renowned educationist, said that this environment problem is not restricted to a particular country, it is a global phenomenon. Our resources are limited and we must use them with discretion. Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi, Founder-Director, CMS said that CMS students are not only concentrating on textual knowledge but also gaining practical wisdom by doing socially useful and productive work. Congratulate the teachers, she said who are guiding the students in this project. Ms Manjit Batra, Senior Principal, CMS Gomti Nagar while delivering the Vote of Thanks said that this a huge project which can be made fully successful by the cooperation of all students and teachers.



Date: 19th July 2012
Campus: Rajajipuram Old

1. Posters on energy and water conservation were put up at important places


Date: 17th July 2012
Campus: Aliganj II

1. Collage and poster making competitions based on energy and water conservation were organized.

Date: 17th July 2012
Campus: Indiranagar

1. Awareness creating slogans and posters were put up on the main soft board

Date: 16th July 2012
Campus: Anand Nagar

1. Sensitizing the students about the environmental issues was done in the assembly and in the classes

2. Slogans were put up near the taps

Date: 16th July 2012
Campus: Gomti Nagar II

1. Sensitizing the students has been done.

2. Visual audits have started 

Date: 13th July 2012
Campus: RDSO

1. Awareness among the students had been created

2. Slogans were put at important places

Date: 12th July 2012
Campus: Rajendra Nagar I

Activities to be conducted during Groundwater Week


1. Drawing competition for class III

2. Collage making for class IV

3. Slogan writing for class V

Juniors: Speech contest, collage, poster and slogan writing for classes VI to VIII
Seniors: Speech contest, collage, poster and slogan writing , street play and rally for classes IX and XI 

Date: 12th July 2012
Campus: Rajendra Nagar I

1. Audit team finalized

2. Planning for sensitizing the students about energy and water conservation by the Principal in the assembly

3. Posters and slogan writing, speech contest and collage making activities scheduled for Groundwater week

6th July 2012
Campus: Anand Nagar

1. Sensitizing the students about the environmental issues is being done in the assembly and in the classes.

2. Slogans and posters have been put up all around the campus.

3. Conscious efforts to save energy and water are being made.

4. Proposal of recycling rainwater have been thought of and the requirement has been sent for the same.



1. Poster making for class VI

2. Collage making for class VII

3. Report writing on their contribution towards conserving water by class VIII

4. Planting saplings by the staff for making the campus green