Report of Activities of Campuses for the month of JANUARY 2014

Aliganj-I Campus
• Collage & Poster making activity was conducted on 25th January for Republic Day, where students posters & drawings were displayed on the Soft boards.
• During the assembly Environmental Quiz was conducted by the students.
• Around 85 students of Junior & Senior participated in "Nineteenth Paryavaran Ratan Award" organized by Indian Centre for wildlife & Environmental studies in South East. Asia Region (ICWESSAR) appearing for test.
• One Noble act of service was conducted by Class IX, with the help of class teacher, woolen clothes were donated by the students to one orphanage of Mother Terasa at Sapru Marg and in the slum area of Vikas Nagar.

Aliganj-II Campus
• Children came to school with full enthusiasm. We have shown them some multi-media related to environment specially carbon footprint. The students were surprise to see that how they computer and T.V also emits CO2 and we explain them how they emits CO2. They made promise not to use electrical appliances when they are not required.
• Students have reused last year calendar to make rough copies. Class V students decorated their class board with the collage, slogans and posters made by the students of different branches on human right day.
• The members of the audit team keep check on any kind of wastage of water and electricity.

Anand Nagar Campus
• Mrs. Varlika Dubey visited our campus on 22nd of January and spoke to the students. Two students of our campus shared the audit reports with the entire school (both energy and water) in her presence. Mrs. Dubey explained the tips to save energy and also focused upon the importance of conservation of energy.
• On 23rd of January. Mr Vikrant Nath, Director of an NGO named 'Caravan' conducted a session at our campus based on three R'S: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The students also filled the questioners and gave their feedback.
• On 23rd January, the students of our campus participated in a Video Conferencing with the two international schools. Al-Hazar from Indonesia and Xavier's from Philippine. The students spoke about the most harmful environmental problem, steps that they have taken at their level to contribute towards environment, environmentalist who has been working towards the cause.
• The students of class II did a role-play on two famous environmentalists, Mr. Sunder Lal Bahug, who began cipko movement and Ms. Medha Pathar who played an active role in 'Narmada Bachao Andolan'.
• Students of primary section prepared creative item from plastic bottles, student of Junior section prepared elaborate models & air pollution, water cycle, water treatment plant & sewage treatment.

Jopling Road Campus
• Newspaper/calendar bags were distributed at the Zoo.
• Visit to the Jurassic Gallery and Garden of NBRI.
• Impart of Global Warming was discussed in the school Assembly by quoting the example of freezing of Lake Michigan and the heat waves which effect the northern part of Australia.
• Class K.G. Model Class Presentation on the theme "Nature is a great Teacher".

Gomti Nagar-I Campus
• About 128 students from classes 6 to 11 participated in the Nineteenth 'Paryavaran Ratna Award and Vanjeeva Award' written examination which was conducted in our campus on 22nd and 23rd of January.
• As part of their EVS project children of classes III and IV are asked to make something useful out of waste.
• One of the students of Clss 11 named Abhinav Srivastava has made a project on 'water and energy conservation' at home and in Restaurant. His project has been sent for the "young Leader for a Change", a competition of Centre for Environment Education.

Gomti Nagar-II Campus
• As we all know that the schools were closed and have reopened late.
• Students are making paper bags which will be given to the shop-keepers next week.
• Students of class VIII have re-used old shoe boxes to make first aid kits.

Indira Nagar Campus
• Teachers gave speeches in assembly to sensitize the importance of saving electricity, water and making a healthy green environment.
• Student of Class IX have formed a group - 'SAVE OUR SCHOOL ASSOCIATION'. This group aims to create the healthy environment in the school. Students are regularly advised and checked to follow hygienic habits. The groups takes great concern that no wastage of water & electricity takes place, there is no litter on the floor, the amount of garbage in the form of tear papers or any packed food rappers should be reduced. Students of Class VII have volunteered to form new Eco-club and join hands in hands to become 'Paryavaran Mitra' and take active participation in making the environment 'clean and green' at both school and community level.
• Students of Class VI have taken an initiative of 'ENERGY SAVING PROJECT' to be practiced at their homes by cutting down power supply for I hour and to compare the number of units consumed in months of January & February 2014 as this project with create an awareness in students by doing.
• Students of Junior section were explained the 'importance of wetlands in agriculture' to mark the WORLD WETLANDS DAY held on 2nd February every year. Students took active participation and have submitted this entry for 'essay competition' for the same topic organized by U.P. State Board of Biodiversity.
• Students from Primary Section are preparing their model class presentations based on environmental issues.

Mahanagar-I Campus
• Sub coordinators, were appointed at branch level to facilitate the environmental activities at the campus
• organizing a trip to Sandi Bird Sanctuary near Hardoi on 9th February.
• Poster on waste segregation and problem of waste were put up on the environment board.

Mahanagar-II Campus
• On 17th January, students (those who had registered themselves) appeared for the 'Paryavaran Ratna' Award in the campus itself.
• Jr. Children were involved in making 'best out of waste' products. We are pleased to showcase these products on our 'Open Day' on 1st February, 2014.
• Senior children conducted and completed the 'Energy Audit' for the month of December (as it was not completed in that month).

Mahanagar Campus (III)
• No litter topic was discussed under environment project work in the month of January.
• Class teachers ensure that students leave the class with no litter and furniture arranged in proper way.
• Since construction work in on in our building and workers are working during school home, children are sensitized & taught about the cleanliness. The class IV employees are working hard to keep the building clean inspite of construction work.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (I)
• 3R and 4R technology was made to understand to the students in the SUPW period and students were divided into group and were asked to make a project on things which can be reduce or refuse. Grades were being provided to them depending upon the project they came up with. This actively was performed by the Junior and Senior Section.
• Environmental software is being updated every day with the help of Environmental Club (Eco Club)
• Paper Bag activity was being performed by the students of Pre-primary section. They were asked to make paper bags so that they can be handed over to Zoo a part of social Service.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (III)
• As the schools were closed so we could not do much of the activities this month. Our branch also took part in Republic Day Parade so over Junior section was involved in that activity.
• Pre-Primary and primary students are working on best out of waste. Their activities will be displayed on the Open Day.
• We are also planning for Suhelwa visit.

Rajajipuram Campus I
• The children have collected bottles for vertical gardening and the children have planted cuttings of rose in the garden of the school.
• A poem contest was conducted where students of Class XII participated on the topic was Mother Nature.
• The Junior Incharge of the campus gave saplings and cuttings for vertical gardening and many other medicine plants for plantation.

Rajajipuram Campus II
• Children brought saplings from home and planted in the garden.
• Children made paper hasted and paper bags from the used newspaper. Bags were given to the shopkeepers near by the school.
• Children of class VIII will be going to Regional Science Centre on 3rd February.
• No litter week was excised. Children were delegated duties for checking & taking rounds in classes.

RDSO Campus
• Putting another step forward towards the environment conservation project, a visit of Mrs. Varalika Dubey, Executive Engineer, U.P. Power Corporation along her team members was organized for CMS RDSO Campus. She conducted a workshop to increase the awareness among the children to conserve power. She also shared the comparative results for auditing of three months. A power point presentation was made by Miss Ria Tandon, she explained the issues related to electricity. A lot of informative tips were given to conserve electricity at home.
• More plantations of plants were done at the land level.
• Concept of vertical garden still being promoted.

Station Road Campus
• As the school was closed for junior section and senior section had their second preboard exams so not much was done during this month. Students of class XI were taught how to do meter reading.
• The energy audit report will be sent by 4th of February 2014.