Report of Activities of Campuses for the month of FEBRUARY 2014

Aliganj-I Campus

• Mr. Kailash Keswani, Environment Coordinator participated in the Seminar 'Go-Green' organised by the Directorate of Education, U.P. and Swayam Siddha (a voluntary agency on environment) held on 22.2.2014 at the Regional Science Centre, Lucknow. He witnessed many innovative ideas of students expressed in the Environment Youth Café held during this seminar.
• Environment quiz was conducted for Primary, Junior & Senior Sections.
• 'Environment Conservation Tips' are regularly being shared with students during the prayer assembly.
• Projects on 'My Responsibilities towards Environment of Lucknow' have been prepared by students of class VIII.
• Student of Classes VI to VIII were regularly sensitized to keep the environment of their respective classrooms neat & clean.

Aliganj-II Campus
• Six students of class VIII visited the Abdullah Nursery and talked to Padam Shri, Mr. Hazi Kalimullah Khan. They were shown the mango tree having more than 300 varieties of mangoes.
• Water audit team found three leaking taps and informed the caretaker, which later were replaced. Class IV students made the EVS project file based on the topic "Wild Life Conservation". Videos related to animal conservation were shown to students. Student of class VI wrote a caption "Thank you for saving the present for our future" by reusing paper.

Anand Nagar Campus
• A group of people from Search Foundation had visited the campus to make the students aware of the harmful effects of chemical colours. They encouraged the students to use herbal colours for playing Holi.
• Visit to the Jurassic Gallery & Garden of NBRI to be planned during the month of March after the exams.

Ashrafabad Campus
• Special song to save environment has been composed and now will be taught to all the children of the school.
• Adverse effect of sand mining was taken up in assemblies and children were given information about how it affects the ground water system.
• Routine duties were carried out to check wastage of water/ energy in the branch.
• Visit to the Jurassic gallery will be planned after exams.

Chowk Campus
• 60 students of class VIII (from all sections) were taken to the Jurassic Gallery & Garden of NBRI. They witnessed many species of plants and apart from these, they saw different varieties of cactus plants. They were shown vertical gardening at NBRI.
• Students have been sensitized about the "conservation of water" in the assembly and they have been informed about the environmental impact of extensive mining of minerals and sand.
• In the month of March students of Junior section will be going for excursion to "Jim Corbett National Park".

Jopling Road Campus
• Nursery class students spoke on the importance of water in the model class presentation.
• K.G. class students will be speaking on the lessons given to us by the different elements of nature.
• The students addressed the school assembly on the environmental impact of mining minerals and sand mining.
• Wetland Day was observed by sharing valuable information in the Junior Section on the 3rd of February.
• Paper bags made will be distributed on the first week of March at the Zoo.

Gomti Nagar-I Campus
• Children of the Primary Section were involved in the activity of preparing useful things from waste material.
• Students of class 11 prepared a model on energy conservation.

Gomti Nagar-II Campus
• Visited Jurassic Gallery & Garden of NBRI.

Kanpur Road
• On 7th February, a small presentation was prepared by Class 6th children reducing the misuse of paper in the school and the same skit was performed in 09 Sections of Class 6th (as we didn’t had assemblies that week).
• On 8th February, a group of children participated in different competitions held at Red Rose School. one child got a prize in the painting competition on 'save water'.
• Article from H.O. on environmental impacts of mining mineral and sand mining was read in the assembly of junior and senior section. 5 newspaper articles on environmental issues (Clean-up Lucknow, The Times of India) were read in the assembly of junior section.
• On 20th February, 61 children (Prefects & Band children) went to NBRI.
• Being a class teacher of 8A, the environment coordinator (Kavita Shahi) gave a greeting card to all 47 children of her class. The theme of the cards was 'save our environment'.
• On 20th February, Class VII-J took the theme 'Go Green with Life' for their model class presentation.

Indira Nagar
• Students of classes V-A & B of our campus were taken to NBRI -Jurassic Gallery and Garden. Children learnt about the plants of geological period of Mesozoic era. They enjoyed the models of dinosaurs & Pentoxylon. It was a great excursion for them.
• Themes of environment were taken up in the model class presentations of primary section for creating an awareness about environment among parents. Parents also signed the sheets taking the "Pledge for water conservation".
• Students of class -I learnt the concept of 'REUSE'. They used coloured bits of paper & empty boxes of Kellog's Chocos and Bournvita and made little table dustbins out of them.
• Little kids of Nursery section presented a skit in their model class giving the message of 'plant a sapling on my birthday and take care of them'.
• Environment soft board was regularly updated. Students collected information from magazines for the awareness on the topics like 'Vermicomposting' and 'Biofertilizers' and these were displayed on the soft board.
• Students of Eco-club took active part for checking the cleanliness of the classrooms. The energy-check monitors ensured that there is no unnecessary consumption of electricity at any part of the school.

Mahanagar-I Campus
• Students attended the Nature Camp at Sandi Bird Sanctuary on 9th February. This camp was organized by the Centre for Environmental Education-CEE. The Camp instilled a sense of belongingness to nature and natural resources It also inculcated concern for environment. Students also visited the Jurassic park at NBRI, they learnt about the vegetation of Jurassic era including variety of Pleridophytes, Bryophytes etc.
• Students of class IX, Devansh Shukla and Atul Tripathi attended the seminar 'Marching towards Greener Lucknow' jointly organized by Swayam Siddha and Environmental Directorate of U.P. on 22nd February 2014. At the function the book 'Shades of Nature' was released on the presence of eminent guests like Mr V.N. Garg, Principal Secretary, Department of Environment and Forests, Government of U.P.; Mr Abid Surti (Guest of Honour), Founder, Drop Dead Foundation and National Award Recipient, Painter, Script Writer & Cartoonist; Mr V.K. Joshi, Former Director, Geological Survey of India (North Zone) and Mr Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, Famous Scientist. The book is a compilation of ideas presented by students at youth environment café held on 19th August 2013.
• Parents donated plants during model class of primary classes.

Mahanagar-II Campus
• In the junior building children of classes VI to VIII were associated with the ISA activity based on Global warming
• Children of the junior section had participated in the video conferencing on Global warming .
• The children of the Senior Section were taken to the Regional Science Centre. The children of the primary and the junior section were sensitized on how to make the environment clean and healthy for a better living . The junior children were also taken to the Jurassic Gallery. The visit was very informative. The children became aware of some plant species belonging the geological period.

Mahanagar Campus (III)
• Students of primary section made paper bags & distributed them to shopkeepers outside the school. They were informed about the harmful effects of using polythene, biodegradable & non-biodegradable waste, reduce, reuse & recycle waste etc.
• Students of junior section made 'best out of the waste' items to reduce, reuse & recycle waste.
• Students observe the following things on regular basis -:
I. No litter in the campus & classes. II. Switch off lights when not in use. III. Close taps after use.
• Class VIII students visited Jurassic Gallery & Garden of NBRI.
• Mrs Deepika Agarwal with 2 students visited Sandi Bird Sanctuary along with students of Mahanagar-I campus.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (III)
• Students were told about the Environmental impact of extensive mining of minerals and sand.
• Plan for visit to the Jurassic Gallery & Garden of NBRI.
• Students were asked to write street plays on the theme 'Conservation of Water and Energy'. The best plays would be taken up to showcase.

Rajajipuram Campus I
• The children under the 'Go Green Drive' planted saplings in plastic bottles and made the best use of waste.
• A trip to the Lucknow Zoological Garden was organized, where children collected information from their visit to the herb garden. The children monitored the food given to the animals and distributed paper bags to the Zoo authorities.
• The children made jute bags from sacks of rice bags.
• There is a regular effort of making the school premises "polythene free zone".
• The children were awarded with certificates for planting trees.
• The model class presentations are based on the theme of Environment Conservation.
• The children discussed about the wetlands during assembly .
• The children use the used paper for rough work . T
• The children had brought information about the "Paryavaram Bhawan" recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Rajajipuram Campus II
• On 3rd February, Assembly talk was held based on the theme 'Wetlands'.
• Environmental impact of extensive mining of minerals & sand was taken as a topic of discussion in the morning assembly.
• Children of class VIII were taken to the Regional Science Centre & it provided children with practical knowledge.
• Children of class III made first –aid boxes and hand made paper baskets & paper bags.

RDSO Campus
• Preparation of environment soft board as discussed in previous meeting.
• A nature walk was organized for the junior section to a nearby Lake Park where the children studied the Flora Fauna of the park & the eco-system of the pond.
• A written examination on environmental topic was conducted for the junior section children by ICWESSAR, Rajasthan.
• A peace corner came into existence near the oldest tree of the branch where few hanging plants flowering plants were placed & an idol of Mahatma Budha & Lord Ganesha was also placed.
• Distribution of paper bags in the locality.

Station Road Campus
• A seminar on (go green) was attended at Regional Science Center by 3 teachers along with the environment coordinator. Speeches by eminent environmentalist Mr. V. N. Garg, Mr.Abid Surti, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Srivastava were very Inspirational for the teachers.
• Energy audit was done and the report of February audit will be sent next week.