Report of Activities of Campuses for the month of December 2013

Aliganj-I Campus

• 20 students of class VII & VIII of Aliganj-I Campus participated in the Nature Camp at the Sandi Bird Sanctuary, which was held on 24th December 2013. This Nature Camp was jointly organized by the Centre of Environment Education (CEE) & U.P. Forest Corporation (UPFC). Knowing about birds, their species, their language, their natural habitat and their life was very interesting & exciting for the student. Extremely beautiful birds like Indian Pond Heron, Egret, Saras, Cormorant, Kingfisher, Greater Coucal, Plum-headed Parakeet, Black Kite, Woolly-necked Stork and Little Grebe were watched by students.
• Model class presentations based on environment were conducted by the primary and junior sections for creating awareness about environment among parents.
• Environment conservation tips were shared by the students in daily assembly.
• 84 students got registered themselves for the Paryavaran Ratna Award exam to be conducted in the month of January 2014.
• Fun and Learn Day was celebrated on 21st December 2013 in which students were taught to prepare newspaper bags.
• Environment Soft Board regularly updated.

Aliganj-II Campus
• Human Rights Day was organised on 4th December 2013 at our campus with full enthusiasm. Children made charts especially for Human Rights Day which they put on the environment soft board. Every child came up with new and creative idea like nature and technology join hand together in collage. There were different topics for the different competitions like.
- Painting: 'Save Trees to save the Earth'.
- Debate: 'Progress is not possible without destroying Nature'.
- Collage: 'The world in 2050'.
• Children made paper bags.
• Audit team is working regularly.

Anand Nagar Campus
• Students prepared models and posters on conservation of the environment.
• Our campus got registered with Centre of Environment Education (CEE).

Asharfabad Campus
• New posters with the message of save water and save electricity were made and pasted near the water taps and electricity switchboards.
• Speeches were given by teachers in the assembly to sensitize the importance of saving electricity, water and making a healthy green environment.
• Online registration of the school with the Paryavaran Mitra program was done by the environment coordinator. Confirmation of the registration was received by email.
• Meetings of teaching, non-teaching and menial staff were conducted to sensitize in them the need of saving power may it be in any form.

Chowk Campus
• Handmade New Year cards were prepared by students and given to their friends to reduce carbon emission.
• Handmade paper bags were prepared by students and given to canteen owner to reduce use of poly bags.

Jopling Road Campus
• Distribution of paper bags / calendar bags at the Zoo.
• Informative talk on Medicinal plants by the students of class VII.
• Findings of the Energy Audit were shared with parents during Model Class Presentation.
• Hobby items based on the concept 'Best out of waste' were made by students of class VI and displayed as an exhibition.

Gomti Nagar-I Campus
• Students of junior section used their zero period for making paper bags which were given to the shopkeepers outside the school encouraging them to stop the use of plastic bags.
• Nearly 129 students registered themselves for the 19th Vanjeeva Ratna Award and Paryavaran Ratna Award exam to be conducted in the month of January 2014.
• One of the students of class 11-B, Abhinav Srivastava has sent his nomination for the YOUNG LEADER FOR CHANGE (Best student Award Category) to the Centre for Environment Education (CEE).
• Our campus has also sent the project and nomination for the Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013.

Gomti Nagar-II Campus
• In the class presentation of class IX (A, B & C sections) an environment quiz was conducted in which the students told the parents about the degradation of environment and how we can protect it.
• Students prepared paper bags out of old newspapers for distribution to the local shopkeepers in nearby areas.
• Students also made craft items from old newspapers.

Kanpur Road Campus
• Themes of environment were taken up in the model class presentation of VI-J & G.

Mahanagar-I Campus
• Menial training programme was conducted in the month December. The menial staff was informed about the need for conservation of water and energy. The Principal explained various ways of conserving water and energy to them. She also motivated the staff through her motivational and inspiring words.
• Former Director of the NBRI, Mr Brijesh Banerji gave a presentation on the plant improvement techniques to the students. Students interacted with Mr. Banerji and came up with many queries. Students learned about plant mutation, methods of plant improvement and impact of these changes on environment.

Mahanagar-II Campus
• A talk and collage making competition on the theme 'significance of trees and their uses' were organised for the children at the campus. The competition of collage making was held in the zero period.
• Impact of plastics on the environment was also taken up as an important issue among the children and staff. It covered the harmful effects of plastics on the body and the environment, and also the problem of water disposal. We are trying to inculcate that attitude among children, teachers and helpers which refrains from plastic usage. For this purpose, we have distributed cups/mugs / glasses to the helping staff so that they do not use plastic cups for tea. Teachers made their contribution by purchasing these cups.
• 'Best out of waste' was held in the Jr. building children, they used peanut shells, pencil sharing and other such waste products to make SUPW items. Posters on 'Save Marring life' were also made by the primary and junior children.

Mahanagar Campus (III)
• The article 'The Climate trade and tango' by Dr Sunita Narain, Director General of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi was displayed on the Environment Board.
• In December month the scheduled activity by expert from U.P. Power Corporation Limited did not take place.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (II)
• Class presentation for classes III and IV was based on conservation of Environment. Children discussed about saving Mother Earth in their own small way. Cleanliness of the environment was also a major issue discussed through the model classes.
• The article 'The Climate trade and tango' by Dr Sunita Narain, Director General of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi was shared with the students during assembly and was displayed on the Environment Board.
• Ms Varalika Dubey from UPPCL visited the branch and children got a chance to discuss Electricity Saving issues with her. She discussed simple measures which can be easily adopted to cut down the electricity expenditure. She motivated the children to take the initiative in saving electricity. The session was quite interactive.
• In the primary section children made New Year Cards by reusing the paper and using natural colours like Mehandi powder, flowers, turmeric etc.
• The pre primary children were often found playing with the leaves and flowers and plucking them. To bring them close to nature they were made to plant some saplings and name them. Every day they water the plants themselves and are taking good care of them.

Rajendra Nagar Campus (III)
• Students of class VI were asked to make paper bags in their S.U.P.W. activity. These paper bags were distributed in the shops of Rajendra Nagar locality. Students also made an appeal to reduce the usage of polythene bags and use paper bags or jute bags.
• Students of class VII were asked to make copies out of papers of old copies. They made copies out of the left over papers of their old copies and covered it beautifully. These copies will be distributed in a nearby orphanage.
• No litter week was observed in the branch. The cleanliness incharges of all the classes were checking the cleanliness of the class. The energy monitors took rounds to check the cleanliness of their floors.
• We had also sent the report for Paryavaran Mitra Best School award.

Rajajipuram Campus I
• The plantation conducted in the month of August-September was carried forward in December. The tried and tasted Method of Guldavdi Plantation has brought to an action whereby approximately 40 new plants have been planted.
• The children have made compact bins discussed during the seminar for preparation of organic manure. The cutting method of plantation of roses is being practiced at the branch for plantation of roses Petunia Plantation at the branch was conducted. Children have made bags of flex paper. Children have worked upon Indian companies working for reducing the cartoon footprint.

Rajajipuram Campus II
• Paper bags were made by the children in hobby classes. These bags were distributed to the local shopkeepers as environmental charity.
• Students made napkin holders, file covers and calendars from old newspapers. Rangoli was made by the students of junior section.
• Children were taken to a green park in front of our campus to make them environment conscious.
• No Litter week was exercised.

RDSO Campus
• Tree plantation continued this month also with a lot of enthusiasm.
• More and more seasonal plants were planted at the campus.
• Comparative Energy auditing was done at the campus comparing the consumption of last and current month.
• A lot items on environment were performed based on Environment in Model Classes. Few children acted as Eco friends. An interview with Gomti river, tips to save water etc. Distribution of paper bags K. medicinal plants were the highlight.
• A request to conduct G.K. Quiz on environment was sent to centre for wildlife Rajasthan.
• Entry for 'PARYAVARAN MITRA AWARD' was sent to Mrs Preeti Kannaujia of CEE.

Station Road Campus
• Poster Competition held in KGMC. 5 Students were invited in the workshop by Bio-waste Management Department of KGMC.
• No litter week was conducted during the month of December. The most clean and well kept classroom was announced by the Principal during assembly. One each from ICSE and ISC section.
• Eco club members were shown how to take meter reading by the electrical engineer of the campus (under his complete guidance and supervision).
• Energy Audit of November month was done and submitted on line.
• During assembly the eco club members during the activities spoke on how we can save water and energy in our daily life routine.
• The article 'The Climate trade and tango' by Dr Sunita Narain, Director General of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi was displayed on the Environment Board.