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Success Stories

Experiencing Success
Since March 2008, the CMS-CRS team has been actively working within communities around Lucknow. This has helped the station produce and broadcast community-based programmes alongside educational programmes. The initiative has also been taken to try and encourage community people to become volunteers and take ownership of programmes.

We have had mixed experiences in this endeavour. After getting women to overcome their fear of the mike, in their first attempts to record local folk songs and those that Mahila mandals compose for festivals and community gatherings, the CMS-CRS team faced an unexpected obstacle. There was a misconception that recordings and songs recorded by the community people were being sold at high prices in the market and community people were not making any money. Gradually we were able to remove this misconception from their minds. Our efforts have begun to bear fruit, as we managed to motivate 20 community volunteers from Makhdoompur village, Nizampur  Malhapur , Shekh-Sarai,Tera Khash, Lonapur,  Jhiljhila Purva and Kullikheda village.

Local Community Benefits
Here are few people from the local community who think that CMS community radio has changed their thinking and mindset towards life. This has become a success story and source of inspiration for other members of the community.

Sarita Rawat (with pic)
A gifted girl from the community, Sarita Rawat has been associated with CMS community Radio since 2010. She is a very talented girl and singer of folk songs. Being a hard working and sincere member of CMS-CRS volunteer team, she is ever thankful to the CMS-Community Radio for grooming her personality. Read more about Sarita

Ramesh Yadav (with pic)
Ramesh Yadav, a farmer who stays in Malhaur village, is associated with CMS community radio from the year 2009. Along with many other people from the same village, Ramesh was invited to CMS Community Radio studio for training-cum-workshop. They were then trained on computers for different functions like recording, editing and mixing. Ramesh was very shy in the beginning. He is almost a changed man now.  He himself says, “I never got an opportunity to learn how to use the computer. However, I am happy that I got an opportunity to speak on the radio”. Read more about Ramesh

Chenavati (with pic)
Chenavati, a 21-year-old young girl came to the studio in March 2009, after she heard bhajans being played on this community radio channel. After initial fumbling, she has managed to settle down and has contributed to various radio programmes. Read more about Chenavati

Shivani Agrawal (with pic)
Shivani, a 20-year-old polio affected girl, is one of four sisters, who lost their father a few years ago. She is studying for her graduation and has been coming regularly to the CMS community radio station to learn use of computer for different works at CMS radio station, like recording, editing and mixing of the programmes. Read more about Shivani