Rules and Regulations

1. A newbie’s companion FOR understanding the basic soccer rules & regulations

The main objective of soccer is to score a goal with any part of the body except the arms and hands. There are Various Laws of the Game to ensure order and fairness in play. These were formulated by FIFA, the highest governing body of football in the world. The laws were mostly based on the first set of rules formulated by the Football Association, England’s football body, in 1863. We will follow these Laws.

2. Players’ Equipments:

A) Jersey with Numbers- Numbers on the back of the jersey shall correspond with numbers indicated on the official players list. A goal keeper will wear the number-1 jersey and the colour of goal keepers jersey should be different from other playing members. Throughout the competition each player shall wear the same number jersey allotted to him. On the official players list the size of numbers on Jersey / T-shirt should be 10 cm and 15 cm in height at any position in front of either leg of the shorts.

B) The following soccer equipments are required for each player: a shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards, and football boots. Goalkeepers from both sides should wear a kit that will distinguish them from the outfield players and the referees. The reserve outfit shall also be taken to every match.

3. Strength of a Team


The maximum strength of a delegation is 19 members which comprises:–

  1. 16 players (Boys only under 19 yrs.)
    Players born on or after 31/03/2000 are eligible
  2. One Team Manager
  3. One Coach
  4. One Physiotherapist

The maximum strength of a delegation is 19 members which comprises:–

  1. 16 players (Girls only under 19 yrs.)
    Players born on or after 31/03/2000 are eligible
  2. One Team Manager
  3. One Coach
  4. One Physiotherapist

Three substitutions are allowed in a match. Substitution is allowed only during stoppage or restart of the match.

School should select only those players who are medically fit to participate in the event. Fitness Certificate signed by a recognized Doctor is required to be submitted to the organiser along with the entry form.

Team officials will be completely responsible for the discipline of their team members during the event and period of stay.

Team Managers will have to attend organisers’ meeting, whenever required. Registration will be on first come first serve basis.

Last date of entry is 15th February 2019.

4. Match Duration

Boys:Duration of the match will be 70 minutes (35 minutes each half, with 10 minutes interval – 35 +10 + 35).
Girls: Duration of the match will be 50 minutes (25 minutes each half, with 10 minutes interval – 25 +10 + 25).

Additional minutes in a soccer game may be played at the end of each half, to compensate for lost time during the game.

The added minutes are called “injury period” and should not be confused with the overtime, which is played in some competition, if a winner is not yet decided after regulation time.

5. Format of Match

Match will be played on the basis of League cum Knockout format. Each team shall be playing three matches in all in their respective groups. The pool topper from each group shall be playing Knockout in the Concord International 2019.

Boys: There shall be 4 Pools each consisting of 4 teams.
Girls: There shall be 2 Pools each consisting of 4 teams.

6. League Table / Point

During the league winning team gets the points. To qualify for the semifinal the points to be considered. Winner. 3 points, Tie- 1 point, Loser-0 point. Team with highest number of points, shall be at the top of their respective group.

In case of equal points between the team, then goal average will be taken in to consideration. (Highest number of goals scored) In case equal goals are scored by a team, then the goal conceded by a team (Lowest) will decide the group winner.

7. Tie Match in Knock Out (Semifinal and Final)

In case of a tie, Sudden death will follow.

  • In case any match is abandoned due to any fault or weather conditions etc. then the Penalty Shot-out will follow.
  • If the penalty Shot-out is a tie, then International procedures shall be adopted for Tie breaker in Sudden death.
  • Any other matter not covered above shall be decided by the Organising Committee, and its decision shall be final and binding on the contesting teams.

8. Field of Play

The following areas of the football field must be marked: touchlines/sidelines, goal lines & goal areas, halfway line, center circle, penalty areas, arcs, & spots, and corner arcs. A flag post should be planted on each corner of the field.

There are three grounds which will be used for CONCORD-2019

Boys: There shall be 4 Pools each consisting of 4 teams.
Girls: There shall be 2 Pools each consisting of 4 teams.

Daily 12 matches will be played in three grounds. (8 Match in two ground of Chowk Stadium and 4 Match in JaiJagat Stadium. As we are organizing 12 matches in one day on three grounds, therefore, next team should report 30 minutes before their scheduled time.Teams should be ready to play two matches in a day, if required.

Committee has the right to change Time, Date and the Venue of the match if required and same will be intimated to the team in advance.

9. Start/Restart of play

A kickoff starts a football game and restarts it at the second half or after a goal is scored. The team which kicks off the ball at the beginning of the match is determined by a coin toss.

During the kickoff in football, only two players are allowed inside the center circle: the one kicking and the one receiving the ball.

10. Fouls and Misconduct

The following are the most common fouls in football: kicking, tripping, pushing, or charging another player recklessly; striking or attempting to strike an opponent or any member of the opposing side. A foul is called if a player: makes a tackle, but hits the player before the ball; deliberately handles the ball (except the goalkeeper in his proper area); or if he uses excessive force in defending an opponent.

Yellow Card is warning from the referee to a player during a match to sanction unsporting behavior of a serious nature.

Two caution (Yellow Cards) received during the same match incurs an expulsion (indirect red card) and consequently automatic suspension from the match.

11. Awards

  • Best Player of the Match
  • Best Player of the Series
  • Best Goal keeper
  • Best Back player
  • Best Forward player
  • Best mid player
  • Most disciplined team
  • Fair Play Award *
  • Runners Up team
  • Winner team

12. Head referee

The duties and responsibilities of the head referee in soccer include: ensuring that players wear the proper strip and equipment, signaling the start and end of game, citing and punishing violations of rules, stopping play if a player requires medical attention, deciding whether or not to continue a game, and keeping time.

The referee cites fouls and infringement of the rules and prevents repeated occurrences of unsportsmanlike conduct by cautioning players with a yellow card or sending them off with a red card. Two yellow cards in football is equivalent to a red card. A player who receives a red card in football cannot be replaced, so his team must continue the game with one man less.

All the Referees are 'A' grade qualified from the Football Association. There will be Four Referees. Three on the field and fourth umpire off the ground. Referees decision shall stand final. No protest will be entertained against decision of referees.

13. Mandatory for Eligibility during Registration:- (Indian Teams Only)

Group photograph of the team with the Principal and Official is a requisite at the time of registration. Soft and hard scanned copy of the class X certificate duly signed by the Principal of the school, with stamp of the Institution.

14. Registration

A sum of Rs. 1,000/- ($ 20) per player shall be charged as registration fees. This includes food, boarding, lodging and to and fro transport from Railway station/Airport. The Manager, Coach and Physiotherapist shall accompany the team free of cost. The amount may be remitted through demand draft drawn in favour of CMS, Lucknow. No cash or draft will be accepted in person.

15. Stay

Organisers will provide food, boarding and lodging facilities at the venue only from 30th Morning of March to 05th Morning of April 2019. The travel reservations may be made accordingly.

All the team members must attend all ceremonial activities organized by the host team.

16. General Instructions

Participants are requested to help ensure the smooth conduct of CONCORD INTERNATIONAL-2019.

Morning Prayer- Assembly will be an integral part. Attending the same is compulsory for all participants. Students will wear the complete track suit and Identity Card during the opening ceremony and will march in the procession with their School Flag.

No participant will be allowed to leave the venue once the event begins. The team leader must be present with the participants during the event and other activities.

Discipline and decorum is to be maintained at all times. The team manager will be personally responsible for the conduct of the team members. Any breach of discipline may lead to disqualification of the team. The organisers may be compelled to request the disqualified team to withdraw from the venue.

Participants are advised to ensure the safety of their belongings at all times. The organisers will not entertain any complaints about loss of their valuables.

Rail/Air fare will be borne by the participant/institution concerned.

15. Medical, Communication & Security

The entire premises will be sealed for the duration of the competition. There will be round the clock security vigil at the gate. A doctor will be present at the venue. “Happy to Help” desk, Telephone, Fax and E mail facility will be available round the clock.