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Commonwealth Song
'An Inclusive Commonwealth'

Here we are, standing together
United like brother
Children of one mother
'Mother earth'

Don't judge us from our skin
We are from one kin
We are here to embrace
'One human race'

For years and years we've been destroyed
Through our caste, colour and creed
Being denied and discriminated,
For nasty political greed

Now time's changed and we stand here
As one big happy family,
Spreading and receiving joy and happiness
And colours of unity

We are Inclusive commonwealth,
We pledge to live in unity
In sicknesses and in health
We praise inclusive commonwealth
We're here for world to see
Unity in diversity
Long live the great commonwealth

The head of the great commonwealth
Long live our majesty queen Elizabeth.

Writer & Composed by:
Mr Arish Hasan
Music Teacher
City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar (I), Lucknow, INDIA