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General Guidelines
  1. The team from the participating institution should comprise a maximum of 8 participants from classes IX to XII. The age group of the team members should be 14 to 18 years.

  2. The team members should be accompanied by 1 teacher in-charge and 1 accompanist. A maximum number of 3 accompanists/ instrumentalists are allowed who must be a part of the 10 member team i.e. the team should consist of 8 participants and 1 team leader and 1 accompanist. The total number of  members in the team should not exceed 10.

  3. For the group events (i.e. Choir, Choreography, Traditional Group Dance & Orchestra) the team will include minimum 6 participants. The student participating in Art & Painting should not be participating in the choreography competition. Similarly the student participating in Collage should not be participating in Choir Competition as these events are to be held simultaneously.

  4. The teams should arrive in Lucknow by 7th Sept. 2016 positively for registration.

  5. The introduction of the teams will be held on 8th Sept. 2016.

  6. It is essential for the team members and leaders to be present until the prize distribution ceremony at the end of the festival.

  7. The Participants will have to bring their own tape recorders for practice purposes.

  8. All musical instruments required by the participants will have to be arranged by the teams themselves.

  9. Air / Rail fares will be borne by the participants / participating institutions. Boarding and Lodging will be provided free of cost.

  10. To qualify for the Championship Trophy, a team will have to participate in all the events.