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Principal's Desk

Mrs Aruna Naidu
Principal, CMS Rajajipuram Campus II

"She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies"

Mrs Aruna Naidu's visionary leadership, has transformed this campus,over the years, into an exquisite one.Campus has acquired a beauty of its own. Its beauty lies in the multifarious talents of children which are developed here and which reveal their hidden abilities in studies, music, art, painting and sports. It is Mrs Naidu's golden touch which turns even ordinary minds into brilliant ones who are ready to take up new challenges and excel in every field of knowledge. Children in this Campus under the guidance of the talented teachers are always indulging in something innovative, something creative. In Mrs Naidu's guidance, the Campus organizes the International Youth Festival which invites the children of different countries through a series of competitions that bring out their natural creative talent and encourage them to think in terms of One World One Humanity.


Principal’s Address

Greetings to all!

Education is the backbone of a progressive country and heartbeat of a developing nation.CMS, Rajajipuram Campus II has strived to gift the society the best youth which will change the face of the world with progressive thoughts but grounded with the values of our motto “Jai Jagat”.

Each child has inborn potential, and we, at Rajajipuram Campus II attempt to nurture these inborn, inherited talents of the children. We believe that every child entrusted to our care has multiple sparks hidden in him/her. We endeavor to nurture each of them to achieve their potential beyond conventional academics. We aim to positively influence the lives of these young ones so profoundly that they transform into world players.

The school has introduced innovative interventions in classrooms teaching besides having developed and strengthened institutional capacities through meticulous planning, expert training, analysis and inspection to ensure greater learning outcomes.

A child is the most valuable resource of any country. We always intend to nurture their tender and fresh minds with love and care, providing individual attention in an environment conducive of making the child a Total Quality person, capable of facing life’s challenges.

The participation of these children in various activities like the youth fest, model class presentations, recitation, elocution, debates, inter house competitions and the  international exposure helps the students to prepare for dynamic world challenges.

This year a delegation of the branch, which included young brilliant mathematicians Aviral Upadhyay, Anshit Seth and Akanksha Anand, went to Hong Kong to participate in the International Mathematics Competition 2014 held there from 12 th to 18 th of July 2014.. This proved to be a great learning experience for these kids who showed outstanding achievements.

This year also added another jewel to our crown with ClassVII students Saksham Shekhar, Raghavanshu Mishra and Suhasi Chaudhry winning First prize in the Team Round in GK Olympiad. The Team of class V which included Jiya Chowdhry, Hrishi Raj Saxena and Priyal Singh also returned winning the first position in the Team Round Of GK Olympiad. Jiya Chowdhry also won the first prize in the individual round for the same.

The icing on the cake was when four students namely Pranav Pandey, Achintya Patel, Suhasi Chaudhry, Jiya Chowdhry got selected for the National Level Round in the WIZ National Spell Bee Competition, Suhasi Chaudhry won the second prize and was awarded cash prize of INR 3000/- in South City International School, Kolkatta  and Sona Verma of Class VI won the gold medal in Taekwondo Championship and got selected for the State Level Round. Our little Taekwondo master. Om Jaiswal (K.G ) also won Gold Medal in Inter School Taekwondo Championship.

To inculcate love for humanity among children, we always encourage them to be a part of social service projects. The students of the branch have generously contributed to the Search Foundation, Prime Minister’s Relief fund for Kashmir, Orphanage, Old Age Home and many more.

The zest and enthusiasm of the students, whether in their achievements in academics, co-curricular activities or in games and sports speak volumes. The students of the branch are trained to observe strict discipline in school as well as in later years.

I am grateful to our Founders, Respected Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr. Mrs. Bharti Gandhi for their unfailing support and encouragement. I extend my gratitude to Mrs. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon who has introduced a lot of new technology in our school. I am also thankful to Mrs. Sushmita Basu, Head, Quality Assurance and Innovation Department, for guidance, love and support at all times. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to my teachers, the menial staff as well the parents for their valuable contribution.


--Aruna Naidu
Campus Notices
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