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Principal's Desk

Ms Manjit Batra
Senior Principal, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

Only as high as I reach
Can I grow,
SOnly as far as I can seek
Can I go,
Only as deep as I look
Can I see
Only as much as I dream
Can I be

A dream written down with a DATE becomes a goal, A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan,

A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true."

CMS institutions believe in a culture of excellence in all aspects of education. True education is training of both the head and the heart. So we strive to prepare students not only for examination but for life, without losing their areas of specialization and competence.

The purpose of education is to nurture in students to become responsible citizens. Tried and tested values like honesty, humanity, hard work and moral ethics are imparted along with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We strongly believe that a leader is born with the birth of every child. In order to reach their true potential we provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing and honing their talents which motivates them to be active contributors to our society.

Numerous opportunities are provided to develop their individual talents and holistic development which results in outstanding success in sports, debate, music, cultural events at all level.

We recognize their limitations but focus on their strengths. With experienced and dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure, our school is a center of excellence in all learning areas. The success and progressive results in the previous academic years confirm that we are in the right direction. It is a big morale booster for both the parents and the students.

Each child is different. We, as educators offer and provide opportunities to each of the individual to bring out the best in them. It is said that a leader is born with the birth of every child. The need is to provide an enabling environment and careful nurturing to the diverse talented children under our care.

We provide a safe and positive environment where children can reach their maximum potential, transforming them into responsible citizens. Our quest is to improve and strive for excellence by offering a healthy array of extracurricular programmes.

I wish to thank our founders respected Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and founder Director Dr. Mrs. Bharti Gandhi under whose stellar guidance GN II is striving towards creating the UTOPIA, where all the elements of nature are in perfect harmony with each other and the World is a better place to live in.

I must acknowledge in absolute humility, the immense support, encouragement ans strength that we garner from our highly revered admired Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon (President & COO) and Mrs. Susmita Basu (Head-QAID)


Mrs Sangeeta Banerji
Principal, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

"When you find a dream inside your heart,
don't ever let it goÖ..
For dreams are the tiny seeds,
from which beautiful tomorrows grow."
Our dreams have to be Bigger,
Our ambitions- Higher
Our commitments- Deeper
Our efforts-Greater.

CMS is a driving concept that has grown and grown over the last 50 years. The concept that "Every child is potentially the light of the World", it is for us to discover that light, by giving the child a chance to recognize his or her own area of strength. The World is not lit up only by excellence in Academics alone, It is also lit by excellence in Sports, Music, Art, Creativity and by dreams and sunshine.

Our intensive academic training and congenial atmosphere have yielded commendable results in ICSE. Total 108 students appeared for the ICSE exam 2015-16 out of which 43 students scored 90 % and above. Lowest percentage in the ICSE exam was 78%."

Achintya Veer Singh brought laurels to the branch by scoring 97.8% in the ICSE Exam.

Two students of our branch were amongst the Top 10 Merit List of ICSE Exam 2015-16

1. Shivani Singh secured 10th position with 97.4%

2. Achintya Veer Singh secured 8th position with 97.8%

The demand for admissions convinced us to expand further and additional sections have been opened in the Pre Primary, Primary and Junior wings, class XII was introduced with the along with the FITJEE classes from the current academic session. 90 students will be taking the class XII Board exam for the session 2016-17.

We will be organizing the 2nd International Environment Olympiad from 9th- 12th December 2017 which is an earthen lamp lit every alternate year to renew our promise for a greener tomorrow.

German classes have been introduced in the junior wing and classes IV, V of the Primary wing of the branch.

A four member delegation led by our Senior Principal, Ms. Manjit Batra and deputy leader went to Thailand to participate in the Maths Olympiad in August 2016.

Four students and 1 teacher escort went to Canada for one month to be a part of the CISV camp.

A nine member team along with a leader went to NASA Space Center during the summer vacations.

The 3rd ASISC Declamation Contest was successfully hosted by our branch in the month of August 2015 in which schools from different parts of the U.P and Uttrakhand participated.

I must acknowledge in absolute humility the immense support, guidance and hand holding we receive from our Senior Principal, Ms. Manjit Batra, who has cradled this campus in her arms like a baby and we all look up to her as our North Star for our directions.

I also acknowledge with gratitude the all pervading influence of Respected Ms. Susmita Basu ,who is the epitome of Authority with Serenity.

I am also fortunate to be guided by Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon (President and Chief Operating Officer) who is constantly working towards making CMS the EL DORADO of our dreams.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Founder Manager Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr.Mrs. Bharti Gandhi without whose invaluable guidance and experienced leadership we would have been like a ship without a rudder. Their unflinching support has been a continuous source of motivation to us.

Campus Notices
Dear CMS Alumni,

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