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Letter to UN requesting to include children’s appeal in the agenda of the Millennium Assembly

17th August, 2000

H.E. Dr. Kofi A. Annan
Secretary General
United Nations Headquarters
S-3800 New York, NY 100 17 USA
Fax: 001-212-963-2155

Sub. : Appeal to include world children’s appeal to “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE AND HEAL THE WORLD” in the Agenda of the UN’s Millennium Assembly being held on 5th September, 2000

Respected Dr. Annan,

We, the 24,000 students of the City Montessori School, Lucknow (India), were extremely delighted to receive your highly inspiring message dated 11th October, 1999 sent for the occasion of the United Nations Day on 14th October, 1999 in our INstitution there were thunderous cheers from all 24,000 children as well as the 2000 teachers after your message was read out. Your warm message had a magical effect on the gathering as never before in the history of our Institution had the children received a personal message from the Secretary General of the UNO. Every child hasked for a copy of yor message to treasure it as lifetime souvenir.

“It is a moment to take stock, to look back on what we have achieved, and where we have failed and then to look forward, and think how we can make the new era better than the old” contained the sum-total of our feelings which thrilled us all. The concern in your words “hunger, disease, violence and natural disasters - whenever the task seems too big for nations, or regions to handle alone” reflected the true situation in today’s world.

It would be no exaggeration to say that at such a crucial time in human history, the United Nations is really fortunate to have you as the Secretary General whose real and sincere concern for the well-being of the entire human race is an example for all. Having been observing the turmoil and tension around the globe for self-aggrandisement, that has thrown the entire world in chaos, we the students of City Montessori School believe that the time has come when a serious consideration should be given to establish world peace and order to ensure a secure future for humankind. And we feel that you can initiate this process and go down in history as the saviour of humankind. Being the Secreaty General of the UNO your words and deeds will undoubtedly move the Heads of the Governments of the Member states to accept your appeal to establish peace and security all over the world.

“We the peoples Millennium Forum Declaration and Agenda for Action Strengthening the United Nations for the 21st Century” already contains an appeal for a New International Political and Economic Order in para ‘F’ on page 22. The said Forum being a part of the United Nations the above declaration abviously becomes an inseparable part of the U.N. document. For your convenience we take the liberty to reproduce para ‘F’ of the above document below:


A major task of the world community in the twenty-first century will be to strengthen and greatly enhance the role of the United Nations in the global context. Governments must recommit themselves to the realization of the goals and mandates of the United Nations Charter. A challenging task is to firmly protect the integrity of the United Nations, counter the erosion of its role and to further strengthen and augment international institutions capable of implementing and enforcing international standards, norms and law, leading toward the formation of a new political and economic order.

The undersigned had the proud privilege of personally hearing your inaugural speech at the Millennium Forum at UN Headquarters on 22nd May, 2000. The warmth of feelings and the words of your speech revealed that you are truly concerned with humanity’s welfare. As I savoured every word uttered by you I felt that here is a man who can be an umbrella organisation for the entire human race.

We, the common citizens of the world, have a limited vision and are usually afflicted by national considerations due to a variety of local influences and are therefore unable to look beyond our daily needs and mundane affairs. But being the Head of the United Nations you have a world view and have a larger perspective and therefore can see larger interest of the peoples of the world.

We had also written to the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who has supported the initiative of us students and has promised that at the Millennium Summit he will be working to promote peace.

We would like to draw your kind attention to the letter from your Assistant Secretary-General for External Relations, Mr. Gillian Martin Sorensen, dated 5th May, 2000 (copy enclosed) regretting that “much as Secretary-General would like to read out the peace appeal (from 24,000 CMS children on behalf of the children of the world), he would be unable to do so. Statements at the Millennium Summit will be limited to United Nations member states, with very few exceptions approved by the General Assembly itself.”

May the 24,000 children of City Montessori School, the world’s largest school recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records, on behalf of the children of the world, fervently appeal to you again to kindly consider atleast putting forth their Appeal “Give Peace a Chance and Heal the WOrld” in the Millennium ssembly being held on 5th September 2000 before the Millennium Summit which is to be attended by all the Head sof the States/Governments of the world. It will give much satisfaction to all the children of the world, who represent the future generations, if the Government representatives, as responsible parents, consider reading out their appeal in the Millennium Assembly and if the Millennium Assembly approves the same, it may be tabled before the Millennium Summit.

We trust that the Heads of the Governments of the Member States would appreciate the feelings of the children for world peace and will surely strive to usher in a new era in the new millennium.

We sincerely hope that the children’s appeal will receive the attention of this august World Body and translate their dream into a reality. We have full faith in you to cause this to happen. We are enclosing the said Appeal. We are enclosing a few press clippings published from New Delhi and Lucknow about CMS students efforts in promoted world peace. A relevant photograph of the students is also enclosed for your perusal.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Jagdish Gandhi)


Mr Gandhi discussed the issue with Hon’ble Mr Justice Syed Saghir Ahmed, a former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and convened a Round-table Conference on 14th January 2001. Heartened by the support of the judicial fraternity, Mr Gandhi then convened a National level seminar on 25th February, 2001, which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Justice R. S. Pathak, a former Chief Justice of India, former Judge, International Court of Justice, Member, Permanent Court of Arbitration (The Hague) and Honorary Member of the Bench, Gray’s Inn, London. Many other eminent jurists also participated.

The success of the national level seminar inspired CMS to convene the First International Conference on Article 51 of the Constitution of India which was held on 6th May 2001. The Conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Justice K. T. Thomas, Judge, Supreme Court of India and many other eminent judges and legal luminaries also participated. The response from the international judicial fraternity to the First International Conference reassured all about the support for the children’s cause from the world’s judiciary. The point was how to translate this support into a movement for compelling sovereignties to give up their right to wage war for the sake of the children’s future.

Click to inlage view
A view of the audience of International Conference of Chief Justices of the world held at the huge auditoium of ‘World Unity Convention Centre’ at the CMS Degree College, Kanpur Road Branch, Lucknow

Since the Chief Justice of a country is the head of its judicial wing and commands a respectable position vis-a-vis the head of its executive and legislative wings, it was decided to appeal directly to the Chief Justices of the World. Thus, Mr Gandhi convened the 2nd International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World on Article 51 of the Constitution of India on 23rd December 2001. The Conference was attended by a galaxy of legal luminaries. The 3rd International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World was held from 6th to 8th December 2002 and was inaugurated by His Excellency, Dr Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, while His Excellency, Sir Daniel Charles Williams, GCMG, QC, the Governor General of Grenada (West Indies) was the Chief Guest. The 4th International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Justice B. J. Odoki, Chief Justice of Uganda and Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration while Dr A. T. Ariyaratne, founder of Sarvodaya International and famous as “Sri Lankan Gandhi” was the Chief Guest. The 5th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World was held on 10th to 12th December, 2004 and was inaugurated by Hon'ble Mr. H. R. Bhardwaj, Minister for Law and Justice, Government of India. Hon'ble Mr. Justice C.G. Weeramantry, Former Vice-President of International Court of Justice and Chief Justices and Justices from large number of countries participated and address the conference.

The 6th International conference of Chief Justices of the World was held from 9th to 11th December, 2005 and was inaugurated by Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. N. Bhagwati, Former Chief Justice of India and presently Chairman, UN Human Rights Committee. Hon'ble Mr Ram Jethmalani, Former Law Minister of India gave the Keynote Address while Mr Shanti Bhushan, former Law Minister of India presided. Chief Justices and Judges nominated by their respective Chief Justices, along with eminent peace promoters from nearly fifty four countries expressed their growing support for the efforts of CMS which has successfully provided a global platform to the world judiciary to discuss the issue of safeguarding the future of the world’s children and generations yet unborn by supporting the children’s call for a legally-constituted World Parliament empowered to enact an Enforceable International Law.

The 7th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World was inaugurated on 9th December 2006 by Chief Guest Hon’ble Justice V.N. Khare, Former Chief Justice of India while Justice P.P. Naolekar, Judge, Supreme Court of India presided over the ceremony and Justice C.G. Weeramantry, Former Vice President, International Court of Justice delivered the keynote address. Earlier, the welcome function in honour of the delgates was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr Shri Prakash Jaiswal, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Government of India while H.E. Cassam Uteem, Former President, Republic of Mauritius was the Chief Guest. Nearly 200 delegates from 66 countries attended the Conference. In the 7th International Conference Hon’ble Chief Justices and Justices supported the call by 31,000 students of City Montessori School, Lucknow representing the world’s two billion children and generations yet unborn, for empowering the International Court of Justice by strengthening the authority, prestige and power of the United Nations Organisation in order to make it a more effective instrument for preventing wars, resolving international disputes, countering terrorism, ensuring nuclear disarmament, conservation and protection of the environment, furthering peace and harmony, and for evolving enforceable World Law and extending the jurisdiction of the World Judiciary to all nations for resolving all International disputes and conflicts peacefully and legally and international relations and that problems having international ramifications be brought under the governance of world law. The participants expressed the view that the resources wasted on wars and defensive purpose can be consecrated for banishing poverty, conservation of environment and advancement of human welfare so that children and generations yet unborn may inherit a safe future and healthy ecology and their rights are safeguarded.

Hon’ble Chief Justices were so touched by the appeal of students of CMS that they unanimously passed a resolution during the 7th International Conference of Chief Justices that called on all participating judges to disseminate the message of the Conference to all judicial organizations, whether domestic, regional or international of which they are members. They also called for giving proper importance to peace education in educational curricula throughout the world. The resolution also called upon all judges to keep the best interest of children in mind whenever delivering judgment in their court.

Only the support of the World Judiciary can create a favourable climate for the formation of a duly constituted World Parliament empowered to enact Enforceable International laws, a World Government to implement these laws, and a World Judiciary to ensure that the laws are followed.

The very survival of life on our planet is under threat. Whether the unification of humankind will happen after unimaginable horrors precipitated by humanity’s stubborn clinging to the old patterns of behaviour, or is to be embraced now by an act of consultative will is a choice before all.

Danger of a nuclear world war is looming large above our heads. Low intensity civil wars in various parts of the world, ever increasing international terrorism, environmental degradation and economic exploitation by advanced countries are affecting individual lives on all continents. On the one hand, huge resources are being squandered on research, development and manufacture of advanced arms and ammunitions of mass destruction, and on the other hand, a major part of humanity is living in want and hunger, poverty, disease and in insanitary conditions and misery. Children remain without shelter. They have no access to proper clothing, food and education. They are constantly abused and forced to work as labourers and soldiers in armed conflicts. All this needs to be changed.

CMS believes that at a certain moment in history, education must also act as a powerful instrument of profound social transformation. And such a moment has come. CMS believes that a modern school must act as a 'Lighthouse of Society' providing meaningful education, spiritual direction and leadership to students, as also spiritual direction and leadership to parents and the society and that education must concern itself with the affairs of the age and endeavour to bring about profound social transformation. CMS believes that in the situation prevailing in the world a situation has arisen when educational institutions must asserts themselves. Therefore, CMS has been striving in this direction. Since children are common denominator because every person loves his/her child, it is their duty also to work for a profound social transformation so that the future of the world's over two billion children may be made safe, happy and prosperous. CMS seeks cooperation from every one to join in its children’s efforts to create worldwide awareness for safeguarding children’s right to inherit a safe and healthy ecology and a safe future by empowering the International Court of Justice and strengthening the United Nations system by various reforms required in the present scenario in UN Charter including removing veto powers and for creating a duly represented world body for enacting enforceable international law. Hon'ble Justices at the 7th International Conference of Chief Justices organized by CMS at Lucknow in December 2006 have supported the call of students of CMS and have expressed the hope that resources wasted on wars and defensive purpose will be consecrated for human welfare so that children and future generations may inherit a safe future and healthy ecology and their rights are safeguarded.

Mr Gandhi’s letter to UNO regarding World Peace and World Unity

24th October 2001

Ms Dawn Johnston-Britton
Acting Chief, Public Inquiries Unit
Department of Public Information
United Nations, New York - 10017

Sub: World Peace & World Unity

Dear Ms Dawn,

Happy United Nations Day !

This is to thank you for your kind letter dated 8th October 2001, in response to our letter fax dated 18th September 2001 to the Secretary General on the subject of enacting international law for curbing international terrorism.

I am extremely happy to learn that the UN General Assembly held a debate on the issue of measures to combat international terrorism which was attended by 167 member states and four observers. It is most gratifying to learn that all the participants condemned the 11th September attacks against United States and that they also concurred that a primary task facing the international community is that an effective legal framework for the prevention and elimination of terrorism in place. It is also heartening to learn that they called upon all the countries to adhere to UN anti-terrorism treaties and urged Member States to accelerate work on pending conventions on international terrorism.

However, I am deeply disappointed to note that the primary concern raised by our 25,000 students on behalf of world’s two billion children still remains unaddressed.

You will appreciate that all the good sentiments expressed by the General Assembly will remain ineffective if its decisions are vetoed by any of the five veto powers. You will also appreciate that even if the recommendations of the General Assembly are passed by the five veto powers, there is still no mechanism to compel recalcitrant States to adhere to these decisions. We are reminded of what Jan Tinbergen, the 1969 Noble prize winner for Economics had said, “The World’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What we need is a World Government. This can best be achieved by strengthening the United Nations.”

Today the threat of international terrorism and bio-terrorism have made it clear that disunity is a danger that the nations and peoples of the earth can no longer endure. The well being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. Indeed, mankind is groaning and dying to be led to unity, a task that only the United Nations can accomplish.

Today, mankind as a whole is undergoing a spiritual testing. The ages of its infancy and childhood are past, never again to return, while the Great Age, the consummation of all ages, which must signalize the coming of age of the entire human race, is yet to come. The convulsions of this transitional and most turbulent period in the annals of humanity are the essential prerequisites, and herald the inevitable approach of that Age of Ages in which the folly and tumult of strife that has, since the dawn of history, blackened the annals of mankind, will have been finally transmuted into the wisdom and the tranquillity of an undisturbed, a universal, and lasting peace in which the discord and separation among men will give way to world wide reconciliation, and the complete unification of the diverse elements that constitute human society.

Madam! This is the right time, before the Third World War begins, that UNO must fulfill its destiny and lead the world in the formation of an effective world governing body. It is obvious to all right thinking people that some form of a World Super State must needs be evolved, in whose favour all the nations of the world will have to willingly cede every claim to make war, certain rights to impose taxation and all rights to maintain armaments, except for purposes of maintaining internal order within their respective dominions. Such a State will have to include within its orbit an International Executive adequate to enforce supreme and unchallengeable authority on every recalcitrant member of the world commonwealth; a World Parliament whose members shall be elected by the people in their respective countries and whose election shall be confirmed by their respective governments; and a World Supreme Tribunal whose judgment will have a binding effect even in such cases where the parties concerned did not voluntarily agree to submit their case to its consideration. A world community in which all economic barriers will have been permanently demolished and the interdependence of Capital and Labour definitely recognized; in which the clamour of religious fanaticism and strife will have been forever stilled; in which the flame of racial animosity will have been finally extinguished; in which a single code of international law — the product of the considered judgement of the world’s federated representatives — shall have as its sanction the instant and coercive intervention of the combined forces of the federated units; and finally a world community in which the fury of a capricious and militant nationalism will have been transmuted into an abiding consciousness of world citizenship — such indeed, appears, in its broadest outline, the New World Order that the UNO must aim at and which it failed to evolve at the Millennium Summit. It must be remembered that the agenda of the Millennium Summit had included development of “a new international political and economic order”. Had the Millennium Summit truly succeeded perhaps there would have been no war going on in Afghanistan and may be even the World Trade towers may have been standing in all their pristine glory.

Madam! We are still some steps away from another World War and I urge you with all the emphasis at my command to immediately bring this letter to the notice of the Secretary General, and convey to him the plea by our 25,000 students, on behalf of world’s two billion children.

May God bless the Secretary General and the United Nations in this efforts.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(on behalf of world’s two billion children)

(Jagdish Gandhi)

An urgent FAX message sent to H.E. Dr. Kofi A. Annan, Secretary General, UNO, by Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager, City Montessori School, Lucknow, INDIA on behalf of his, 25,000 on-roll students, after the tragic attack on THE WORLD TRADE CENTRE (WTC), in New York on 11/9/2001. This was made with an earnest request to call for an emergent meeting of the members of the UNO to safeguard the nations against the THREAT given by the AMERICAN PRESIDENT that USA would launch the FIRST EVER INTERNATIONAL WAR to take the revenge against the terrorism.

18th September 2001

H. E. Dr. Kofi A. Annan
Secretary General
United Nations Organization
New York, USA
Fax : 001-212-8887454, 8887465

Sub: Children’s call for an urgent meeting of Heads of all the Countries to avert a potential Third World War; Only Enforceable International Law can control International Terrorism

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the approximately two billion children of the world, the 25,000 students of City Montessori School are appealing to Your Excellency to safeguard their future and save humanity from another potential world war by calling for a meeting of the heads of all the member-countries of the United Nations so that a peaceful way may be found out of the present imbroglio.

Only a meeting of the Heads of States and Governments of all the UN member countries can take a decision to form a duly constituted world body with powers to enact and enforce International law, due to lack of which the entire world today is virtually standing on the brink of another World War.

The clouds of war have gathered and humanity is once again facing an imminent catastrophe and suffering to millions of innocent people. Can we sit and wait for the inferno to explode and engulf the entire world or should we stand up and try to avert the forthcoming war ?

A law that has no legal sanctity is not legally enforceable and if it does not carry a penalty for its violation it cannot be called a law at all. In that sense, today there is indeed no international law in the world, in the absence of which there is total lawlessness reflected in the increased instances of international terrorism. Today, international terrorism demands international law.

There is thus an urgent need for a legally-constituted law-making body i.e. World Parliament, for enacting enforceable International Laws that are applicable on all the countries and the peoples of the world. Only a legally-constituted World Parliament can ensure world unity and world peace and provide to the born and yet-to-be-born children of the world, their ‘Right to a Safe Future’.

Terrorists who commit such heinous crimes against humanity must be identified and suitably punished, but not at the cost of innocent blood nor by orphaning innocent children on the altar of vengeance.

Urgent and decisive steps are indeed needed to avert a war and also to take preventive measures against international terrorism. Humanity can never live in peace if people in any part of the world are subjected to misery, death and destruction for no fault of their own. We have traversed a long distance from the World War II and let us not repeat past mistakes again.
We hope that Your Excellency will heed this plea on behalf of the world’s children and take immediate steps to avert another World War by calling a meeting of the Heads of States and Governments of all the UN member countries to form a duly constituted world body with powers to enact and enforce International law.

Let us act before it is too late !

Yours sincerely,
(On behalf of World’s Two Billion Children)

(Jagdish Gandhi)
City Montessori School, Lucknow, India

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